Аня может петь и танцевать”.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Аня может петь и танцевать”.

+ а) can

б) must

в) should

г) need

226. I always … of myself as a traveler.

+ а) have thought

б) was thought

в) has thought

г) is thought

227. Someone … … my chocolate. There’s only half of it left.

а) eating

б) were eaten

+ в) has eaten

г) have eaten

228. I … half the work up to now.

а) has completed

+ б) have completed

в) were completed

г) to complete

229. A new player was very nervous at the beginning of the match. He … before.

+ а) had never played

б) never played

в) never playing

г) doesn’t play

230. We were good partners. We … each other for a long time.

а) knowing

б) known

+ в) had known

г) has known

231. Tom … … his third novel by the end of the year.

а) will be written

+ б) will have written

в) shall have written

г) will be write

232. All my friends were glad to hear that I … all the examinations successfully.

а) has passed

б) am passed

в) pass

+ г) had passed

233. Before he entered the room he … at his wrist watch.


+а) had looked

б) look

в) looked

г) have looked

234. When the lawyer … … all the details of the case he decided to take it up.а) was studied

+ б) had studied

в) have studied

г) was study

235. He … for his company for 20 years, and has a good position now.

а) working

б) to work

в) have worked

+ г) has worked

236. They … for two nights and looked at me hardly understanding my words.

а) has not slept

б) have not slept

+ в) had not slept

г) not had slept

237. Moscow is the capital of … .

Ответ: Russia

238. Jane was on her way to meet her mother whom she … … for many years.

+а) had not seen

б) were not seen

в) have not seen

г) didn’t see

239. Mr. Brown … reading the newspaper when the telephone on his desk rang.

а) just finished

+ б) had just finished

в) just finish

г) have just finished

240. This is one of the happiest afternoons he … .

+ а) has ever spent

б) had ever spent

в) is ever spent

г) spend

241. I hope, he … dinner for us by the time we get home.

а) cooking

+ б) will have cooked

в) will be cooking

г) will be cooked

242. I think, I … the programs by the time you come from the cafeteria.

а) correcting

б) will be correcting

в) will have been corrected

+ г) will have corrected

243. We … have fulfilled the plan by the end of the year.

а) have

+ б) will

в) was

г) are

244. He found the girl ever more beautiful than he … her to be.

а) expected

б) were expected

+ в) had expected

г) had been expected

245. I’ll come round to your place … I’ve finished work.

а) while

+ б) after

в) since

г) till

246. Somebody broke into the house … they were asleep.

а) whether

б) if

+ в) while

г) till

247. You can have my bike … you bring it back tomorrow.

а) while

+ б) when

в) if

г) that

248. You can book the ticket … you tell the airline 48 hours in advance.

а) when

б) till

+ в) if

г) that

249. It was very dark in the passage … I couldn’t see where I was going.

а) while

+ б) so that

в) until

г) as long as

250. He won’t get any money … he finishes the work properly.

а) as long as

б) so that

+ в) until

г) while

251. I’m going to the bank now … I’ll have enough money for shopping.

а) so that

б) as long as

в) while

+ г) until

252. Last summer I visited Moscow and I learnt that … theatres are the best in the world.

+ а) Moscow

б) of Moscow

в) Moscow’s

г) Moscows’

