Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!



PROJECT:The cultural Association MUSA proposes and organises this workcamp together with the local Proloco. Our Association mostly carries out musical events.

The “Infiorata” is considered as a very important event by the local community which is totally involved in arranging it. All the pictures made of flowers finally create a sort of “flowers carpet” for the “Corpus Christi” procession. In a certain way, the decorators will “paint using flowers” and they will realize this wonderful flowers carpet that will be succesfully trampled by the parish priest while carrying the consacrated during the procession Host throughout the village. In the past 10 years the decoration techniques have improved so much till making possible to consider the flowers carpet as a real work art. You can look at some of the paints made of flowers visiting the following web site:

This year MUSA association will organize a little choirs meeting, volunteers do something for organize that o better can sing together whit as some Beatles's song kind “Yesterday” and “Michelle”. If you sing ask as for music sheet ok! You can ask as for anything on our fecebook page.

WORK: The workcamp activity will start on Wednesday 21th June 2013 and it will last till 30th June. Volunteers can leave Poggio Moiano on 1 July. Further scheduled meetings are: On 20th June the welcoming and the accomodation at the workcamp; On 21th June they will receive further informations on the work that they will do whit flowers or same other thing like rice or salt coloured;

From the 21th June they will start to pick up flowers in the surrounding countryside and on the closed mountains. Before real work starts, youngsters will have the possibility to make a trial of flower dispositions and of full-size pictures realization (2,30X.4mt). The volunteers will have the possibility to interact with other groups of decorators both during the picking up and the flowers preparation. They will work about 5 hours a day, early morning so to skip the hot sun. In the afternoon or in the evening we do music for the concert. The work whit flowers or other materials is not real hard, but needs patient and must follow the weather. Volunteers will work on the realization of the flowers carpet together with hundreds of decorators from the surrounding areas and from all over Italy. Moreover, volunteers will have free access to the public swimming pool during the whole workcamp duration.

ACCOMMODATION:Volunteers will cook on their own. Any kind of food will be available and if they will have any special need. Volunteers will lodge in the parish or housed in one or tow floor.


EXTRA-FEE: 30 euros


LUNAR 06 RURAL SICILY ENNA AGRI 25/06/13 08/07/13 VOLS 12

LOCATION: this workcamp will take place in Enna, a historical town located in the center of Sicily island, knows as the “The Belly of Sicily”. Enna is 120km west of Palermo and 73 km east of Catania.

The town hosts 28.000 inhabitants and is famous as the highest upper-town of Italy because it’s 992mt. on the level of the sea, which allows the people to have an amazing view of the surrounding area.This area is full of private farms, farms involved in the business of their products, place for leisure time (dyke for windsurfing, canoeing, kitesurfing), religious places. The main camp of the volunteers is the rural house “Villa d’Arte – La Rosa dei venti” situated in one of the most peaceful countryside area of the province of Enna.

WORK: the main occupation of volunteers is to work in different farms of the area, assisting the farmers in their main daily activities, whose will provide them food for lunch and/or dinner.

Usually, the farmers needs in these situations are: milking cows or sheeps;

harvesting;cutting and collecting woods;cleaning stables and shades of animals;transforming milk into cheese;cleaning vegetable gardens;collecting fruits and vegetables;lead animals to pasture.

The work will be done in 6 hours a day: 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: the volunteers, along with the staff, will cook in the kitchen of the house and the food will be provided by the staff, agreed with the volunteers whether there are special needs (vegetarians, vegans, intolerants…). The accommodation will be in the rooms (4 or 6 pax) and will be available indoor toilets and showers in the rural house.


TERMINAL: Palermo Trapani Catania


LUNAR 07 AGAPE 3 PRALI MANU 30/06/13 21/07/13 VOLS 8

PROJECT: Agape international ecumenical centre is a place of encounter where you can live an intense experience of community in beautiful natural surroundings. Agape was and still is an important point of reference in Italian Protestantism, for 50 years a place of education and development, theological exploration, political engagement, of acceptance and validation of differences. Every year many people, with different religious, cultural, political background, and of different age, come to Agape to discuss and to be challenged, to get to know themselves and each other and to exchange experiences around a particular theme. Agape was built after the Second World War as a sign of hope and of reconciliation between people, thanks to the voluntary work of many young men and women; a resident group still lives at Agape throughout the year. The dimensions of community and voluntary service remain central. Please visit: to see which are the activity programmes for this period.

