LUNAR 22 AGAPE 5 PRALI MANU 25/08/13 11/09/13 VOLS 6

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


LUNAR 22 AGAPE 5 PRALI MANU 25/08/13 11/09/13 VOLS 6

PROJECT: Agape international ecumenical centre is a place of encounter where you can live an intense experience of community in beautiful natural surroundings. Agape was and still is an important point of reference in Italian Protestantism, for 50 years a place of education and development, theological exploration, political engagement, of acceptance and validation of differences. Every year many people, with different religious, cultural, political background, and of different age, come to Agape to discuss and to be challenged, to get to know themselves and each other and to exchange experiences around a particular theme. Agape was built after the Second World War as a sign of hope and of reconciliation between people, thanks to the voluntary work of many young men and women; a resident group still lives at Agape throughout the year. The dimensions of community and voluntary service remain central. Please visit: to see which are the activity programmes for this period.

WORK: The work camp will support the activities of AGAPE when a number of guests have meetings on issues of political, social, cultural and religious interest. Volunteers will help in the following areas: kitchen, meal service (tables and dishes), cleaning, maintenance, bar tending, babysitting. Games, discussions and outings can be organized during free time. Programmed activities (especially in the evening) are most of the time open to volunteers, as long as they do not clash with work commitments. The place is beautiful but really isolated, though you will stay together with many international participants to the meetings of AGAPE.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Usually the workcampers will be host in 3-4 bed bedrooms. Toilets are in common on the floor. The meal are typical Italian Mediterranean and there's a vegetarian alternative for those who require it, as well as for any specific allergies. It is possible to use a washing machine.

ARRIVAL: We require that all volunteers contact the office before arriving especially since travel to Agape can be complicated.



LUNAR 23 URBAN GARDEN ROMA CONS 02/09/13 16/09/13 VOLS 9

PROJECT: The “Associazione Laboratorio sociale autogestito 100celle” manages its business in a social space, largely restored and returned to public use, thanks to the voluntary action of the local people, who over the years have initially prevented the destruction and privatization of property owned by the city and gradually contributed to the renovation and recovery of exterior and interior spaces, which hosts many educational, social, recreational and cultural activities.

The association is part of an informal network, made of local people, schools and associations, working for years on issues of community empowerment, active citizenship, multiculturalism, ecology, responsible consumption, and the defense of the public goods. The spaces are also used by other organizations or groups of people for recreational, social, educational and cultural initiatives.

Some of the activities of the Association: social and cook space of "Biosteria Saltatempo" with vegan and biological cuisine; Theatre / Cinema / Music activity; the permanent theatre workshop, the "Group buying", the Orto / garden, the critical Bar, courses and training sessions on the topics of critical consumption, social justice, Alternative Economy, and defense of common goods.

We would like your help to make the outdoors more hospitable: the garden and the vegetable garden.

WORKThe activities foreseen, 4/5 hours per day, for 5 days a week, are:

Care of the garden and start the winter cultivation

Creation of flower beds, furniture and games selfconstructed in the garden

Construction of an oven

Construction of a system to collect rainwater

Preparation of the outdoor bar area

Support in organizing social events, music or outdoor cinema

ACCOMMODATION AND FOODThe kitchen of Biosteria Saltatempo will be available. Very close there is a neighborhood market where you can go shopping and find everything. We will provide some products of our network of biological producers.

Accommodation: To sleep, there are two common rooms with bathroom.

LOCATION:The camp will take place in an old stone house dating back to the early 900's surrounded by ancient trees and an area of about 1300 square meters in the Rome neighborhood "Centocelle", about ten kilometers from the center of the capital, a lively suburb, animated by many social experiences and activism.


LUNAR 24 OPEN NATURE 1 MOMPEO AGRI 21/10/13 31/10/13 VOLS 6

PROJECT:“Fiume Farfa” is a cooperative farm, besides developing and carrying out its main agricultural activities, Fiume Farfa also aims at creating an opportunity of information with schools and youngsters. Such activity takes place through a direct contact with schools to inform students on the fundamental role of agriculture in the preservation of environmental and cultural wealth and heritage.

WORKThe group of volunteers will undertake the hard work in the fields, in cooperation with the people of the cooperative. The work will consist of: cleaning and making paths in the gorge of Farfa maintenance of the olive groves renovation work of a wooden structure. What to bring: Sleeping bag, winter warm and waterproof clothes, warm hat, winter work boots or trekking boots (absolutely necessary) and work gloves.

ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers will sleep where we usually host tourists, so the rooms have all comforts. Internet available only after 9 pm.. Only vegetarian food will be available.

LOCATION: The location were the camp is held is isolated and surrounded by nature. The nearest town is Mompeo, a small village in the Rieti area, about 50 kms away from Rome. There is a bar and a small shop in Mompeo.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: the language spoken during this camp is English. For the safety of everyone it's important that the volunteer understands and speaks English. The work in this camp can be physically hard. The volunteers must make sure they doesn't have e.g. back problems. In case of bad weather (and thus no work) the volunteer will be charged with 5? a day of no work as extra fee.





LOCATION: this workcamp will take place in Enna, a historical town located in the center of Sicily island, knows as the “The Belly of Sicily”. Enna is 120km west of Palermo and 73 km east of Catania.

The town hosts 28.000 inhabitants and is famous as the highest upper-town of Italy because it’s 992mt. on the level of the sea, which allows the people to have an amazing view of the surrounding area.

The main camp of the volunteers is the rural house “Villa d’Arte – La Rosa dei venti” situated in one of the most peaceful countryside area of the province of Enna.

This area is full of private farms, farms involved in the business of their products, place for leisure time (dyke for windsurfing, canoeing, kitesurfing), religious places.

WORK: the main occupation of volunteers is to collect olives from the trees and follow the process of producing olive oil to be sold in bottles.

In fact, the activities are divided in three parts:

• collecting olives, clean the trees from old branches.

• separating olive into categories (white, black, to be dried, to be cooked).

• carrying the olives to the oil production venue.

The work will be done in 6 hours a day: 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Food and accommodation: the volunteers, along with the staff, will cook in the kitchen of the house and the food will be provided by the staff, agreed with the volunteers whether there are special needs (vegetarians, vegans, intolerants…). The accommodation will be in the rooms (4 or 6 pax) and will be available indoors toilets and showers.


TERMINAL: Palermo Trapani Catania


LUNAR 26 OPEN NATURE 2 MOMPEO AGRI 02/11/13 16/11/13 VOLS 6

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