253. Usually I don’t make …mistakes in dictations in my classroom because I am a diligent student.

+ а) any

б) some

в) not many

г) not any

254. There are … rivers in Great Britain, but they are not very long.

а) much

б) any

+в) many

г) neither

255. She … a teacher.

а) is

б) were

+в) are

г) were

256. Nick … a tall slender boy with dark hair.

а) are

+ б) is

в) were

г) am

257. When I … in the tenth form my parents bought me a compact disc player and I decided to collect compact discs.

а) am

б) shall be

в) were

+ г) was

258. His mother… angry when he had given up studying.

+ а) was

б) were

в) is

г) are

259. I… a first-year student of the faculty of law.

а) are

+ б) am

в) were

г) has been

260. Our University … quite large but not very old, compared to other national institutions.

а) am

+ б) is

в) were

г) being

261. My sister is married and … a family of her own.

+а) has

б) have

в) had

г) having

262. We … several buildings.


а) has

б) having

в) has had

+г) have

263. We have much in common but we … different views on music and films.а) has

+ б) have

в) having

г) have had

264. Britain … a varied countryside where you can find mountains, plains, valleys.

а) have

б) has had

в) having

+ г) has

265. These … contain several books on different subjects.

+ а) shelves

б) shelfs

в) shelfes

г) shelvies

266. There were … in the baskets.

а) potatos

б) potatoies

+ в) potatoes

г) potato

267. The … turned first yellow and then brown and dropped off and were blown into the corners of the garden.

а) leafs

+ б) leaves

в) leafes

г) leafies

268. As soon as the trains have arrived the … will deliver the letters.

а) postmen

+ б) postman

в) postmans

г) postmanes

269. The … to the boxes are lost.

+ а) keys

б) keyes

в) keies

г) keyies

270. … of Laura’s friends were at the party last night.

+ а) some

б) any

в) either

г) neither

271. How do you start work on a film? I … the script and … notes.

а) reads; makes

б) read; made

+в) read; make

г) are reading; are making

272. I’m glad we … this interview in English. My French isn’t very good.

а) were doing

б) did

в) done

+ г) are doing

273. Who… that guitar? My son, when he has time.

а) played

+б) plays

в) were playing

г) are playing

274. What’s that delicious smell? My husband … .

а) cooked

б) has cooked

в) were cooking

+ г) is cooking

275. I … notes of our interview. I hope you don’t mind? No, that’s OK.

а) makes

б) made

+ в) am making

г) has made

276. Peter just … me a new job.

+ а) has offered

б) had offered

в) offers

г) offered

277. She … at a friend’s house in Birmingham last summer.

а) were

б) are

+ в) was

г) is

278. Ana Gomez, of Peru, … a new record for the marathon.

а) have set

б) will set

в) should

+ г) set

279. Three climbers … in the Alps last winter.

а) dies

+ б) died

в) dead

г) will die

280. Two prisoners … from Caernarvon high security prison.

а) have escaped

+ б) will escape

в) would escape

г) shall escape

281. She … the 42 km in just 2 hours and 16 minutes.

+ а) will cover

б) has covered

в) covers

г) should cover

282. This time yesterday I … on the beach.

а) sits

+ б) was sitting

в) sat

г) will sit

Леви Страус образовал компанию 142 года назад.

а) Levi Strauss will find the company 142 years ago.

+ б) Levi Strauss found the company 142 years ago.

в) Levi Strauss are finding the company 142 years ago.

г) Levi Strauss finds the company 142 years ago.

284. Прибыль второй четверти снизилась на 85%.

а) Profits in the second quarter will fell 85%.

+ б) Profits in the second quarter fell 85%.

в) Profits in the second quarter fells 85%.

г) Profits in the second quarter fall 85%.

285. Он покупал билет когда поезд ушёл.

+ а) was buying

б) bought

в) buys

г) will buy

286. Салли обожгла кисть, когда готовила обед.

а) burnt

+ б) was burning

в) has burnt

г) burn

287. Tom … a photograph of me, while I … .

+ а) took; was not looking

б) is taking; was not looking

в) takes, will look

г) take, are not looking

288. The phone … still, when I … in the room.

а) are ringing; rushed

б) will be ringing; rushes

в) shall ring; rush

+ г) was ringing; rushed

289. He … from morning till night. When Sid … young

а) are; are working

+ б) was; was working

в) will be; was working

г) is; have worked

290. Next time Marion …, I … her to see my mother.

а) came; will take

+ б) comes; will take

в) will come; took

г) are coming; took

291. Mr. Health … the company his way for about 20 years.

+ а) was running

б) has run

в) will run

г) runs

292. The next day … forth no new information.

а) brings

+ б) will bring

в) has brought

г) are bringing

293. The boy stood in front of his father and told him everything that he … to pass.

а) comes

б) will come

в) are coming

+ г) had come

294. From his worried expression I knew he … my story.

а) hear

+ б) had heard

в) will hear

г) heard

295. When I was younger I … speak French fluently.

а) can

+ б) couldn’t

в) has to

г) can’t

296. Phone me after 8 o'clock, I ... dinner by then.

а) finish

б) will finish

в) will finished

+ г) will have finished

297. I was very pleased to see him again after such a long time. I ... him for five years.

а) has not seen

+ б) had not seen

в) not has seen

г) not had seen

298. The national symbol of New Zealand is … .

a) the kiwi

6) the emu

в) the kangar

+ г) the shamrock

The flag of New Zealand is

a) green and blue

6) red and green

в) white and blue

+ г) red white and blue

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