Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct word. 

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Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct word.

a) We’re building/inventing a new warehouse.

b) Our company produces/provides technical support for LFB & Hovard.

c) This agency modules/designs shop interiors for big and small businesses.

d) Our department looks for new materials and technologies/properties we can use to illuminate buildings more sufficiently/economically.

e) I’m particularly involved/interested in job of a Senior Technician for MC New Product Development.

f) Most of the time I did machining and finishing. But at the end I was doing some quality control/analysis work as well.

g) I run/play important role in a small company called Lab2, which makes/simulates miniature cameras for medical applications.

h) We produce/create five models, and we are currently discovering/developing two new models for endoscopes.

i) His work contributes/involves a lot of market research as well as day-to-day administration/implementation.

As you have noticed the letter D (in the ABC-list for engineers, Activity 4) has been omitted? Produce some ideas of yours (on engineering specializations) for the letter D?

Read Part 2 of Text A, find out the difference between a mechanical engineer and a manufacturing one. What do they have in common?

Part 2.

Manufacturing means making things. Manufacturing engineers direct and coordinate the processes for making things – from the beginning to the end. As businesses try to make products better and at less cost, it turns to manufacturing engineers to find out how. Manufacturing engineers work with all aspects of manufacturing from production control to materials handling to automation. The assembly line is the domain of the manufacturing engineer. Machine vision and robotics are some of the more advanced technologies in the manufacturing engineer’s toolkit.

As a mechanical engineer, you might develop a bike lock or an aircraft carrier, a child’s toy or a hybrid car engine, a wheelchair or a sailboat – in other words, just about anything you can think of that involves a mechanical process, whether it’s a cool, cutting-edge product or a life-saving medical device. Mechanical engineers are often referred to as the general practitioners of the engineering profession, since they work in nearly every area of technology, from aerospace and automotive to computers and biotechnology.

Read the text and complete the gaps using the words in the box.

Available engineers process state production past liquid

The beginning of the manufacturing (1) … often involves creating prototypes or models of the desired object. In the (2) …, these prototypes were created from wood or clay (kind of like sculpting). Today rapid prototyping is the (3) … of the art. There are a number of types of rapid prototyping systems currently (4) …, but one of the coolest is called stereolithography. A computer-controlled laser shoots through a pool of liquid plastic and forms a solid plastic part which is literally pulled out of the (5) …. Manufacturing (6) … use rapid prototyping to reduce time to market for something new as well as reducing (7) … cost.

12. Read the first passage of Part 3 and decide if the following statements are True or False:

a) Nuclear engineers release the power of the atom.

b) They experiment with tiny natural bursts of energy.

c) The problems that a nuclear engineer faces are significantly limited.

d) Nuclear engineering offers a great number of career opportunities.

e) Every nuclear engineer is in charge of radiation measurements.

Part 3.

Nuclear engineers harness the power of the atom to benefit humankind. They search for efficient ways to capture and put to beneficial use those tiny natural bursts of energy resulting from sub-atomic particles that break apart molecules. As a nuclear engineer, you may be challenged by problems in consumer and industrial power, space exploration, water supply, food supply, environment and pollution, health, and transportation. Participation in these broad areas may carry you into many exciting and challenging careers. These may include interaction of radiation with matter, radiation measurements, radioisotope production and use, reactor engineering, and fusion reactors and materials.

Read Part 4 of Text A and answer the questions.

1) What does a petroleum engineer do? Do you think we can treat petroleum engineering as a sub-discipline of environmental engineering?

2) What are the positive and negative effects of engineering?

Part 4.

Petroleum engineers study the earth to find oil and gas reservoirs. They design oil wells, storage tanks, and transportation systems. They supervise the construction and operation of oil and gas fields. Petroleum engineers are researching new technologies to allow more oil and gas to be extracted from each well. They help supply the world's need for energy and chemical raw materials.

Everywhere you look you’ll see examples of engineering having a positive effect on everyday life. Cars are safer, sound systems deliver better acoustics, medical tests are more accurate, and computers and cell phones are a lot more fun!

Look through the whole text (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4) and decide what career opportunities are described by the following adjectives and why? Give reasons using the words from the previous exercise.









Match the words (1-7)to the definitions (a-g)

1. 1) suitable/appropriate a. a) the right solution for a particular situation
2. 2) reliable/consistent b. b) good enough for the intended function
3. 3) cost-effective/economical c. c) works quickly and well
4. 4) sufficient d. d) designed in a way that makes it difficult to be discovered/ secret
5. 5) efficient e. e) performs a function well
6. 6) effective f. f) makes the most of resources, isn’t wasteful
7. 7) stealth g. g) doesn’t break down, always performs in the same way

16. Make the following words negative by adding the prefixes in- or un-.

Adequate significant

Appropriate sufficient

Economical suitable

Effective visible

Efficient reliable

Write your own example sentences.

In pairs take turns to describe career opportunities (using the words and phrases from exercises above). Ask your partner to guess what it is.

EXAMPLE: This engineer develops/ researches/ controls …. His/her job involves …. I find it challenging/ significant … etc.

Discuss with your partner what career in engineering you consider to be the most beneficial one to the humankind. Make a short presentation to the class.

Read Text B (the blog) and complete the profile.

Text B

My name is Goran Braska and I live in Quebec, Canada. I’m Serbian and I’ve lived in Quebec for six years. I came to Canada to study Engineering. In my fourth year I got my Masters in Bio-medical Engineering, after doing a degree in Mechanical Engineering for three years.

I love my work. Right now, I’m working for a bio-medical company called Medtronic. I’m a Research and Development Technician and I’m developing new devices for artificial arms and legs. My ambition is to become the Head of R&D.

1. name  
2. nationality  
3. employer  
4. Current position  
5. responsibilities  
6. Qualifications  
7. Skills and competences  

Complete Text C with the words in brackets, using the correct tense form.

Text C

My name is Kevin Roddson. I’m a student and currently I ______________ (work) at a manufacturing company in Sheffield. The company ____________ (specialize) in robotics. Right now, we ___________ (develop) a new project with LED Mechanics. We _________ (start) our first series of trials in three months’ time. I normally __________ (spend) four days a week with my employer, and one day at a college. Most days I ________ (be) at work from 8.00 until 16.30, but on some days I _________ (stay) late in order to finish a job. At the moment I __________ (do) an apprenticeship in engineering. After I _____________ (complete) my apprenticeship in July, I ____________ (have) a short holiday.

Make compound nouns using the words in the box. There may be more than one possible answer.

Activity car degree description experience page plan qualification technician vitae responsibilities control requirements

a. Apprentice _____________

b. Blog __________________

c. Business _______________

d. Career _________________

e. Company _______________

f. Curriculum _____________

g. Engineering _____________

h. Job ____________________

i. Work __________________

j. Production ______________


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