III. For questions 16-90 decide which answer best fits each space

16 I usually ______ football with my friends when I was a schoolboy.

A played

B play

C has played

17 I can’t come out now because I _____________ my homework.

A finish

B am finishing

C have been finishing

18 Look! She ______ my sandwich.

A has been eaten

B has eaten

C are eating

19 They_________________ back to China a few years ago.

A have gone

B were gone

C went

20 Mary ___________ the newspaper the whole evening yesterday and didn’t want to talk to anybody .

A read

B has been reading

C was reading

21 Mrs. Hay ___________ along the country road when she saw a man on the road side.

A was driving

B had been driving

C drove

22 It was a thing he _____________ before.

A never saw

B has never seen

C had never seen

23 How long _________ this film?

A was he watching

B did he watch

C has he been watching

24 I am in panic. My computer ______________.

A just crashed

B is just being crashed

C has just crashed


25 I ______________my homework by six o'clock yesterday before my mother came.

A have done

B had done

C did

26_______________ to the exhibition next Sunday?

A are you going

B do you go

C will you be going

27 Is it true that your friends ____________ married next week?

A will be getting

B get

C are getting

28 After I ______________ reading this book, I am going to read another one by this author.

A will finish

B finished

C finish

29 OK, I `m going now but I __________ you at the same time tomorrow.

A am seeing

B will see

C see

30 ___________ to America?

A has he ever being

B have you ever been

C did you ever go

31 Patricia put on her coat, took her bag and ________________ the room.

A left

B leaved

C had left

32 Mary is a good girl. She always ___________ her mother with the housework.

A helps

B help

C has helped

33 John ___________ all the cakes by the time the other children arrived at the party.

A has eaten

B had eaten

C ate

34 Auntie Ivy ____________ ill last weekend.

A fallen

B fell

C has fallen



35 Our knowledge base ___________ significantly.

A has been growing

B has been grown

C has grown

36 ______________ I speak to Jane, please?

a) must b) shall c) could d) ought

37 I ___________ to get up early on Monday.

a)am able b)must c)have d) may

38You_____________ go to the dentist, your terrible toothache may get worse.

a)could b)have c) may d) should

39 The policeman told the woman she _____________ worry.

a)didn’t have to b) needn’t have c)couldn’t d)may not

40 Could you wait a little? I __________ finish this work first.

a)can b) will be able c)must d)should

41 These students _________ to solve their problems themselves.

a) are able b) have to c)can d) could

42 If I __________ early tomorrow morning, I’ll go jogging.

a) will get up b) get up c)got up d)would get up

43 If the bus __________ come soon, I’ll be late.

a) doesn’t b) won’t c)will d) didn’t

44 _________ you change your job if you were in my position?

a) can b) would c)did d) didn’t

45 We would have been late if the bus_______________ on time.

a)would not arrive b) hasn’t arrived c)didn’t arrive d)hadn’t arrived

46In those days if you ______________ a job, you’d have been happy.

a) would have b) had c)have had d)had had

47 The ____________ month to visit Turkey is September.

A-good B-better C-best

48 I am ____________ this week than I was last week.

A-busier B- more busy C- busiest

49 The post isn’t _______ as the e-mail.

A-so quick B- as quick C-more quick

50 This month’s figures are ______ as they were last month.

A-as good B- so good C-more better

51 The more the customer complained,________ the manager became.

A-ruder B-more ruder C- the ruder

52 As a rule your tickets and luggage _______ at the airport.

A is checked B check C are checked

53 Three teenagers___________ an award for bravery yesterday.

A-gave B- were given C- are given.

54 About 1,000 people _______ by this company next year.

A are employed B will employ C will be employed

55 A cure for malaria _______ by scientists in Paris.

A is found B has just found C has just been found


56 We have moved to a new flat and our kitchen _________ at the moment.

A is decorating B was decorated C is being decorated

57 Our friends like sailing, _______they live near the sea.

A so B because C and

58 I am always tired on Friday evenings _______I like to stay at home and relax.

A because B so C and

59 Paris is expensive, _______I like this city.

A so B and C but

60 Life expectancy in Japan is over 80,____ in the UK it is several years lower.

A but B although C because

61 ________ he didn’t study really hard, he passed the exam easily.

