Suit or smart casual? The modern office dilemma

In the past it was easy to know what to wear to the office. For male managers, it was always a dark suit and white shirt with a tie. With the arrival of Dress-Down Friday, all the old rules went away. Some companies introduced the system in which once a week (on Friday) the employees were allowed to wear casual clothes. In recent years, casual dress days at the office have become widespread in the USA. Casual Fridays have become so casual that some people are coming to work in outfits that resemble pyjamas.

82% of Americans thought that it is OK for businesses to have a dress-down day, while 12% thought it is not.

There are two important factors when discussing dress codes in the workplace. First of all, it must be clear that employees need to know what is expected of them; otherwise, a dress code that means to create a relaxed atmosphere might actually increase stress. Second, employees must always consider their clients. A lawyer in a company puts on his jacket and tie when he expects a client who might be offended by a more casual appearance.

And one final thing – no matter what clothes people wear, they must always be clean and neat.


11 The best time to be dressed casual in an office is

a) weekends b)Saturday c) Friday

12 The idea of dress-down day

a) is criticized by most Americans. b) is ignored by most Americans.

c) is taken positively by most Americans.

13 The dress codes in the workplace depend on

a) a long list of important things. b) on a couple of important factors.

c) on the boss’s mood.

14 Casual appearance in an office may

a) hurt a customer b)attract unnecessary attention c) make clients laugh

15 A dress code has always depended on

a) office atmosphere b) strict rules c) business needs


III. For questions 16 – 90 decide which answer best fits each space.

16 Edward always ____________ the office at 4 p. m. on Fridays.

A is leaving

B leaves

C leave

17 Excuse me. I can’t answer the phone. I __________ on a new dress now.

A try

B will try

C am trying

18 Normally my double-periods finish at 3 p.m., but this semester I _________ until 4.20 p.m.

A study

B am studying

C studies

19 She ____________ the e-mail, typed the address and sent it.

A write

B wrote

C was writing

20 Children ___________ computer games from two till three o’clock yesterday.

A played

B were playing

C play

21 One Saturday morning, while I _________ my room I found my exercise-book in English.

A was cleaning

B clean

C cleaned

22 The students __________ what to do with these tasks

A decided already

B have decided already

C have already decided

23 She _____________ three best- selling books on business management.

A have also written

B also has written

C has also written

24 I __________ a few drops of olive to the salad and it tastes great now.

A usually add

B have added

C am adding

25 Before he went to London to participate in the international conference, he________________ three scientific articles.

A was publishing

B published

C had published

26 I believe, the Euro __________ at the beginning of the New Year.

A will recover

B recovers

C is recovering

27 George, is it true that you ______ married next week?

A will getting

B are getting

C get

28 We __________ around Europe next summer, if we finish the project in time.

A are going to travel

B travel

C will travelling

29 I am going to apply to an international company when I _____________.

A will graduate

B shall graduate

C graduate

30 At the moment the R & D department ______________ a documentary about the advantages of new technologies in the ship- building industry.

