ТОП 10:

The Search For the Perfect Job

This is the story of Nathan’s search for the perfect job. He had just graduated from high school when he started his quest. His first job was as a waiter. He didn’t mind serving food, but what bothered him was that sometimes the clients got angry at him, so he quit.

After that, he tried to work as a mechanic. He didn’t know very much about cars, but he learned quickly. Nathan loved that job. Nevertheless, he found its flaw: he didn’t like getting grease on his hands.

Later on, Nathan tried working as a chef. That job didn’t last very long since he was not a good cook. He was fired on his third day.

Soon after that, he decided to try becoming a police officer. Big mistake! He soon realized that the training was very tough. He wasn’t strong enough for that kind of job. Other than that, he had a big discipline problem; he was constantly getting into fights with other people, so he was kicked out of the police academy.

After all these experiences, Nathan came to the conclusion that the perfect job does not exist.

Column A Column B

1. What was Nathan’s first job? a. Clients got mad at him.

2. In which job did Nathan have a discipline problem? b. Waiter.

3. What did Nathan dislike about working as a mechanic? c. It does not exist.

4 . Why did Nathan get fired when he was working as a chef? d. Yes

5. What was Nathan’s conclusion about the perfect job? e. He did not cook well.

6. In which job did Nathan have to serve food? f. His hands got dirty.

7. When did Nathan Start looking for the perfect job? g. Police officer.

8. Why did Nathan quit his first job? h. Chef

9. Nathan was not strong enough to work in which occupation? i. No

10. Did Nathan like working as a mechanic? j. After he finished high school

k. Mechanic


Grammatical Topic

THE PRESENT PERFECT (Теперішній доконаний час).


· Present Perfect пояснює дію, яка відбулася в минулому, проте має безпосереднє відношення до сьогодення (теперішнього часу), тобто є актуальною зараз. – дія розпочалась давно, аде відноситься до теперішнього і зараз має результат. E.g. I have lost my key. – Я загубив ключ.

(Для позначення дій, які розпочалися в минулому і досі тривають.

He has been a doctor since 1991.- Він працює доктором з 1991 року (він почав працювати в 1991 році і досі працює)

· Зі словами: already– вже, yet – вже, ще (тільки в заперечних та питальних реченнях), ever – коли-небудь, just – тільки що. E.g. I have just come. – Я тільки що прийшов.

· З виразами: it is the first time – це перший раз, коли; it is the second time – це другий раз, коли; it’s the last time – це останній раз, коли…

E.g. It’s the first time the policeman has arrested him. – Це перший раз, коли поліцейський заарештував його.

· Зі словами: today – сьогодні, this year – у цьому році, this season – у цьому сезоні, this month – у цьому місяці, коли період закінчився.

E.g. He has not gone to Kyiv this month. – У цьому місяці він не їздив до Києва.

· З прийменниками for – протягом, since – з того часу як, коли дієслово не вживається у тривалому часі.

E.g. He has known her for five years. – Він знає її п’ять років.


to have + 3 колонка неправ. дієслів (або + закінчення ed)

Стверджувальне речення Заперечне речення Питальне речення
  I have written a text. You have written. He has written a text. She has written. It has written. We have written. They have written.   I haven`t written a text. You haven`t written. He hasn`t written. She hasn`t written. It hasn`t written. We haven`t written. They haven`t written.     Have I written ? Have you written? Has he written? Has she written? Has it written? Have we written? Have they written?


I have done this task – Я виконав це завдання.

She has read your book. – Вона прочитала твою книжку.

They have painted a picture. – Вони намалювати картину.


Exercise 1: Put the verbs into the correct form (present perfect simple).

1. I (not / work) … today.

2. We (buy)… a new lamp.

3. We (not / plan) …our holiday yet.

4. Where (be / you)… ?

5. He (write)… five letters.

6. She (not / see)… him for a long time.

7. (be / you) …at school?

8. School (not / start)… yet.

Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with the correct form.


