ТОП 10:

III. Fill in the suitable words

At fast the 1._____ thought that it was some kind of a joke? But when the player pointed to 2._____ on his leg? He had to 3._____ that it was serious. He called the 4._____ and asked him why he had done such a strange thing; and though the forward insisted that he had not 5._____ anybody, the referee made him 6._____ the game.


A) Leave D) referee

B) forward E) believe

C) bitten F) blood


IV. Ask 6 questions to the text




I. Fill in the blanks.

Lots of children have got a part-time job. As for me I 1_____ as a paper boy. I 2_____ a paper round twice a week, so I 3_____ at 6.30 on Wednesdays and on Sundays. It 4 _____ me about on an hour.

Sometimes, it 5 _____ me longer on Sundays, because the Sunday papers are very heavy. My parents (often) 6_____ me any pocket money, but I need it. The newsagent 7_____ me two pounds a weekday and three pounds on Sundays, so in a week I 8 _____ five pounds. It 9 _____ certainly nice to have some money in your pocket. I 10_____ problems with my job but I 11 _____ _____ getting up early or going out in the rain.



1. A) work 2. A) do 3. A) get up 4. A) take
B) works B) does B)got up B) takes  
C) not work C) doesn't C) gets up C) is take  
D) not works D) do not D) gots up D) is takes  
5. A) take 6. A) do give 7. A) pay 8. A) get  
B)takes B) don't give B)pays B) gets  
C) is take C) does give C) doesn't pays C) doesn't get  
D) is takes D) doesn't give D) don't pay D) don't get  
9. A) does 10. A) do have 11. A) like  
B)do B) doesn't have B) doesn't like  
C)are C)have no C) like not  
D)is D) don't have D) don't like  

II. Match two parts of the sentences.

1. If you eat more you need a) the extra calories turn into fat

2. If the dog keeps barking b) I will go to the theatre

3. If I were you c) I would make a wish

4. If I have time d) why don’t you buy a computer

5. If I met a fairy one day e) the neighbors will complain

6. If you have enough money f) I would buy these jeans

III. Write sentences using the cues and making necessary changes and additions.

1) He / prefer / dinner / home.

2) When / she / come / Washington / she / send / telegram.

3) picture postcards/ expensive / plain ones.

4) Where / buy / tinned fruit?

5) What / you / have/ supper / yesterday?

6) two years ago / can (not)/ speak English / nor / French.


IV. Complete the sentences.

1. Your sister used to visit your parents quite often, _____?

a) didn’t she c) doesn’t she

b) wouldn’t she d) hadn’t she

1. I _____ that the students should study more.

a) am feeling c) is feeling

b) feel d) feels

2. How many times _____ (you) to Rome?

a) were c) was

b) have been d) had been

4. Look! ____________ sitting on the wall.

a) There is a kitten c) There a kitten is

b) There is a kitten is d) There is a kitten who are

5. I have no idea ______.

a) who’s book is this c) who’s book this is

b) whose book is this d) whose book this is

6. Nancy tried to get the thread _____ the eye of the needle.

a) to c) in

b) out d) through





I. Change the following sentences onto opposite ones.

1. They say his new play is a complete failure with the public.

2. Every agrees, that X was at the worst yesterday.

3. This play is still on at the Art Theatre.

4. My friend said that he had enjoyed every minute of the play.

5. N’s acting was true to life.

6. When one sits on the front rows one has a good view of the stage.

7. The play was so dull that spectators were bored to death

8. My brother often goes to matinees.

Use the following expressions:

Was bored, artificial, overexcited, greatly impressed, success, night performances, isn’t on, gallery, bad, the best

II. Be ready to develop ideas on the topic

For or against pop music

For Against

1. new rhythms and styles 1. repeats old styles and rhythms

2. happy and easily caught 2. monotonous beating

3. for younger people 3. primitive and easy forgotten

4. it is their hopes, dreams, joys, 4. primitive emotions

disappointments 5. bits the nervous system

5. overexcited 6. mass hysteria

6. for different tastes 7. to frighten the sharks

7. attracts great masses

of younger people

III. Complete the conversation

1. Do you like to receive letters?

2. ………………………………

1. Are you a good correspondent?

2. ……………………………….

1. On what occasions do we send greetings, and postcards?

2. ……………………………….

1. What different reasons might people have for making stamps collecting a hobby?

2. ……………………………….

1. Does it have much time to have one’s letter or parcel registered?

2. …………………………………

1. How do we send money?

2. …………………………………..

1. Have you ever sent a telegram be phone?

2. …………………………………..


IV. Speak on the following topics

1. Music in Your Life

2. Institution of higher learning in Ukraine

3. Information about the Earth and other planets

4. Describe the best film you have ever seen.







I.Present Simple. Choose the correct variant.

