Make up a vocabulary to the text “My Friend” according to the model

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Make up a vocabulary to the text “My Friend” according to the model

especially особенно

Tell your group mate about your friend. Work in pairs.

8. Write 12 sentences about your friend using the text “My Friend”



Unit 3

My flat

Revise reading rules

Чтение ударных сочетаний гласных букв.

буквосочета- ние чтение пример буквосочетание чтение пример
ai ay [ei] Spain day oy oi [ i] spoil boy
ea ee [i:] sea meet oo+k [u] book
ew [ju:] new oo [u:] tool

Read the following exercises

main may deep meat join boy book tool
pain pay feed dean point coy look pool
plain nay meet read coin toy took moon
Spain day peel lean voice enjoy shook soon
rain bay been beat noisy oyster hook food

3. Do the following exercises

Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами.

  1. There is ________________ in my study.
  2. Is there any _________________ in that room?
  3. There is no ________________ in the house, it is cold in winter.
  4. Is the ________________ in your kitchen?
  5. There is no balcony in my _______________
  6. There are two large ____________________ in the sitting room.
  7. Is there a _____________ in your sitting room?
  8. We have a table and some _________________ in the dining room.
  9. Have you any bookshelves in your _____________?
  10. They have two ______________ near the fireplace.
  11. They have no __________________ on Sunday.

12. ______________ the sofa he has a bookcase.


Заполните пропуски, используя слова some, any, no.

  1. I want to show you _________ books.
  2. There is ________ tea at home.
  3. Are there ___________ bookcases in your study?
  4. There are __________ foreign students in our University.
  5. Are there ___________ books on his desk?
  6. Have you got ___________ children?
  7. Jane has _______ sisters.
  8. Has he ________ German magazines at home? – Yes, he has________ .
  9. I have _______ friends in Britain.
  10. We have ____________ pets at home.


Заполните пропуски, используя some, any, no, something, anything, nothing, somebody, anybody, nobody.


  1. Do you have ___________ classes today?- No, we have _____classes on Saturday.
  2. Have you got ________ question?
  3. I want to tell you ____________________ interesting about our friend Sally.
  4. Is there _________________ interesting in today’s paper?
  5. Come here, I’ll show you ________________ pictures of our country house.
  6. There is ________________ in the fridge. Go and buy ___________ food.
  7. Do you know ______________ in that house?
  8. Hi! Is there ______________ in the house? – No, I’m afraid, there is ____________. – Let’s go and see.
  9. There is light in the flat. _____________ is at home.
  10. _______________ knows their new address.
  1. Match the words
blocks of flats наверху; наверх
in the middle камин
fireplace уютный
sitting room просторный
cozy внизу; вниз
upstairs мебель
armchair гостиная
downstairs посредине
spacious кресло
furniture многоквартирный дом

Read and translate the text.

The House I Live in

I want to tell you something about the house I live in. This is a three – storey brick building in the suburb of the city. There is a large garden all round it. In front of the house there is a lawn and some beds of beautiful flowers. Ours is a comfortable three – room flat on the second floor. The staircase of the central entrance leads to it.

Here is our sitting room. It is a quite big room with two windows facing the street. Light curtains hang over the windows. We have the following articles of furniture in the room: a divan, a round table in the center of the room, a sideboard near the wall, armchairs, some easy chairs and a television set on a special stand. You can see an electric lamp over the table, a radiator under the two water-colors on the walls. The floor is covered with a carpet. In this room we have our meals. From it a door opens into our bedroom. There are two beds, two bedside tables, a dressing table with a mirror and a wardrobe in it. On a bedside table stand an alarm clock and an electric lamp. The floor is carpeted.

And this is the study. It is a small and light room, with no pictures on its walls. On the left near the door there are two book-cases full of books. In front of the book – cases stands a large writing table. To the left from the desk there is a sofa with a large cushion on it. There are also two chairs and an armchair in the study. In the right – hand corner there is a small square table with a wireless set on it.

Besides we have a kitchen, a bathroom, and a lavatory. In the kitchen there are: a gas stove, an electric refrigerator, a sink with two taps over it, a cupboard, a table and a small stool. The bathroom has a bath with a shower and a washbasin with hot cold water taps. Above the basin there is a mirror and a shelf – and – towel – rack. We keep soap and other washing and shaving things on it.

Ask 5 questions to the text.

  1. ________________________________________________________________________
  1. ________________________________________________________________________
  1. ________________________________________________________________________
  1. ________________________________________________________________________
  1. ________________________________________________________________________



7. Name the prepositions






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