1) I… a new mobile phone. (just/buy)

2) …a cat without a tail? (you/ever/see)

3)My sister…sushi. (never/ eat)

4)We…your new tape yet. (hear)

5)How many words…for your language project? (you/write)

6)Sheila … her breakfast yet. (Have)

7)What…to the computer? (they/ do)

8)John and Alex…in France for 20 years.(live)

9)Where…my keys? ( I /leave)

10)We… her an e-mail. (just/ send)

12) Where is your mother? She …to the supermarket.(go)


Exercise 3: Translate:

7. I have seen that movie twenty times.

8. I think I have met him once before.

9. There have been many earthquakes in California.

10. People have traveled to the Moon.

11. People have not traveled to Mars.

12. Have you read the book yet?

13. Nobody has ever climbed that mountain.

14. A: Has there ever been a war in the United States?
B: Yes, there has been a war in the United States.


Заняття 49

Мої перші кишенькові гроші. Часові форми теперішнього часу


· first pocket money – перші кишенькові гроші;

· to look for a part-time job – шукати роботу з неповним робочим днем

· to hire – наймати, брати на прокат;

· an application form – заявка;

· to fill out – заповнювати ( бланк,заяву);

· unfortunately – на жаль;

· to do one’s best – зробити все що в силах

· to earn money– заробляти гроші

· to decide– вирішувати

Exercise 1: Read and translate:

My first pocket money

I had never felt so good in my life. I earned my first pocket money when I was in high school. During school holidays, many students preferred to stay at home or go on holidays, but I wished to experience the school holidays differently this time. As soon as the school holidays started, I began to look for a part-time job.

The first day of the holiday, I went to grocery stores to look for a job. I saw a lot of places that wanted to hire part-time sales associates, and I decided to go into a clothing store. The store assistant gave me an application form to fill out. After I completed the application, the store supervisor came in and asked me some questions while she was checking my application. I went to other stores and tried my best to get a job, but every time my application was rejected. I went home feeling disappointed.

The next day, I went to the mall located not far away from my house. I asked about part-time jobs store after store. Finally, I found a restaurant hiring part-time workers for the coming Friday. The restaurant owner was so nice and friendly even knowing I was a student. She told me that she would interview me in 10 minutes. Then she called me go into her office and asked me some basic questions about my education, skills, and availability. She also asked a couple of personal questions about my family and the reason I was looking for a job.

After I answered all her questions, she decided to hire me. I was so happy.

The following Friday, I arrived at the restaurant thirty minutes earlier. The restaurant owner felt so happy and welcomed me with a smile. After a short meeting with the staff, we began to set up tables, chairs, and decorated for the wedding party. As soon as the wedding party began, I got very busy serving drinks and food to the guests. During summer holidays I earned a lot of money. I was very glad to work there. I’ve got a great experience from it!

Exercise 2: Answer the following questions:

1. When did you earn your first money?

2. What did many students prefer to do during school holidays?

3. What did you do at the first day of the holiday?

4. How did a store supervisor react?

5. What did a restaurant owner ask you?

6. What did you do in the restaurant during the Friday?

7. Which were your feelings when you’ve earned your first pocket money?


Exercise 3: Translate the word-combinations and make up new sentences with them:

1. the restaurant owner;

2. as soon as;

3. to earn a lot of money;

4. part-time sales associates;

5. to welcome me with a smile.

Exercise 4: Translate into English:

1. Я купила цю книжку за свої перші кишенькові гроші.

2. Я - дорослий і вже можу сам заробляти на прожиття.

3. Він купив ці квіти за гроші, які він сам заробив.

4. Ми - студенти, тому шукаємо роботу з неповним робочим днем.

5. Я працюю в ресторані і моя робота не лише накривати на стіл і подавати напої,але й посміхатись всім клієнтам.

6. Ти мусиш заповнити заяву перед тим як іти на співбесіду.

7. Він шукає досвідчених працівників на роботу.

8. Моя мрія – знайти хорошу роботу з високою заробітною платою.

9. Тобі слід добре вчитися, щоб отримати хорошу освіту.

Exercise 5: Open the brackets:

1. I don’t know this girl. I never (meet) her before.

2. Where is Mother? – She just (go) out.

3. Don’t you know what the film is about? – No, I (not see) it.

4. Don’t worry about the letter. I already (post) it.

5. Is he a good teacher? – Oh, yes! He (help) me a lot.

6. I know London perfectly well. I (be) there several times.

7. I can’t find my umbrella. I think, somebody (take) it by mistake.

8. Do you speak Spanish? – No, I never (study) it.

Exercise 6: Use the appropriate tense:

1. Look! They (stop).

2. I (want) to see you. I (not see) you for ages!

3. What (be) your name? – My name (be) always Cole.

4. You (read) this book? – Yes. – What you (think) of it?

5. I (not be) to a zoo before. It (be) a nice feeling to go somewhere you never (be) before.

6. You (know) Nick? – Yes. – How long you (know) him? – I (know) him for ten years.

7. You (realize) we (know) each other for quite a long period of time now? And this is the first time you (ask) me to come with you.

8. Come in, I (be) awake since sun-up.

9. I (not see) your pictures for a long time. Can I look round?

10. I (know) him nearly all my life, but I never (see) you so excited about anything.


Заняття 50

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