ТОП 10:

II Choose the correct answer according to the information in the text.

1 Lou and Nancy came to New York

a) for entertainment; b) to get acquainted with its sights; c) to find work; d) to buy all the necessary things.

2 Lou and Dan

a) got married on the second day; b) became good friends soon; c) were close relatives d) met in the theatre.

3 Nancy's dream was

a) to return home; b) to change her boring work; c) to spend all her free time shopping; d) to catch a millionaire some day.

4 It was clear that Dan was in love with Lou because

a) he brought her flowers every day; b) he looked at her with the sad eyes of Romeo.

c) he asked her to marry him; d) he wanted to be with Lou every minute.

5 Nancy refused to marry the son of Van Skittles because

a) he wasn't rich enough; b) she fall in love with the other man; c) he lived in a small provincial town; d) she didn't like him.

6 When Nancy met Dan there was a strange nervous look on his face because

a) he had forgotten his wallet at home; b) his mother was seriously ill; c) he hadn't been able to find out something about Lou; d) he had lost his job.

7 When Nancy saw Lou

a) she learned that Lou was very unhappy; b) she told her about her further marriage.

c) they went to a café; d) she invited her to her new place.

III Choose the right answer

1 Lou:

a) liked her work very much;

b) wanted to catch a millionaire;

c) decided to return home.

2 Dan:

a) wanted to marry Lou as she always told Nancy;

b) was a millionaire who liked spending his free time with poor girls;

c) wasn't an honest man.

3 Nancy:

a) seemed a matter-of-fact sort of girl;

b) had something better than money, something that shone brighter than stars in her eyes;

c) was very unhappy.


IV Ask Lou, Nancy, Dan any questions you would like (5 questions).


9 КЛАС ____________________________________________________________



I Open the brackets using the necessary form

1 I wish I (to know) Spanish.

2 I wish I (to read) more in future.

3 They wished they (to be) at yesterday's party.

4 I wish I never (to suggest) this idea.

5 We wished we (not to see) this horrible scene again.

6 I wish it (be) warm all the year round.

7 I wish you (to go) skiing with me yesterday: I had such a good time.


II Paraphrase the given sentences using “wish”

1 It's a pity you are ill.

2 He was sorry not to have had enough time to finish his test.

3 It's a pity you didn't send for us last night.

4 What a pity you don't know German.

5 It's a pity we can't reach home before tea-time.

6 The student was sorry he hadn't studied the material better.


III Choose the correct form

1 I … Dick since 1985.

a) hadn't seen; b)didn't seen; c) haven't seen; d) never saw

2 I … a decision yet.

a) haven't made; b)made; c) am making; d) will make

3 I … to the dentist the other day.

a) have gone; b)went c) have been; d) was going

4 I … that you are wrong.

a) am feeling ;b) feel; c) felt; d) have felt

5 Excuse me, but … for someone?

a) do you wait; b)have you waited; c) were you waiting; d) are you waiting

6 People … on the right in Britain.

a) have driven; b) are driving; c) had driven; d) drive

7 When I … Jill yesterday she was cleaning her teeth.

a) Phoned; b)had phoned; c) was phone; d) has phoned

8 By the time I got to the station, the train ...

a) had left; b)was leaving; c) is leaving; d) left

9 I … terrible time last Saturday.

a) had had; b) had; c) has had; d) would have

10 At three o'clock this morning, Eleanor … .

a) studied; b)was studying; c) had studied; d) has been studying

11 Gene … dinner when his friend called.

a) has eaten; b) ate; c) was eating; d) would have eaten

12 I … two tickets for "The Marriage of Figaro".

a) yet bought; b) bought just c) just buy; d) have just: bought

IV Translate into English using “wish”

1 Шкода, що ви прийшли так пізно.

2 Якби я був вільний зараз.

3 Краще ви б відвідали цю виставку.

4 Вона шкодувала, що не розповіла нам цю історію.

5 Він пошкодував, що не прислухався до його поради.

9 КЛАС ____________________________________________________________



I Tell about the most common dishes in Ukrainian cuisine.

II Complete the conversation with a waiter

W: You are being served, aren’t you?

V: …

W: The steak is just to your taste, isn’t it? You have ordered salad for two, haven’t you?

V: …

W: Do you need the wine list?

V: …

W: Will you have the strawberries with sugar?

V: …

W: Will you eat table d’hote or a la carte?

V: …


III Answer the following questions

1 What do you usually do when you fall ill?

2 What does the doctor do when you have flu?

4 What are the symptoms of flu?

5 Who operates on people?

6 When is one put on sick leave?

IV Suggested topics for conversation:

1 Traditional Ukrainian Cuisine

2 Health Service in Ukraine

3 Sport helps people prepare themselves for life

9 КЛАС ____________________________________________________________




I1- , 2-, 3+, 4-, 5-, 6-

II1B, 2B, 3C, 4A, 5B, 6B

III1 has ever got, 2 Oklahoma, 3 a famous athletic coach, 4 Stockholm, 5 baseball, and football player


I1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7+, 8-

II1c, 2b, 3d, 4b, 5d, 6c, 7b

III1a, 2a, 3b


I1 knew, 2 read, 3 had been, 4 had suggested, 5 had not seen, 6 were, 7 had gone.

