Task 2. Read Article 11 and translate from Kazakh/Russian into English

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task 2. Read Article 11 and translate from Kazakh/Russian into English

Статья 11. Лица, между которыми не допускается заключение брака (супружества)

Не допускается заключение брака (супружества) между:
1) лицами одного пола;
2) лицами, из которых хотя бы одно лицо уже состоит в другом зарегистрированном браке (супружестве);
3) близкими родственниками;
4) усыновителями и усыновленными, детьми усыновителей и усыновленными детьми;
5) лицами, хотя бы одно из которых признано недееспособным вследствие психического заболевания или слабоумия по решению суда, вступившему в законную силу.

11-бап. Араларында неке қиылуына (ерлі-зайыпты болуына) жол берілмейтін адамдар

Некелесуге (ерлі-зайыпты болуға):
1) бір жынысты адамдардың;
2) олардың біреуі болса да басқа тіркелген некеде (ерлі-зайыптылықта) тұратын адамдардың;
3) жақын туыстардың;
4) бала асырап алушылар мен асырап алынған балалардың, асырап алушылардың балалары мен асырап алынған балалардың;
5) соттың заңдық күшіне енген шешімі бойынша олардың біреуі болса да психикалық ауруы немесе ақыл-есі кемдігі салдарынан әрекетке қабілетсіз деп танылған адамдардың арасында жол берілмейді.

Read Article 31 translate from English into Kazakh/Russian

Article 31. Right of choice of last name by spouses

1. In the course of conclusion of marriage (matrimony), spouses shall choose the last name of one of them as common last name at their own wish, or each of spouses preserve their premarital last name, or one of them (or both) combines his (her) last name to the last name of the other spouse. The combining of last names shall not be allowed, if the premarital last name of one of spouses is already compound.
In case of change of last names in the course of the state registration of conclusion of marriage (matrimony), a citizen shall be obliged to change identity papers within one month.
2. Change of last name by one of spouses shall not entail the regulatory change of last name of the other spouse.
3. In case of dissolution of marriage (matrimony), spouses shall have the right to preserve last name, chosen in the course of conclusion of marriage (matrimony), or re-establish their premarital last names.[14]


Task 3 Match the definitions with appropriate words or expressions

1.matrimony (n) a) either member of a married pair in relation to the other; one's husband or wife
2.spouse (n) b) the state of being married
3.compound (adj) c) composed of two or more parts, elements, or ingredients
4.dissolution (n) d) preceding marriage
5.marriage (n) e) the state, condition, or relationship of being married
6.premarital (adj) f) the undoing or breaking of a bond, tie, union, partnership, etc



(4 hours)

(A – 2 hours )

Warming up

1. Does Kazakh/Russian language have more than one word for a lawyer?

2. Do they correspond to the different English words for lawyer? If not, how do concept differ?

3. What is each type of legal practionier in Kazakhstani jurisdiction entitled to do?

4. What English term do you use to describe your job or the job you would like to do?

Task 1. Combine the nouns in the box with the verbs below to make combinations to describe the work lawyers do. Some of verbs go with more than one noun.


cases, clients, contracts, corporations decisions, defendants, disputes, law, litigation









Task 2. Choose three “verb+noun” pairs from above and write sentences using them.

Task 3. Choose the words from the box which can be combined with the word lawyer to describe different types of lawyer. Say what each one does.


bar, corporate, defense, government, patent, practitioner, public-sector, sole, tax, trial

Task 4. Read and translate the biography of Kazakhstani state and public figure, Public prosecutor of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1995—1996), Judge of higher qualification class, Doctor in Law, professor Maxut S. Narikbayev

Maxut S. Narikbayev was born on March 30, 1940,Taldy-Kurgan region. He got his secondary education in 1958. After finishing technical school he worked in rural area as a head of a club, correspondent and editor of Taldy-Kurgan Department of Radio and Television. Maxut S. Narikbayev Graduated Kazakh state university named after S. M. Kirov, majoring in Law. After graduating the university in 1974 he was sent to the Prosecutor’s office of Taldy-Kurgan as an intern. Later he became a Prosecutor.

From 1992 till 1993 he worked in the Office of the President. From October 1995 till June 1996 he worked as a General prosecutor of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

From June 1996 till September 2000 he worked as a Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In July 2000 he was appointed as a Rector of Kazakh State Law Academy Member of Supreme Judicial Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan

From November 2007 he worked as a a member of the Council of the Public Chamber under the Majilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Social life

In 2001 was a head of socio-political movement “For the legal Kazakhstan”. In 2004 was an initiator and leader of the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan (KDP), later the Democratic Party “Adilet”. On March,12, 2012 was resitrated as a chairman of the party. Maxut S. Narikbayev is an author of more than 50 articles. There are some of them: Law, state and politics (aphorisms and sayings); Adolescent and law: (About some causes of juvenile delinquency and measures to combat it); Legal protection of childhood; Criminal legal protection of children in the Republic of Kazakhstan; Criminal law and criminological aspects of the fight against crimes of minors; Practice of considering economic disputes by judicial board for economic affairs of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Practice of considering economic disputes by judicial board for economic affairs of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Important issues of the new criminal and criminal procedure legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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