Listen to the WEBcast and choose the right answer.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Listen to the WEBcast and choose the right answer.

Cardinal Pell wades into Victorian education debate

The controversy in the Victorian education system is about

A studying foreign languages

B the Australian system of education in general

C teaching   English

2. Cardinal Pell says that "critical literacy"

A is necessary

B is nonsense

C robs students of moral values

There was already anger in Victoria about

A reduction of the books which students must read

B increase of the English literature classes

C too many books which students have to read

4. The practice of "critical literacy" involves

A analytical skills

B skills necessary to write an advertisement or a piece of popular culture

C a new form of examination

Greg Houghton says it’s useful to be able

A to be able to advertise a product

B to analyze some of the advertising techniques

C to understand the contents of the book

He believes it is

A good for students to be able to understand the world where they live

B may be good for them

C of no use to interpret the world in which they live

Cardinal George Pell has attacked the practice because

A   that’s wrong to tell children that nothing is absolute

B of relatively poor knowledge it entails

C he believes there is no sense of studying relativist theory

He advocates

A studying the classical literature

B reading Shakespeare and The Great Gatsby

C studying classical ancient languages

Victoria’ s people are concerned that the English Language syllabus for the last year students

A is oversimplified

B lacks serious reading

C is too extensive

Dr Peter Holbrook from the University of Queensland

A is against increasing the number of classic books studied at high school

B is in favour of “critical literacy”

C supports cardinal Pell, but up to a point

Dr Holbrook holds an opinion that

A literature is a way to investigate moral and ethical questions

B literature is a kind of moral education,

C literary texts tend not to teach moral lessons

George Pell says the ideal English syllabus should be based on the works of

A the best Australian writers,

B the great British writers in the English language

C the great writers in the English language




Discuss and Write 2.5.

Choose one of the English Speaking countries and design a syllabys for a Country Study Class.

The curriculum provides 100 hours + 3 hours for examination. The group’s major consists of 10 undergraduates studying Fine Arts.



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