II. Read the text. For questions 11-15 choose the appropriate ending for each sentence.


In November 1999, a collection of 50,000 environmentalists, students, anarchists, and ordinary members of the public gathered in Seattle, USA, to protest against a meeting there of the World Trade Organization. The demonstration began peacefully, but by the end of the day, protestors had smashed shop windows and destroyed property. The police had fired plastic bullets and gas into the crowd, and a state of civil emergency had been declared. The ‘Battle of Seattle’ is now seen as the start of a world-wide anti-globalization movement.

Similar demonstrations have now become common in cities that host global monetary meeting. In London’s financial district, anti-globalization demonstrations take place annually every 1st of May. The largest protests so far took place in Genoa, Italy, in 2001, where 300,000 demonstrators clashed with police in a violent conflict: one person died and hundreds were injured.

Anti-globalization protestors are protesting about the dominance in the world economy of large (usually American) multi-national companies. They consider that these companies spread their western culture at the expense of other countries, and that they exploit developing countries and the environment in general. Targets for violence and vandalism are often American companies such as McDonald’s, GAP and Starbucks.


11 In 1999, 50,000 protesters gathered in Seattle

a) to declare a state of emergency b) to destroy shop windows and property

c) to demonstrate their disagreement with the WTO policy


12 The anti-globalization started its global level with

a) the ‘Fighting of Seattle’ b) the ‘Battle of Seattle’ c) the ‘Clash of Seattle’


13 Hundreds of demonstrators suffered in a conflict which took place

a) in London b) in Seattle c) in Genoa


14 In most cases anti-globalization demonstrators direct their protest against such producers as

a) Gap b) Levi Strauss c) Kelvin Klein


15 People gather for anti-globalization protests because they

a) want more people to join them

b) don’t like the quality of goods produced by multi-national companies

c) are against the domination of the western culture and way of life



III. For questions 16 – 90 decide which answer best fits each space.

16 We eggs every morning, because they are useful..

A eat

B ate

C are eating

17 Jack, don’t be noisy. The father ____________TV now.

A watches

B is watching

C has been watching

18 Be quick! John ______________for us for twenty minutes downstairs.

A have waited

B waits

C has been waiting

19 I ___________ from this university a few years ago.

A was graduating

B has graduated

C graduated

20 My friend___________ to visit me this weekend.

A comes

B will come

C is coming

21 Yesterday while he _____________ to work he met an old friend.

A was driving

B drove

C had been driving

22 I _______________ this e-mail yet.

A hadn’t got

B haven’t got

C didn’t get

23 How long ________________ to dial her phone number?

A are you trying

B did you try

C have you been trying

24 He ______________ home when we came in.

A has already gone

B had already gone

C went

25 When I ______________ my exams, I’ll organize a party.

A will pass

B passed

C pass

26 I ______________ you the results of the test by post in a week’s time.

A will send

B am sending

C send

27 You ______________ for five straight hours. No wonder you are tired.

A are studying

B had been studying

C have been studying

28 How _______________ your arm?

A have you breaked

B have you broken

C did you broke

29 We _____________ to have chicken for dinner, I’ve already put it in the oven.

A will

B are going

C will be going

30 I ____________ any of Picasso’s paintings before I visited the art museum.

A haven’t seen

B didn’t see

C hadn’t seen

31 He opened the window, watered the flowers and then ____________ him.

A phoned

B had phoned

C was phoning

32 We ___________ the flat by the time our parents arrived.

A have cleaned

B had cleaned

C were cleaning

33 Your perfume ____________ great.

A is smelling

B smells

C has smelled

34 It’s cold in here. I____________ the heater.

A am turning on

B will turn on

C turned on

35 It’s fantastic here! I___________ a wonderful time!

A have

B am having

C had

36 We _________ make our own fun in the old days. There wasn’t any television then.

a)must b)did to c)had to d)should to

37 The boy fell into the river, but fortunately we ____________ to rescue him.

a)could b) were able c)can d)won’t be able to

38 He had hurt his leg, so he ___________ walk very well.

a)can b) were able to c)couldn’t d)won’t be able to

39 I ___________ to get up early on Monday.

a)am able b)must c)have d) may

40 He was very strong; he ____________ ski all day and dance all night.

a)can b) could c)were able to d)won’t be able to

41 Mary feels she __________ swim every day, to avoid health problem.

a) must b) could c)may d)has to

42 If we _____________ some spare time, we’d learn French.

a) had b) have c)have had d)would have

43 If I ______________ to the party last night I wouldn’t have failed my exam.

a)didn’t went b) hadn’t gone c)wouldn’t go d) didn’t go

44 What _______________ if you found some buried treasure?

a) did you do b) had you done c)will you do d) would you do

45 What will happen when the train _____________?

a) stop b) will stop c)stops d)stopped

46 _________ you change your job if you were in my position?

