What is the most spoken language in the world?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


What is the most spoken language in the world?

a) Russian

б) Chinese

+ в) English

г) German

What is the most commonly used language of international relations?

a) Chinese

б) French

в) Russian

+ г) English

What is the abbreviation for the United Kingdom of Great Britain?

a) the USA

+ б) The U.K.

в) the UNO

г) the U.T.

What is the abbreviation for the United Sates of America?

+ а) The USA

б) The UNO

в) the USIA

г) the UNA

23. English is the official language in…

a) Germany and France

б) Italy and Spain

+ в) Great Britain and USA

г) China and Japan

What is the official language in Australia and New Zealand?

a) Australian

б) New Zelandian

в) Chinese

+ г) English

25. The USA … a federal republic.

+ a) is

б) are

в) am

г) was

26. The national symbol of the USA is....

a) the two-headed eagle

б) the one-head eagle

+ в) the bald eagle

г) the three-headed eagle

What's the colour of the US flag?

a) it is black, green and white

б) it is blue, red and green

+ в) it is red, blue and white

г) it is black, green and blue

28.The American flag has....

a) fifty stars and thirty stripes

б) fifty stripes and thirteen stars

в) fifty stars and fifty stripes

+ г) fifty stars and thirteen stripes

What's the capital of the US?

a) New York

б) Boston

+ в) Washington

г) Chicago

What's the official language of the USA?

a) American

+ б) English

в) Middle English

г) Old English

How many states do the USA consist of?

a) fifteen

б) thirteen

+ в) fifty

г) thirty

Who was the first president of America?

+ a) Abraham Lincoln

б) Thomas Jefferson

в) Conrad Adenauer

г) George Washington

33. ... is the head of the state in the USA.

a) the Congress

+ б) the President

в) the Supreme Court

г) the Senate

34. The President of the United States is elected for....

+ a) four years

б) five years

в) for life

г) three years

What is the Capitol?

a)It is the highest tower in Washington

+ б) It is the place where the US Congress meets

в) It is a demonstration hall

г) It is the national bank

Where is the Capital situated?

а) in New York

б) in Los-Angeles

+ в) in Washington

г) in Philadelphia

37. The White House is....

+ a) the residence of American Presidents

б) a museum

в) a national picture gallery

г) a state monument

38. The US Congress consists of two Chambers:....

+ a) the Senate and the House of Representatives

б) the House of Unions and the House of States

в) the House of Lords and the House of Representatives

г) the White House and the Capitol

Who discovered America?

a) Vasco de Gamma

б) Henry Hudson

+ в) Christopher Columbus

г) Amerigo Vespucci

Who lived on the territory of America before Columbus?

a) English settlements

б) European people

в) Indochinese people

+ г) Indian tribes

Who of these famous politicians is not from America?

a) Henry Ford

+ б) Margaret Thatcher

в) Martin Lutter King

г) John Kennedy

42. The United Kingdom of Great Britain is....

a) a republic

+ б) a parliamentary monarchy

в) a colony

г) a federal state

Which of the four countries forming the United Kingdom is the biggest?

a) Scotland

б) Northern Ireland

+ в) England

г) Wales

What is the capital of the UK?

+ a) London

б) Belfast

в) Glasgow

г) Manchester

45. The flag of Great Britain is....

а) white, green and yellow

б) red, black and white

+ в) blue, red and white

г) white, green

46. The United Kingdom of Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, Wales and … .

+ a) Northern Ireland

б) Australia

в) India

г) Japan

47.The official head of state in Great Britain is....

+ a) Queen Elizabeth II

б) Queen Elizabeth I

в) King Edward III

г) King Edward II

48. The British Parliament comprises two branches…

+ a) the House of Commons and the House of Lords

б) the Senate and the House of Lords

в) the House of Lords and the House of Representatives

г) the House of Congress and the House of Commons

49. The Government of Great Britain is elected for....

+ a) four years

б) two years

в) three years

г) five years

What is the currency of the USA?

Ответ: dollar

What is the national symbol of Canada?

Ответ: the maple leaf

What is the currency in Canada?

Ответ: dollar

53 The flag of Canada is....

Ответ: red and white

54. At Halloween people dress up in strange costumes and pretend they are witches.

Ответ: ведьмы

55. Halloween is particularly connected with witches and ghosts.

Ответ: ведьмы и привидения

56. Who is this girl? I don’t know ….

Ответ: her

57. … you have a big family or a small family?

