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ADDITIONAL STUDY: A Real Friend. Appearance.

I. Read and translate the text “If you want to have a friend”

Let us suppose that everybody in this group have a friend, a good friend. Friendship between two people grows when they have the same interests. Their friendship is still better if they understand each other well.

Do you remember an English proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed”? We agreed that you can’t live without friends, that real friends are always ready to help each other. Let us also agree that the real friendship is possible only when people respect and trust each other.

So you can see that friendship between two people is a very great thing. An English proverb says, “A good friend is as sun in winter” A good proverb, isn’t it? A real friend makes your life happier and more interesting. He is dear to you and you want your friendship to last forever.

Well, there are some other English proverbs about friendship and friends. Take, for example, this one: “A friend is easier lost than found”. What does it mean? It means that it’s difficult to find a good friend. You may loose a friend quickly if you do something wrong. Always think how to keep friendship.

And there is another thing which is no less important: if you want to have a friend, you have to be good friends yourselves.

II. Answer the questions

1. When does friendship between two people grow?

2. When is real friendship possible?

3. What is a real friendship in your opinion?

4. What does the proverb “A friend is easier lost than found” mean?

5. Do you have a real friend?

6. What do you do together?

7. What books about friendship have you read? Why do you like them?

III. Read and learn the following material

How to describe a person’s appearance

A. a face

A face can be long (вытянутое), oval (овальное), round (круглое), thin (худое), square (квадратное), wrinkled (морщинистое), freckled (веснушчатое), swarthy (смуглое), sunburned (загорелое)

B. features

Features can be regular (правильные), irregular (неправильные), delicate (тонкие), large (крупные), small (мелкие)

C. a smile

A smile can be charming (очаровательная), happy (счастливая), pleasant (приятная), pleased (довольная), sweet (милая), broad (широкая), ironical (ироническая), sad (грустная), strained (искусственная), magic (волшебная)

D. complexion and skin

A complexion can be dark (темный) or fair (светлый), and skin can be delicate (нежный) and rough (грубый)

E. a nose and lips

A nose can be aquiline (орлиный), flat (приплюснутый), hooked (крючковатый), snub-nosed (курносый), and lips can be full (полные), thick (толстые), and rosy (розовые).

F. a figure

A figure can be fat (тучная), plump (полная), well-fed (упитанная), lean (худощавая), slender (стройная), slim (худая), slight (хрупкая), neat (изящная) and graceful (грациозная).

G. Eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyebrows can be arched (дугой), bushy (густые), penciled (очерченные), shaggy (косматые) and eyelashes can be curving (загнутые), straight (прямые) and thick (густые)

H. Hair

Hair can be black (черные), dark (темные), brown (каштановые), fair (светлые), blond (светлые), golden (золотистые), red (рыжие), waved (волнистые), curly (кудрявые), straight (прямые), thick (густые), thin (тонкие), smooth (гладкие), silky (шелковистые), long (длинные), dyed(окрашенные)

I. eyes

Eyes can be kind (добрые), warm (теплые), blue (голубые), dark (темные), brown (карие), grey (серые), and hazel (светло-карие)

IV. Read and translate the texts



Look at the picture. You can see a girl on it. She is around twenty years old. Her face is oval, she has delicate futures. She had a charming sweet smile. Her skins looks very delicate, her complexion is fair.

She has a small nose and full lips. Her eyebrows have an arched shape, her eyelashes are curving. She has dark eyes. She has waved silky brown hair. I think this girl is very beautiful.



On this picture you can see a boy who is seventeen years old. He has a roundand freckled face. He has a sweet, kind and warm smile. Hi complexion is very fair.

He has a strait nose and thin lips. His eyebrows are thick. He has shinning grey kind eyes. His hair is short and dark

V. Describe persons on the pictures

1. 2. 3. 45.





I. Read and translate the texts and answer the questions


Derek’s weekday


Hello, my name is Derek Goth, I live in Florida and I go to the College of Arts not far from my house. On my week days I get up at a quarter to seven. I jump out of bed, switch on the radio and do my morning exercises to the radio music.

Then I go to the bathroom, have a shower, and clean my teeth. This doesn’t take me much time, not more than ten or fifteen minutes.


After that I dress and sit down to table to have my breakfast. I usually have a cup of tea or coffee, an egg and peanut butter sandwich. After breakfast I go to my college. My classes begin at nine o’clock. Normally I have three classes in the morning.

Then I have a lunch hour. During it I have a lunch with my college mates in our college’s cafeteria. For lunch I usually have a hamburger or cheeseburger with French fries and a soda. After lunch I usually have two more classes or gym training. I go in for sports and I play in the football team. When all the classes are over I go home.

We usually have dinner at six o’clock, and by that time all members of our family are at home already. After dinner I do my homework and when I’m done I watch TV-shows or search the Internet. I go to bed around 11 o’clock.


to jump out - выпрыгивать из постели (вскочить)

peanut butter - ореховое масло

a cafeteria -столовая

Answer the questions

1. Where does Derek live and study?

2. What does Derek do in the morning on weekdays?

3. What does Derek usually have for his breakfast?

4. How many classes does Derek have in his college?

5. Where does Derek have his lunch?

6. What does he do after lunch?

7. Where and when does Derek usually have dinner?

8. What does he do after the dinner?


Tamara’s weekday


My name is Tamara, I live in Astrakhan and I go to the Astrakhan College of Building and Economy.

I have classes 6 days a week so I have only one day off. My weekdays don’t differ much one from another.

My normal weekday starts very early in the morning because it takes me about forty minutes to get to my Institute, so I have to leave around seven forty in order not to be late for my classes which start at eight thirty.


The cold water makes me feel not so sleepy. Then I make my bed, get dressed, comb my hair, put a little make-up, have some breakfast and go to the bus stop. Normally I have 3 classes in the morning before lunch and one or two more classes after lunch. I have lunch in our Institute’s cafeteria or somewhere else.

When my classes are over I go straight home, but when I have a lot of homework to do and I need some additional information about something I go to the library then. I have dinner at home with my family.

After dinner I help my mother to get everything clean, and then I do my homework. My boyfriend usually comes up at eight. We watch TV-programs, listen to the music or go for a little work. I go to bed around ten or eleven.


to differ- различаться (отличаться)

sleepy - сонный

to comb one’s hair - расчесывать волосы

to put make up - наносить макияж

to get clean - убирать (чистить, мыть)

Answer the questions

1. Where does Tamara live and study?

2. How many days off does Tamara have?

3. What time does she wake up on weekdays?

4. What time do her classes start?

5. What does she do in the morning?

6. Where does Tamara usually have her lunch?

7. Where does Tamara go when her classes are over?

8. Where does she have her dinner?

9. What does she do after her dinner?

10. What time does Tamara go to bed?

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