Friends play an important role in our life. And although we may take the fact of friendship for granted we often don’t dearly understand how we make friends. 

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Friends play an important role in our life. And although we may take the fact of friendship for granted we often don’t dearly understand how we make friends.

I personally think that friendship means readiness to come to help each other, to give helping hand in trouble and hardships. It is usual foe close friends to have similar ideas and beliefs, to have attitudes and interests in common.

In my opinion it is not necessary to have many friends but to have one true friend is a dream of everybody. “ A good friend is my nearest relation”, the proverb says and it is important for me to have such a devoted friend whom I can rely on and trust everything about myself, all my personal secrets, with whom I can discuss all my problems.

In general life is more interesting and exciting when you have a person with whom you can be sincere, before whom you can think aloud. Friendship is a thing for two.” The way to have a friend is to be one.” I appreciate in our friendship the possibility to exchange opinions on different problems or to discuss different events, books or films or simply to chat about the lyceum affairs or having a cup of coffee.

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Неизвестный Артур Конан Дойл



1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

2. Conan Doyle had many talents. Read aloud the extract which says about it.

3. How did his writing talent develop?

4. Which facts prove that Conan Doyle took an active part in social life?

This text is about the great writer. Arthur Conan Doyle. He was not only a writer, but he was a doctor. He was a very active man. He did many things in his life, but he will be remembered most as a writer, a creator of Sherlock Holmes.

Like the great detective Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle also had many wonderful talents. Many people do not know that he wrote many other kinds of books: science fiction, historical adventures, horror stories and stories of the supernatural. He also wrote factual books on history and politics. In everything he did, he showed his incredible creative energy.

When he worked as a doctor he used his free time by writing stories.

He was a great man of action. He tried to enter Parliament, he worked to improve the law system.




  1. How did the dolphins help a 10-year-old boy?
  2. How does swimming with dolphins help the children?
  3. Why are some people not very enthusiastic about dolphin therapy?

The dolphins helped a 10-year-old boy to talk for the first time in his life.

Swimming with dolphins help the children to concentrate.

Some people are not very enthusiastic about dolphin therapy because they think that dolphins are wild animals with wild instincts.



The system of education in any country is aimed at developing a personality for the good of the individual and society as a whole.

Pre – school education in England begins at the age of 3 or 4. children attend nursery schools organized by the parents. Kids play a lot, learn to listen attentively and to behave.

Compulsory primary education begins at the age of 5. Children go to an infant school. They are taught reading, writing and arithmetic, besides they have a lot of fun , drawing, reading, dancing or singing.

When they are 7 pupils move to a junior school till they are 11. They study a lot of subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography along with Technology, Music, Art and Physical education.

Secondary education begins at 11. The majority of secondary schools are Comprehensive schools where boys and girls study together.

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Самодельный шоколад



1. Read the magazine article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

2. Why did Jane Turner start her business? Read aloud the extract which says about it.

3. How did her chocolate business develop?

4. What mistakes did she make?

This text is how to make business.

2) 2-й абзац . "First of all, I was not happy in my job. Though it was a well-paid job, the work was very stressful and I had to work long hours. I just wanted to improve the quality of my life. I also wanted to live by the sea again. I knew that it would be difficult to find a good job in this area, so I decided to set up my own business."

She began with making cakes and she supplied hotel sand restaurants with cakes. Then she began trying to make her own chocolates and ordered more. That is how the chocolate making grew.

She sold her cakes and chocolate over the internet. It was very expensive to deliver them to far away places.



1. Why did Arthur Conan Doyle stop writing stories about Sherlock Holmes?

    1. What worried Mr Horrowitz before starting a book?
    2. Why was writing the book about Sherlock Holmes easier than Mr Horrowitz thought?

Arthur Conan Doyle stopped writing stories about Sherlock Holmes because it took too much time.

Mr Horowitz didn’t want to disappoint the fans and people who loved these books.

3. Writing the book about Sherlock Holmes was easier than Mr Horowitz thought because he loved those books and he had read them two or three times.

III. Studying at school


Nowadays it is not easy to choose a profession because there are a lot of them: teachers and doctors, engineers and drivers, turners and fitters, machinists and adjusters, etc. all of these professions are of great importance for the country and national economy. And of course, there are many vocational schools, professional colleges and lyceums, institutes and universities, where students can become skilled specialists.

As for me, I followed my parents’ advice and decided to become a turner. So now I study at the professional machine-building lyceum. I’ll be a highly qualified worker if I study hard.

Our lyceum was founded in 1983 and has a long history and old traditions. Our classrooms are situated in a four-storeyed building. The lyceum has a library with a large and cosy reading room, a gym, different workshops and laboratories.

In our lyceum we get general knowledge in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Literature and languages, and also we study special subjects: Technology, Technical Drawing, Electricity and others. Twice a week we have our training at the plants or our workshops. Now I quite realize that workers’ professions are different but interesting. I’m proud to be a student of our professional lyceum.

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Мифическое исчезновение


1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

2. How did the story begin? Read aloud the extract which says about it.

3. What are the details of the police investigation?

4. Why did Agatha Christie disappear according to the article?

This text is about Agatha Christie, the famous crime writer in England. It is said about her life, about her unhappy marriage with her husband Archie Christie.

The story began like this. At 9.45 pm on December 3rd 1926, Agatha Christie left her home in the south of England, saying that she was going out for a drive in her car. The next morning, her car was found quite far away crashed. The front end of the car was in some bushes, the headlights were still on. Inside, there were only some women's clothes and Agatha Christie's driving license. The detective in charge of the case, William Kenward immediately organized a big search of the area. Policemen came from different parts of the country to help in the search, even some famous detective writers were asked to help. Archie Christie, Agatha's husband, told everyone that his wife was suffering from amnesia. However, soon the police discovered that the marriage between Archie and Agatha Christie was not a happy one, and that Archie and Agatha were having problems. But he could not admit that his marriage was in trouble because people might have thought that he had had something to do with her disappearance.

The detectives immediately organized a big search of the area, where Agatha Christie’s car was found. Policemen came from different parts of the country.

According to the article Agatha was going through an unhappy time with her husband. She changed her name and she introduced herself as Neele, a visitor from South Africa. The police couldn’t find her.


1. What does the boy want to do?

2. What does his mother want to do?

3. Why can’t they make a decision?

1.The boy wants to go to a football match with his friends.

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