ТОП 10:

II. Блок тестов на знание медицинской лексики общепрофессиональной направленности

Выберите правильный перевод:

1. There are stomatological centers (для оказания) dental aid to people.

A for taking

B for rendering



C for brushing

D for buying


2. We have dental polyclinics for the (взрослого) population and for children.

A adult

B ill

C tired

D old


Private dental studies can give (неотложную) surgical aid.

A qualified

B dental


C starting

D emergency

4. For popularization of medical science press, radio & TV are very (полезны).

A important

B successful


C helpful

D serious


The working day of a district doctor consists of 3 hours of (приема больных) and 3 hours of visiting patients in their homes.

A lectures

B rest


C reading

D consultation


6. The (причина) of the disease is unknown.

A condition

B cause


C signs

D attack


The tongue and teeth are main organs of the (ротовой полости).

A pathological cavity C abdominal cavity

B carious cavity D oral cavity

8. There are two (рядов) of teeth.

A sticks

B sets


C layers

D levels


The patient's tooth is (гнилой)

A viscous

B abundant

C smelly

D decayed


10.People who suffer from caries often (жалуются) a toothache.

A suffer from

B complain of


C try to

D breathe out


11.The (удаление) was rather painful.

A extirpation

B extubation


C extraction

D examination


Breakage of a bone either complete or incomplete is called (перелом).

A. concussion

B. extraction

C. removal

D. fracture

13. The first sign of caries is (изменение цвета).

A. discoloration

B. concussion


C. mastication

D. maturation



In case of cancer X-ray examination (показывает) shadowing.

A. notices

B. shows

C. radiates

D. suffers


15. This medicine (облегчает) a toothache.

A. replaces

B. repeats

C. restores

D. relieves


Some types of cancer are (излечимы).

A. careful

B. therapeutic

C. incurable

D. curable


17. Remission is the absence of all (признаков) of disease.


A. signs

B. cells

C. stages

D. swelling


Cancer of (губы) may be treated with the help of radiation therapy.

A. tongue

B. lip

C. palate

D. lung


A maximum dose of ionizing radiation to the (опухоль) was given.

A. organ

B. colour

C. tumour

D. tissue


20. Side effects of chemotherapy may be leucopenia, bleeding, (тошнота) and vomiting.

A. nausea

B. nourishment

C. nutrient

D. necrosis



A variety of (осложнений) may occur in periodontal disease.

A. inflammations

B. complications


C. separations

D. conclusions


22. When the patient has (обесцвечивание) of the tooth or a cavity, the diagnosis of caries is easily made.

A. disorder

B. dysfunction

C. dislocation

D. discoloration


Sometimes the pain may extend in the (верхнюю) jaw.

A. lower

B. upper

C. inner

D. outer

24. The process of chewing food is called (жевание).

A. malignancy

B. malfunction

C. malocclusion

D. mastication

The disease usually begins with (расшатывание) of teeth.

A. looking

B. leaking

C. loosening

D. losing

26. The patient couldn't (локализовать боль).

A. stimulate the pain

B. relieve the pain

C. describe the pain

D. localize the pain


This patient should be (осмотреть) immediately.


A observed C. followed


B. examined D. checked


The doctor recommended (удалить) the tooth.

A. to treat C. to remove

B. to fill in D. to increase


He is working at the problem of (заболеваний околозубной ткани).


A. periodontal disease C. inflammatory disease


B hereditary disease D. congenital disease

The patient complained of a (сильную) toothache.


A. strong C. serious


B. strict D. severe


31. After the injection of (обезболивающего средства) the extraction was practically painless.


A. annulus C. ankylosis


B. anodyne D. acidocis



A. Глотание B. Жевание C. Выделение D. Углубление


To treat

A Стонать B. Страдать C. Исправить. D Лечить



A. Просвещение B. Предписание C. Предупреждение D. Предсказание


A. Внутренний B. Наружный C. Верхний D. Нижний



A. поверхность B. слабость C. полость D. непереносимость

D. судорога

  A. сердце B. язык C. щека D. голова    
38. To fill inininшт          
  A. удалять B. болеть. C. дренировать D. пломбировать
39. Cheek          
  A. язык B. щека C. нёбо D. язычок
40. Dislocation          
  A. локализация B. стоматит C. воспаление D. смещение  
41. Blood          
  A. сыворотка B. раствор C. кровь D. плазма


A. резец B. коренной C. премоляр D. клык


To drill

A. пробовать B. сверлить C. удалять D. пломбировать


A. ткань B. тело C. нерв D. язык



A. гниение B. жевание C. зондирование D. осмотр


46. Mandible

A. Мягкое нёбо B. Верхняя челюсть C. Нижняя челюсть D. Твёрдое нёбо


A. болеть B. сердце C. голова D. нагревать


A. полость B. челюсть C. язык D. язычок


A. Десна B. Язык C. Нёбо D. Щека

50. Pain

A. боль B. рана C. вывих D. лекарство

51. To prescribe

A. защищать B. выписывать C. госпитализировать D. облегчить


52. A variety of (осложнений) may occur in the advanced stage of caries.

A contraindications

B complications


C cases

D situations



Воспаление) of the gum is called gingivitis.