a) can b) would c)did d)must

47 Children learn languages_________ than adults.

A-faster B-more faster C-fastest

48 United are great! They are _________ club in the world.

A-the biggest B- bigger C most big

49 I haven’t eaten _____ as you.

A-so much B- as much C- much more

50 It makes no difference, because this sweater is ____ as that one.

A-as expensive B- expensive C- more expensive

51 The bigger the supermarket is, __________ the choice is.

A-the wider B- wider C-more wider

52 Most of the pollution in the city centre _____ by traffic jam.

A-is caused B- are caused C- were caused

53 Two letters _______ this morning by the postman.

A-were delivered B- is delivered C- was delivered

54 About 3,000 workers_______ by this corporation next year.

A-are employed B- employed C- will be employed

55 The students _______ round the museum by a guide.

A-shown B- was shown C- were shown

56 My car _______ by a mechanic recently.

A-has been fixed B- are fixed C- fixed

57 There was nothing on TVI went to bed early.

A but_______________ B because C so

58 All the cafes were full it was a public holiday.

A that is why________ B because C and

59 My children don’t like tea _______they like cocoa with milk.

A because B so C but

60 She wanted to be a doctorshe studied hard not to fail her exams.

A and______________ B because C although

61_______they sometimes fight a bit, they are close friends.

A so_______________ B although C because

62 We were simply too tired _________ we decided not to go out for a meal.

A but B that is why C because


63 I can’t find my keys. I had them a minute _____________.

a)before b) back c) ago d) behind

64 We do most of our business _____________ summer.

a) at b) on c)while d) in

65 I’ve got ____________ the station just in time to see Jack off.

a) at b) to c) in d)into

66 I’m taking my driving test at four o’clock _____________ July 3-rd.

a) at b)in c)of d)on

67 We walked _______________ the stairs to the top floor.

a) up b)down c) along d)through

68 We are looking for a flat _______________ three bedrooms.

a) of b)from c) with d) for

69 Benjamin was proud _______________ himself for winning the prize.

a) in b) for c) of d) with

70 Sydney in Australia is famous _____________ its Opera House.

a) for b) from c) with d) about

71We won’t start the meeting ____________ everyone is here. We need everybody’s opinion.

a) while b) on c) until d) when

72 The firefighters rescued many people ______________ the burning building.

a) out of b) from c) at d) in

73 I quite like fish, but It depends ____________ the way it is cooked.

a) from b) on c) in d) by

74 Polly wants to cycle round the world. I’m interested __________ the idea too.

a) about b) in c) on d) with

75 We get lots of requests __________ help.

a) at b) for c) of d) on

76 I congratulate Mary_______ getting the new job.

a) for b) on c) with d) in

77 Chris is good __________sports.

a) for b) with c) during d) at

78 Sarah works in here. She uses this room _____________ her study.

A as ........................................................ B if

79 I’m very busy this week, I have to finish this report _____________ Thursday

A by ....................................................... B until

80 -I don’t know which book to buy. -Why don’t you buy _________ them

A both ....................................................... B both of

81 Ann isn’t at home. She’s ____________ at work.

A still ....................................................... B yet

82 I have to be back at the office in _____________ minutes.

A few B a few

83 It happened _____________the night

A during B while

84 It’s a small house, _____________ small for a large family.

A too B rather

85 Suddenly, he stood up, ________________ his coat and left.

A dressed B put on

86 She works ______________. She certainly looks tired.

A too hard B hard enough

87 What did she _______________ to you?

A say B tell

88 ______________ children like playing.

A most B most of

89 Your test is rather poor. You don’t know the material ________________.

A quite B at all

90 When I saw him he was preparing to _______________ at the meeting.

A speak B talk


IV For points 91-100 decide to which part of speech each of the given words belongs. Circle the letter corresponding to the appropriate part of speech.

NOUN Verb Adjective
n v a

91 celestial n v a

92 confidence n v a

93 enigmatic n v a

94 emptiness n v a

95 thoughtless n v a

96 estimation n v a

97dehydrate n v a

98 generalize n v a 99preferable n v a

100 modify n v a


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