WORK: The work camp will support the activities of AGAPE when a number of guests have meetings on issues of political, social, cultural and religious interest. Volunteers will help in the following areas: kitchen, meal service (tables and dishes), cleaning, maintenance, bar tending, babysitting. Games, discussions and outings can be organized during free time. Programmed activities (especially in the evening) are most of the time open to volunteers, as long as they do not clash with work commitments. The place is beautiful but really isolated, though you will stay together with many international participants to the meetings of AGAPE.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Usually the workcampers will be host in 3-4 bed bedrooms. Toilets are in common on the floor. The meal are typical Italian Mediterranean and there's a vegetarian alternative for those who require it, as well as for any specific allergies. It is possible to use a washing machine.

ARRIVAL: We require that all volunteers contact the office before arriving especially since travel to Agape can be complicated.



LUNAR 08 REST HOUSE 1 GAGLIOLE ELDE 01/07/13 15/07/13 VOLS 6

PROJECT: The Rest House “Alessandro Chierichetti” was funded 60 years ago in the small village of Gagliole to host people who suffers. In the last years it takes care for free to poor elderly and mental disable. At the moment there are 50 hosts. The Municipality wish to promote solidarity, fun and leisure time for the hosts of the Rest House and try to involve local youngsters in intercultural exchange and voluntarism. WORK: volunteers will be asked to support the animation activities of the Rest House during the mornings and take part to small trips. Secondly they will organize, together with local youngsters summer activities for all the village (parties, sport tournaments, visits).

LOCATION The place is quite isolated: Gagliole has 600 inhabitants, and is in the countryside of the beautiful region Marche, Macerata province.

ACCOMODATION: In a Guest house. FOOD: in the Rest House refectory and in the guest house

TERMINAL: Rome, Ancona .



CUTRO ENVI 01/07/13 13/07/13 VOLS 12

PROJECT: All the activities of the volunteers will be organized by WWF Provincia di Crotone . The main pourposes of this association are environment and legal control. This camp is important from another point of view since the volunteers will sleep in a hostel (formerly it was a market confiscated to local mafia ). The WWF turned an old building closed since 1997 in to an hostel called C.E.L.A. without any economic help. The province of Crotone is the poorest of Italy and unfortunately it is economically controlled by mafia , consequently we decided to work together with other associations in order to create a mafia-free economy and to improve the economic level of the community. WWF will host international volunteers to provide an intercultural experience and to support the activities in favour of the environment and to improve the hostel premises.

LOCATION: The province of Crotone is located on the Ionian coast of Calabria in the south of Italy . This small territory unifies the largest European Reserve Marine that of Caporizzuto and the National Park of Sila mountain. The origins of Crotone dated back to the VII century B.C. when the Greeks started colonizing the south of Italy ( Magna Grecia) . Crotone became a cultural centre thank to Pitagora who built the Pitagoric School . In Midle age The Aragonise built along the coast a series of towers and Fortress in order to protect the territory from the pirates invasions.

WORK: At Isola Caporizzuto: Installation and maintenance of stances. Works of maintenance and restoration of dry stone walls and containment; Gardening (pruning, cleaning flower beds, removal of stones and plant pest, earth moving, etc.); At CELA(hostel): Painting , gardening, The volunteers, helped by the members of WWF, will build a pick-nick area with tables and benches .Other small manual works could be required with update to the applicants

ACCOMMODATION: The CELA is an hostel made up of three rooms with 4 bank beds and a bath room in each room. It is located in San Leonardo di Cutro between the two the tourist residences of Serenè and Porto Kaleo. It is only two hundreds metres far from the sea and there are two large gardens around the hostel.Food :The volunteers together with a member of wwf will organize the meals . Any personal menù will be discussed with the members of the association.

TERMINAL: Crotone and Lamezia Terme. Pick ups will be organized

EXTRA-FEE: 200 euros


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