II1 I wish you were not ill.

2 He wished he had had enough time to finish his test.

3 I wish you had sent for us last night.

4 I wish you knew German.

5 I wish we could reach home before tea-time.

6 The student wished he had studied the material better.

III1c, 2a, 3a, 4b, 5d, 6d, 7a, 8a, 9b, 10b, 11c, 12d.

IV1 I wish you came earlier.

2 I wish I were free now.

3 I wish you had visited that exhibition.

4 She wished she had not told us this story.

5 He wished he listened to his advice.






Canada covers all of the North American continent to the north of the USA except Alaska and the small French Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon. It is the second largest country in the world after Russia. But the population of Canada is not very big – only 27,4 million people who live mostly in the south of Canada, along the border of the USA. Canada is bordered by three oceans, the Atlantic, the Arctic, and the Pacific. The capital of the country is Ottawa.

Canada is a nation in North America composed of two linguistic and cultural groups: French and English. To these major groups, and to the small native population of Indians and Eskimos, have been added many thousands immigrants representing the major European cultures. The two official languages of Canada are English and French. In the north of the country there are 330,000 Indians and 25,000 Eskimos who are the original peoples of the North , Central and South America. They have no equal rights with other citizens of the country and they have fought for their rights for many years.

The interior of the country is a vast plain. The plain extends from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains. In the north the plain ends in the islands of the Arctic Ocean. In the south Canada shares the Great Lakes with the United States. The most admirable sight which attracts tourists from all over the world is the Niagara Falls. They are on the Niagara River between the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

All parts of the country have cold weather in winter. Winter in Canada lasts from four to five month with heavy snowfalls. Summer is usually warm, though quite short.


I. Find true and false sentences

1) Canada is situated in the south of the North American continent.

2) Alaska is included in the territory of Canada.

3) Canada is the second largest country in the world.

4) It is bordered by two oceans: the Atlantic and the Arctic.

5) The population of Canada is over thirty million people.

6) The capital of the country is Ottawa.

II. Fill in the blanks.

1) Canada is a nation in North America composed of two linguistic and cultural groups: … and … .

2) In the north of the country there are 330,000 … and 25,000 … who are the original peoples of the North , Central and South America.

3) They have no equal … with other … of the country.

4) The interior of the country is a vast … .

5) In the south Canada shares the … … with the United States.

6) The most admirable sight which attracts tourists from all over the world is the … .

III. Answer the questions.

1) Where is Canada situated?

2) What oceans is Canada bordered by?

3) How much is the population?

4) What are the two official languages of the country?

5) Where are the Niagara falls situated?

6) What can you say about the climate of Canada?

IV. Make up a plan to retell the text.






This happened in Australia, during a water-polo game that was one of the main sports events of the season. There was nothing ex­citing at the beginning of the game; but suddenly one of the players jumped out of the water and ran to the referee. He said that one of the forwards of the other team had bitten him in the leg while he was swimming under the water.

At first the referee thought that it was some kind of a joke, but when the player pointed to blood on his leg, he had to believe that it was serious. He called the forward and asked him why he had done such a strange thing; and though the forward insisted that he had not bitten anybody, the referee made him leave the game.

They began again, but a few minutes later, two players, one from each team, climbed out of the water, shouting that somebody had bitten them. There was blood on both players' legs. The game was stopped, and they began to let the water out of the pool. When almost all the water was let out, everybody saw a young crocodile at the bottom of the pool. Somebody had put the crocodile into the pool, but why? The truth became known when the players returned to their dressing room after the game and found a letter there.

"I have been a water-polo fan for many years", the author of the letter wrote, "and I am not satisfied with the way the players seem to act. They have allowed the game to become slow and uninteresting, and I have decided that I must do something to make them move faster. I don't think I can do this well myself, and I have decided that my crocodile will do it better".


I. Put "+" next to the true sentences and "-" next to the false ones.

a) Water-polo is very popular in Australia.

b) The players were very excited at the beginning of the game.

c) One of the players was bitten in the leg.

d) d) It was a joke.

e) There was a crocodile at the bottom.

f) The crocodile was put in the pool in order to kill the best

player of the opposite team.


II. Choose the correct answer.

1. How many water-polo players were bitten by the crocodile?

a) one

b) two

c) three


2. How was the crocodile found?

a) the water was let out of the pool

b) the players put the net into the pool

c) the water was let into the pool


3. Who put the crocodile into the swimming pool?

a) the referee

b) the player

c) the water polo fan


4. What did he do it for?

a) to play a joke

b) to make them move faster

c) to frighten them


5. When did they know the truth?

a) in the afternoon

b) when they returned to their dressing room

c) when they returned to the living room


6. Who could make them move faster?

a) a coach

b) a shark

c) a crocodile



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