ТОП 10:

Complete the second part of the dialogue with the words in the box.

confirmed ■ credit card ■ expiry date ■ name

RCan I have your___________, please?

G Yes, it's Dowling, Anita Dowling.

R Sorry, can you spell that, please?

G Yes, it's A-N-I-T-A, Dowling, D-O-W-L-I-N-G.

R OK. Can I take your details?

G It's a Visa card, number 4838 1867 3324 0089.

R Let me just check ... 4838 1867 3324 0089.

G That's right.

R And what's the_______?

G It's 09/05 - September 2005.

R OK, that's all for you, Ms Dowling.

We'll look forward to seeing you on 24th June.

G Thank you very much. Goodbye.



- Work in pairs. Read the telephone dialogues in
Exercises 2 and 4 aloud.

- Work in pairs. Read the reservation form
and role play a dialogue between a guest and
a receptionist.

Hotel Dubrovnik Customer reservations

Arrival date16 March

Departure date18 March

Room typesingle, non-smoking

Guest's nameTony Jamieson

Telephone no.(00 44) 020 8769 7883

E-mail addresstdjamieson@totalize.co.uk

Room ratesSingle 125
Double 150

Credit card details

Type of card

(Visa, Amex, etc.) Mastercard

Cardholder's nameMr T. Jamieson

Card number5432 6172 2351 9846

Expiry date11/04

II. Read the dialogue between the receptionist (R) and Mr. Brolin (B). Check your answers to Exercise 1.

To be learnt by heart

R Good evening.

B Good evening. My name is Lars Brolin.

R Welcome to London, Mr. Brolin. Do you have a


B Yes, I do.

R Let's see ... a single room for three nights?

B That's right.

R Can I see your passport, please?

B Yes, of course.

R Thank you ... Can you sign here, please?

B Sure.

R Here's your key. You're in room 415 on the fourth floor. Breakfast is from 7 a.m.

B Thanks. Oh, where's the swimming pool? I might have a swim later.

R It's in the basement. Would you like any help with your luggage?

B No, I'm fine, thanks.

R The lift is just over there, on your left. Enjoy your stay.


III. 1. Read the text and translate it into Russian.

At the hotel.


When you are through with the customs you go to the hotel. The desk-clerk will ask you to register. He will give you an arrival card which all guests are asked to fill in. The receptionist enters your name, nationality, and permanent address in the register.

When you are through with the formalities, you will get the key to your room. The guests are reminded to leave their keys at the desk when going out.

You will find rooms with and without bath, single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, cheap dormitory beds. At the hotel you may get various services. You can have your meals served in your room (it is room service that sees to it). All the hotels have a special laundry service for their guests. In the lobby there are a lot of offices: a booking-office, post and telegraph offices, an information desk. Besides there are a newsstand, a book-stall, a kiosk selling picture post cards and souvenirs.

In the same building there are also restaurants, bars, cafeterias, beauty parlours, gyms, indoor and outdoor swimming-pools.

Many hotels have such facilities as Internet access, baggage lockers, sauna, Satellite TV, Internet café and others. In top hotels all bedrooms are air conditioned with television and video-channel, hair-drier and minibar.

When you are ready to check out, you tell the desk-clerk to get your bill ready.

If you are travelling by car, you can get accommodation in a highway motel.

Retell the text.


Expression List on the topic “At the Restaurant”

To be learnt by heart


orange juice апельсиновый сок

grapefruit juice сок грейпфрута

porridge овсяная каша

cerealкукурузные хлопья

bacon and egg(s)яичница с беко­ном

ham and eggяичница с ветчиной

boiled eggвареное яйцо

scrambled egg(s)яичница-бол­тунья

toast тост, гренок

marmalade апельсинный или ли­монный конфитюр


Lunch and Dinner

starter закуска

salad салат

soup суп

clear soup бульон

vegetable soup овощной суп

chicken soup куриный бульон

the main course основное блюдо (второе)

roast beef (lamb)жареная говя­дина (баранина)


mutton chopбаранья отбивная

pork chopсвиная отбивная

fish and chipsрыба с жареным картофелем


fried (baked) potatoes жареный (печеный) картофель

mashed potatoes пюре

beans (peas) горошек (горох)