Ответ: Do

58. Our family is very large. I … nine brothers and sisters.

Ответ: have

59. I … not have any brothers or sisters.

Ответ: do

60. I have five sisters. All five are older … me.

Ответ: than

61. Great! Tell me … your family.

Ответ: about

62. … are the two main political parties in Great Britain?

Ответ: What

63. What … two leading parties in the USA?

Ответ: are

64. Buckingham Palace is the official residence … the Queen and the Royal family.

Ответ: of

65. Scotland Yard is the centre of the … police.

Ответ: British

66. How old … they?

Ответ: are

67. I … a teacher of English next year.

Ответ: will be

68. My two elder brothers are very nice.

Ответ: хорошие

69. I see. What about your younger brother?

Ответ: как насчет

70. My younger brothers … very nice.

Ответ: is

71. What … your parents?

Ответ: about

72. My elder sister is smart.

Ответ: старшая

73. … grandparents live in Andorra. I love them very much.

Ответ: My

74. What about … cousins? Where are they?

Ответ: your

75. My cousins live next to ….

Ответ: me

76. Whose pictures are on the table?

Ответ: чьи

77. The two hundred delegates take part … the conference.

Ответ:. in

78. The national symbol of … is the kangaroo and emu.

Ответ: Australia

79. I … “The Piano” on video last year.

Ответ: saw

80. … is the day when people in love express their affection for each other.

Ответ: St. Valentine's Day

81. On July 4, 1776, the American colonies declared their independence from … .

Ответ: Britain

82. Family members wrap up their gifts and leave them at the bottom of the Christmas tree.

Ответ: подарки

83. On … Day the family will sit down to a big turkey dinner.

Ответ: Christmas

84. Most families usually have a ... in the corner of the front room.

Ответ: Christmas tree

85. The black board … on the wall.

Ответ: is

86. They … a good plan.

Ответ: have

87. His sister … a teacher of English.

Ответ: is

88. On Halloween children wear costumes and go trick-or-treating.

Ответ: одевают

What is the center of the international cinema industry?

Ответ: Hollywood

90. The students of our group stayed at their classroom very late because they … a lot of work.

Ответ: had

91. The students … a lecture on American literature on Mondays.

Ответ: have

92. Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November as a national Independence Day.

Ответ: день независимости

93. He became a successful businessman and earned… money.

Ответ: much

94. Three hundred sportsmen took part … the competitions.

Ответ: in

95. … feet high is this house?

Ответ: How many

96. The sea isthe largest unknown part … our world.

Ответ: of

97. There … a lot of books in our library.


98. He … a pilot during the World War II.


99. What is the traditional food … Thanksgiving day Roast turkey?

Ответ: for

100. The standard American desert is an apple pie.

Ответ: яблочный пирог

What is an American sound in music?

Ответ: jazz

102. She is right, … she?

Ответ: is not

103. I can’t buy this watch, … too expensive

Ответ:it is

104. In the South it is very hot… summer.

Ответ: in

105. Modern airplanes fly faster than the old fashioned ... .

Ответ: ones

106. Were there a pen and a book … the table?

Ответ: on

107. There are also 50 ... for each state there is on the USA flag.

Ответ: stars

108. Ann gave … address.

Ответ: her

109. A friend of ours cаme to stay… me.

Ответ: with

110. She speaks English worse … Jane does.


111. It isn’t easy to understand songs in English, is…?

Ответ: it

112. My brother … English much better than I do.

Ответ: knows

113. “Disneyland” in Paris is greater …“Disneyland” in Berlin.

Ответ: than

114. What is the name of the holiday when the Declaration of Independence was signed by Americans?

Ответ: праздник

115. Mother, tell me please, … is the worst deception or treachery.

Ответ: what

116. Professor, I prepared questions … the discussion.

Ответ: for

117. I can’t translate this text, it is too…

Ответ: hard

118. My daughter is the most cheerful girl in … group.

Ответ: her

119. Mr. Jefferson, I want to buy this flat. It is the brightest … that one.

Ответ: than

120. “Volvo” is the most reliable car … the others.

Ответ: among

121. This diamond … too expensive. I need this one, it is cheaper.

Ответ: is

122. His knowledge is more extensive than we think, but … doesn’t use it in a right way.

Ответ: he

123. … was the most unreasonable thing that I’ve ever done.

Ответ: It

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