1.A) Inot usually have lunch at home.

B)I usually have not lunch at home.

C)I doesn't usually have lunch at home.

D)I usually have lunch at home.

2. A) My friend don't goes to the cinema a lot.

B)My friend not goes to the cinema a lot.

C)My friend goes to the cinema a lot.

D)My friend doesn't goes to the cinema a lot.

3. A) Do his father drive a car very fast?

B)Is his father drive a car very fast?

C)Does his father drives a car very fast?

D)Does his father drive a car very fast?

4. A) Do the shops close at 8 o'clock in the evening?

B)Does the shops close at 8 o'clock in the evening?

C)Do the shops closes at 8 o'clock in the evening?

D)Are the shops close at 8 o'clock in the evening?

5. A) You often play basketball?

B)Do you often play basketball?

C)Is you often play basketball?

D)Are you often play basketball?

6. A) How you often play basketball?

B)How do you often play basketball?

C)How often do you play basketball?

D)How often you play basketball?


II. Means of travelling. Fill in.

A) by B)on C) in D) out of E) off

1. How did you get to London? -... plane.

2. We can't get any more people ..., you'll have to wait for the next bus.

3. It's quicker to go ... foot than to go ... car there.

4. Excuse me, I have to get... at the next station.

5. Since I broke my leg I have to travel... bus because I can't get... the car.

6. When your bus arrives, you get... it. If you want to leave it, you get... it.
7. I usually go back home ... bus. It's much cheaper then going ... taxi.

8. Two men with guns got... the car and went into the shop.

III. Identify errors in the underlined parts of the sentences. There is only one error in each sentence. Find it.

I. He thinks she is beautiful but I don't agree with her.


2.I advice, you check all your exam answers before you hand your paper in.

3. I'd like knowing where you are.


4. The light didn't work because anyonehad taken the bulb.


5. The tourist have asked a passer-by how far the post office was.


6. A small boy often standsoutside the bicycle shop and gaze at the wonderful machines in the window.


7. Are you always go to bed withoutgettingundressed?

8. Think, how wonderful that will being when you have tamed me!


9. What will you be doing this time last year?


10. He said them that he was going to give up smoking.


I1. Ice cream was known five hundreds years ago.


12. Men have no most time to understand anything.


IV. Complete the sentences.

1. You’d _____ hurry up or else we’ll be late

a) Rather c) better

b) Should d) have to

2. I can hear a noise; I think _____ is outside.

a) Some c) somehow

b) Somebody d) somewhere

3. Jane doesn’t have _____ tonight.

a) many homeworks c) much homework

b) much homeworks d) many homework

4. Have you written _____ names?

a) Everybody c) everybodys’

b) everybody’s d) everybodies’

5. Let me give you _____.

a) an advice c) some advice

b) the advices d) Some advices

6. I don’t like it here. Let’s go somewhere _____.

a) else c)more

b) again d) once






I. Choose only positive features of the character:

Arrogant, chatter-box,ambitious, witty, sharp-minded, ill-mannered, promiscuous, sophisticated, unrestrained, partial, dignified, sulky, patient, just, deceived, sincere, respectable, gentle

II. Describe:

5. a skillful worker(hardworking, attentive, capable)

6. a person who is successful in the career(clever, ambitious)

7. a person who says lie very often (dishonest)

III. Complete the conversation

1. Does your mother look younger for her age?

2. ……………………………………………..

1. Do you take after your mother (father)?

2. ……………………………………………

1. Who of your classmates has regular feathers?

2. ………………………………………………

2. When do we say that a person looks healthy?

3. ………………………………………………

1. Is there anything peculiar about your friend appearance?

2. ………………………………………………………….


IV Give a personal identification(character sketch) about his or her appearance, age, likes, dislikes, temperament, disposition.






Somebody once asked Mark Twain whether he could remember the first money he ever earned.

"I remember quite well", the famous writer answered. "It happened at school. Schoolboys in those days had very little respect for their teachers and even less for their desks. The boys used pens and pencils and even knives to draw stars and faces, or to write their names on their desks. At last, the school principal said; 'The next time anybody does such thing, he will have to pay five dollars, or he will receive a beating in front of the whole school'.

Soon after that, I had to go to my father and ask him to give me five dollars. I was honest enough to explain that I could agree to receive a beating instead, but he said: 'No, I can't allow you to connect our name with such things. So I'll pay the five dollars. But you must suffer for what you have done. I'll give you the beating here, at home'.

So he beat me, and then gave me the five dollars to take to school. But I decided that the beating didn't hurt so much, and an­other beating at school wouldn't be worse. So I told them to give trie a beating in front of the whole school, and I kept the five dol­lars. And that was the first money I ever earned".


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