A is making

B makes

C will make

31 I was very busy with my scientific work and that is why I ___________ you for a long time.

A not phone

B has phoned

C have not phoned

32 My eyes hurt, I ______________ these business letters for five hours already.

A am writing

B write

C have been writing

33 On Sundays Stevenson ___________ his family out for long walks over the hills. It’s their family tradition.

A has taken

B takes

C is taking

34 When Tom finally arrived I ___________ for him for twenty five minutes.

A had been waiting

B wait

C will wait

35 Most modern technologies ___________ environmentally friendly yet.

A hasn’t become

B didn’t become

C have not become

36 Passengers _________ to show their tickets at the airport.

a) must b) have c) should d) will

37 To my mind, the government __________________ take care of old people.

a) ought b) must c) may d) need to

38 I looked everywhere for the book but I _______________ find it.

a) have to b) can’t c) was able to d) couldn’t

39 You_____________ go to the dentist, your terrible toothache may get worse.

a) could b) have c) may d) should

40 You will ____________ speak Spanish in another few months.

a) can b) ought c) be able to d) have

41 You ____________ come if you don’t want to.

a) could not b )don’t have to c) don’t need d) are not

42 If anyone____________ you this news don’t believe it.

a) tell b) will tell c) tells d )had told

43 If I ___________ the answer, I’d tell you.

a) know b) would know c) knew d) had known

44 You look tired. If I were you, I ________ a holiday.

a) would take b) took c) take d) will take

45 If he____________ cleverer, he’d be a doctor.

a) were b) will be c) is d) would be

46 In those days if you ___________ a job, you’d have been happy.

a) would have b) had c) have had d) had had

47 In the semifinal Chelsea played _______ than Arsenal.

A-well B- better C- more well

48 This is ___________ part of the exam.

A- the most important B- important C- importener

49 This ice-cream isn’t_______ as the cake.

A-much delicious B- more delicious C- as delicious

50 Alan works for BBC _____ as Richard.

A-as hard B- so hard C-more hard

51 Are you looking for a cheap holiday? ~ Yes, ______ the better.

A- cheaper B- the cheaper C- more cheaper

52 A lot of ice hockey ______ in Canada.

A-played B- is played C- are played

53 Yesterday the workers _________ that they would get bigger salary.

A-were told B- told C- was told

54 Next year over 2,000,000 mobile phones _______ in South Korea.

A-made B- will be made C- are made

55 Chocolate cakes _______ by this cook every day.

A-are baked B- was baked C- baked

56 Our newspapers ________ yet.

A-haven’t been delivered B- was delivered C- are delivered

57 It wasn’t very cold, __ _______we went swimming.

A but B because C so

58 We didn’t go swimming, _______it was very cold.

A although B but C because

59 I like Tom, he is a reliable friend ________I don’t like his wife, she is so bossy

A so B because C but

60 They go to a football match every Saturday_______ they are very busy.

A because B but C although

61I like coffee in the morning _________I like tea in the evening.

A and B so C because

62 We had a lot of luggage_________ we took a taxi to the airport.

A although B because C that is why

63 We’ve lived in this flat __________ five years.

a) ago b) already c) for d) since

64 The babysitter will stay there __________ we get home

a) until b) to c) when d) by

65 Are you afraid ___________ flying?

a) about b) of c) at d) from

66 I saw this company’s advertisement in the newspaper and applied __________ the job.

a) about b)because c)for d) to

67 Please, forgive me ____________ forgetting your birthday.

a) in b) for c) about d) when

68 You don't need this word. You should cross it__________.

a) down b) out c) over d) up

69 It's late. How much longer are you going to go_________ working?

a) on b) along c) through d) with

70 Excuse me. We are looking _____________ the sports centre.

a) at b) for c) with d) to

71 How many students were absent __________class yesterday?

a) in b) from c) on d) for

72 They hope to build the new bridge __________next July.

a) on b) in c) at d) by

73 I was tired __________ being an accountant. – I needed a change.

a) with b) from c) of d) in

74 He doesn’t approve _____________ smoking.

a) of b) in c) about d) after

75 What's the matter ___________your car?

a) by b) for c) on d) with

76 We arrived __________ the airport ten minutes late.

a) into b) at c) to d) in

77 This car isn’t mine. It belongs _________ Mike.

a) with b) for c) in d) to

78 The car sank __________ a stone to the bottom of the river.

A as B like

79 – Have they sent you your cheque _________?

A already B yet

80 She had very ___________ money with her that time.

A little B few

81 It is ________raining, look. How much longer can it go?

A still B yet

82 I’ll be busy for most of this week. I won’t have any time ____________ Friday.

A by ....................................................... B until

83 You’ll have to be quiet ______________ for performance

A during B while

84 Your English is very ______________.

A good B well

8 5 The weather was bad when we were on holiday. It rained ___________ the time.

A most B most of

86 I invited Diana and Mike to the party and they ____________ promised to come.

A all B both

87 It costs _____________money to travel around the world

A much B many

88 - Which jacket do you prefer, this one or that one.

-I don’t like ______________ of them.

A either B neither

89 Are you going to ____________ her about our meeting?

A say ........................................................ B tell

90 Who are these girls ? I know _____________ of them.

A either B neither

IV For points 91-100 decide to which part of speech each of the given words belongs. Circle the letter corresponding to the appropriate part of speech.


NOUN Verb Adjective
n v a


91 commitment n v a

92 envious n v a

93 humidity n v a

94 originate n v a

95 authoritative n v a

96 verify n v a

97 brightful n v a

98 acceptable n v a

99 allegorize n v a

100 consolidation n v a

Variant VII

I. Read the text.

For questions 1-5 decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). For questions 6-10 decide which ending fits the sentences.

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