lettuce зеленый салат

cucumber огурец

tomato помидор

dessert (sweet) десерт, сладкое

apple tart (pie)яблочный торт


fruit salad фруктовый салат

iсe-cream мороженое

strong drinks- алкогольные напитки

wine вино

beer пиво

claret (сухое) красное вино

soft drinks –безалкогольные напитки

English tea чай с молоком

Russian tea чай с лимоном

pot of tea чайник чаю

bread and butter хлеб с маслом

cake пирожное, кекс

tea-shop чайная

snack-bar закусочная sandwich-bar бутербродная

At the Restaurant

Lesson 1

Before you read   1. Work in pairs. Decide which qualities you need for each of these jobs in a restaurant. Some qualities may match more than one job.   waiter ■ manager ■ chef   polite ■ be a good cook ■ creative ■ energetic friendly ■ be a leader Reading 2. Two customers, Paul and Ilona Martin, arrive at a restaurant. It's 8.30 p.m. Read the four dialogues (waiter=A, Paul=B, Ilona=C). Fill in the gaps with the phrases in the box. we'd like a ■ your table is ready ■ can I have ■ what name is it ■ Do you have ■ Would you like ■ Here's the menu ■ can I help you ■ so that's ■I'm sorry, we're fully booked 1 AHello, 1___________? СHi, yes,2 ____________ table for two. А 3_____________ a reservation? С No, we don't.     2 A 4 _______________ at the moment. But we have a cancellation at 9.00. В At 9.00. Yes, that's fine. A OK, 5_________________ , please? В Martin. A6 _____________smoking or non- smoking? С Non-smoking, please.     3 A Would you like a drink while you're waiting? В Yes, er...7_____________a beer, please? A And for you? С I'll have a sparkling mineral water. A OK,8______________a beer and a water.     4 A Excuse me,9_______________. This way, please ... Is this table all right for you? С This is fine. A 10____________, the specials are on the board. В Thank you. Vocabulary   3 Read the dialogues again. Underline the phrases that mean: 2.... until your table is ready 3.have you booked? 4.come with me 5.someone has said they are not coming 6.dishes which are only available today. 4 Who usually says these things? Write W (waiter) or С (customer). 5.Can I have your name?  6.We have a reservation for 9.00.  7.I have a cancellation for 8.30.  8.Would you like a drink?  9.Do you have a table for four?  6 Do you have a reservation?    Speaking 5 Work in pairs. Read the dialogues from Exercise 2 aloud. 6 Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue using the information below. Try to use phrases from Exercise 2. When you finish, change roles. Waiter It is 9.00 on Friday evening and your restaurant is fully booked. You have one table free at 9.30 due to a cancellation. Four customers arrive. One of them speaks first. 3Greet them and check if they have a reservation. 4Offer them a table at 9.30. 5Ask for a name. 6Offer them drinks. 7Tell them when the table is ready. 8Give them the menu and specials. Customer You are with three friends. It is 9.00 on Friday evening and you want to eat at this restaurant. You don't have a reservation. Most restaurants in town are fully booked. Speak first. -Greet the waiter and ask for a table for four. -Say you don't have a reservation. -Accept the offer of a table at 9.30. -Give your name to reserve the table. -Order drinks. ►Get real Work in groups. Use magazines or the Internet to find adverts for restaurants in your town. Create a ‘restaurant guide’.  


Lesson 2

Study the menu and order dinner (or dessert)


Закуски. A. Appetizers

фруктовый коктейль 1. fruit cup/fruit cocktail

томатный сок 2. tomato juice

креветочный коктейль 3. shrimp cocktail

куриные крылья 4. chicken wings

Салаты В. Salads

овощной салат 7. tossed salad/garden salad

греческий салат 8. Greek salad

шпинатовый салат 9. spinach salad

салат «Цезарь» 10. Caesar salad

салатный бар 11. salad bar

Основные/главные блюда С. Main Courses/Entrées

ростбиф 12. roast beef/prime rib

телячья котлета 13. veal cutlet

запеченая курица 14. baked chicken

жареная рыба 15. broiled fish

спагетти с фрикадельками 16. spaghetti and meatballs

Гарнир D. Side Dishes

печеный картофель 17. a baked potato

пюре 18. mashed potatoes

обжаренные картофельные стружки 19. french fries

рис 20. rice

лапша 21. noodles

овощи 22. mixed vegetables

Десерты Е. Dessert

шоколадный торт 23. chocolate cake

яблочный пирог 24. apple pie

желе 25. jelly

пудинг 26. pudding

мороженое 27. ice cream

Complete the open dialogue (see the vocabulary above). Work in pairs. Ordering dinner

A. May Itake your order?

B. Yes, please. For the appetizer I'd like the [1-6].

A. And what kind of salad would you like?

B. I'll have the [7-12].

A. And for the main course?

B. I'd like then [3-18], please.

A. What side dish would you like with that?

B. Hmm. I think I'll have [19-4]
Ordering dessert

A. Would you care for some dessert?

B. Yes. I'll have [25-29]/an [27].

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