A but B although C because

62 The doctor told Henry to start doing sport, _________ he goes jogging every morning.

A because B although C that is why

63 _______________ I was coming home I met my old English teacher.

a) during b) while c) before d) since

64 Water consists _____________ oxygen and hydrogen.

a) from b) with c) of d) out of

65 I prefer dogs _______________cats. I hate cats.

a)from b) over c) than d) to

66 We all laughed ________________ the cartoon.

a) at b) for c) on d) to

67 I hope you succeed ________________ your new job.

a) in b) for c) from d) to

68 I don't agree _______________you.

a) to b) with c) on d) for

69 There was a fall ____________ten per cent in prices.

a) at b) by c) in d) of

70 We get lots of requests ______________ help.

a) at b) for c) of d) on

71 They hope to build the new bridge ______________ next July.

a) on b) in c) at d) by

72 I like to look ___________ the stars at night.

a) to b) at c) on d) after

73 I don’t know any of the people ___________this photograph?

a) on b) at c) in d) from

74 Andrew normally goes to school ____________ bus.

a) on b) in c) by d) at

75 The film starts ___________ eight o’clock and I’d like to see the start of the film.

a) on b) from c) in d) at

76 I quite like fish, but It depends ____________ the way it is cooked.

a) from b) on c) in d) by


77 I was tired ______________ being an accountant. – I needed a change.

a) with b) from c) of d) in

78 Can you pass me _______________ glass?

A other ....................................................... B another

79 You’ll need to hand your project in _____________ the end of the week.

A by ....................................................... B until

80 Daniel spends money ___________ it grows on trees.

A as ....................................................... B as if

81 Those people moved here three years ago, and they are __________ living here.

A still ....................................................... B already

82 Trevor tried to fix the shelves _______________ Laura was shopping.

A during B while

83 Would you mind waiting ____________ minutes

A a few B few

84 Has the postman been____________? I’m expecting a letter from the bank.

A already B yet

85The party was very _____________. I enjoyed it very much.

A good B well

86 Annie feels ill. She’s eaten too____________ chocolates.

A many B much

87 I met Mr. Brown in the street the other day, and we stopped and __________ for a while.

A told B talked

88 __________ the letters are my uncle’s.

A a both B both of

89 Your report was rather poor. You didn’t speak about our work ____________.

A quite B at all

90 Well, I’m going on a three-day study trip tomorrow. I’ll be away _____________ Thursday.

A by ....................................................... B till


IV For questions 91-100 decide to which part of speech each of the given words belongs. Circle the letter corresponding to the appropriate part of speech.

NOUN Verb Adjective
n v a


91 sympathise n v a

92 unfaithful n v a

93 chaotic n v a

94 prearrangement n v a

95 dignify n v a

96 interrogative n v a

97 untidiness n v a

98 confusion n v a

99 overestimate n v a

100 illegible n v a


Variant IV

I Read the text.

For questions 1-5 decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). For questions 6-10 decide which ending fits the sentences.

Business Gurus

People have always been interested in success. They buy books about business written by ‘gurus’- people who promise to teach you the secret of success in the world of business. These books often become very popular and sometimes change the way companies work.

Some business gurus write for the individual. An example is Stephen Covey’s book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. More than ten million people have bought this book. Covey teaches people to solve a problem in a way which is good for everyone. He also teaches to plan carefully before you start work, and never stop learning new things. Covey himself has become very successful. Now he has more than a hundred shops across the USA.

He comes to companies and give them advice which is very expensive.

Others business gurus write about companies as organizations. They give information about how to make people work together better. In his book “Human Competence”, Thomas Gilbert gives his six best ways to make people in an organization work badly, and then he asks his readers to think what happens in their company.

The “Business @ the Speed of Thought” by Bill Gates has become very popular. Many people who read this book hope that they can learn the secret of his success.


1 Gurus are people who think they can share their knowledge with other people.

2 In his book S. Covey writes about the six habits that business people must have.

3 Covey put his knowledge into practice successfully.

4 After Stephen Covey made a lot of money, he started to give advice for free.

5 The book “Human Competence” by T. Gilbert was written for the individual.


6 Some books on business have changed a by Thomas Gilbert.

7 More than ten million people read the book b the way companies work.

8 The book “Human Competence” was written c from the negative


9 T. Gilbert makes people learn d Bill Gate’s example.

10 Many people would like to follow e by Stephen Covey.

II. Read the text and choose the phrase (a, b or c) that best completes the sentences 11-15.

The Story of Jeans

The first jeans came from Genoa in Italy. The name jeans comes from the French name for Genoa, Genes. Sailors in the Genoese navy wore jeans because they are strong and you can wear them wet or dry. The sailors washed their jeans by putting them in a large bag and dropping them in the sea.

Modern jeans were invented by Levi Strauss. Strauss moved to America from Germany, and he started making jeans in the 1870s. He originally made them for miners in California. He made them blue so they wouldn’t look dirty.

In the 1950s, pop and movie stars like James Dean and Elvis Presley wore jeans, and they became fashionable with teenagers and young adults. At that time, wearing jeans was a symbol of independence for young people. However, in the 60s and 70s, jeans became a fashion for all ages. Today, the average American person owns seven pairs of jeans.


11 When washing their trousers, the Italian seamen used

a) a washing machine b) seawater c) washing powder

12 Levi Strauss was an emigrant from

a) Italy b) Germany c) California

13 Levi Strauss is known for designing clothes

a) for pop stars b) for teenagers c) for workers

14 The production of jeans started

a) in the second half of the 19th century b) in the first half of the 20th century

c) in the 1950s

15 Today people wear jeans

a) to feel independent b)to look younger c) to look fashionable


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