A inflation

B introduction


C inflammation

D infection

There are many possible causes of caries, including smoking and eating excessive (углеводы).


A albumins

B proteins


C carbohydrates

D lipids



55. The organisms that (вызывают) most of diseases are already present in the environment.


A clean

B cure

C call

D cause



56. Every dentist is (отвечает) for the treatment of the diseases of the oral cavity.


A responsible

B respond


C response

D responsibility


Ключи к блоку тестов на лексику общепрофессиональной направленности:

1 B 15 D 29 A 43 B
2 A 16 D 30 D 44 D
3 D 17 C 31 B 45 A
4 C 18 B 32 B 46 C
5 D 19 C 33 D 47 B
6 B 20 A 34 C 48 D
7 D 21 B 35 B 49 C
8 B 22 D 36 A 50 A
9 D 23 B 37 D 51 B
10 B 24 D 38 D 52 B
11 C 25 C 39 B 53 C
12 D 26 D 40 D 54 C
13 A 27 B 41 C 55 D
14 B 28 C 42 D 56 A




Выберите английские эквиваленты к следующим русским выражениям в скобках:

The initial stages of periodontal disease are (бессимптомны).

A. severe

B. silent

C. strong

D. strange


Обесцвечивание) is one of the first symptoms of caries.

А. paleness

В. bluishness

С. pigmentation

D. discoloration


The most important symptom of caries is formation of (полостей).

А. overbite

В. malocclusion

С. cavities

D. palates


If periodontal disease is suspected, you may have additional tests (чтобы подтвердить) the diagnosis.

А. to confirm

В. to contribute

С. to consult

D. to congest


Side effects of а wrong local anaesthesia mау bе pain and (опухоль).

А. swollen

В. sickness

С. soreness

D. swelling


An implant was (введен) into the right lower jaw.

A. increased

B. inserted

C. interviewed

D. inoculated


7. The X-ray examination often suggests the (предварительный) diagnosis of periodontal disease.

A. productive

B. primary

C. private

D. preventive


What (меры) must be taken in case of dental abscess?

A. members

B. methods

C. membranes

D. measures


9. The patient was referred to hospital with severe chest pain (распространяющийся) to his left arm and lower jaw.

A. radiating

B. restricting

C. rising

D. resembling


The doctor examined the patient and diagnosed (острый) osteomyelitis.

A. approximate

B. acute

C. acquired

D. accurate


11. When brought to the dental department of the hospital he complained of (сильную) toothache.

A. strange

B. strong

C. sudden

D. severe


Loosening of teeth usually (встречается) in people suffering from periodontal disease.

A. occurs

B. occupies

C. opens

D. orders


Зубной камень) is the hard deposit that forms on the teeth.

A. calculosis

B. calculus

C. calcinosis

D. calcium


14. There were no other symptoms except for (боль) and edema.

A. pie

B. pin

C. pain

D. pine


Гиперплазия) is one of the pathologies of the development of teeth.

A. hypoplasia

B. hyperplasia

C. hyperactivity

D. hyperthermia


A carious tooth may become a common (источник) of infection.

A. swelling

B. sweat

C. source

D. cause


When the tooth is sensitive to hot and cold this (болезненность) is one of the first signs of caries.

A. tremor

B. tiredness

C. tendon

D. tenderness


Periodontal disease is (сопровождается) by many signs.

A. accumulated

B. accompanied

C. apparent

D. attracted


19. (Неприятный запах изо рта) is a characteristic symptom of periodontal disease and infective conditions of the nose, throat and lungs.

A. halucinogen

В. halogen

С. halitosis

D. hallucination


The disease usually needs an (немедленный) surgical intervention.

А. impersonal

В. impossible

С. immovable

D. immediate


21. (Процесс образования зубного камня) is connected with a number of factors.

A. calculosis

B. endocarditis

C. caries

D. calculi

If surgery is necessary nothing should (откладывать) it.

A. deal

B. detail

C. delay

D. delight


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