Is a traditional English breakfast a big meal or not? 

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Is a traditional English breakfast a big meal or not?

yes no it doesn't say in the text I don't know

What is marmalade made from?

all sorts of fruit vegetables orange meat

What do the British drink for breakfast?

tea coffee nothing both


Ukrainian cuisine is closely linked to the customs, culture and way of life of the Ukrainian people. It is famous for its diversityand quality of flavour.

The most popular Ukrainian dishis «borsch». This thick and delicious soup is prepared with a variety of ingredients including meat, mushrooms, beans, and even prunes.

Mushroom soups, bean and pea soups, soups with dumplingsand thick millet chowdersare also popular.

«Holubtsi», or stuffed cabbage, is another favourite dish, as are «varenyky» filled with potatoes, meat, cheese, sauerkraut,or berries such as blueberriesor cherries.

Varenyky are often mentioned in folk songs.

Ukrainians like dairy products. Some samples: cottage cheese pancakes, «riazhanka».

There are no holidays without pies, «pampushky», «baba», honey cakes.

Ukrainian sausage is very tasty.

Of course, every region of Ukraine has its own recipes and traditions.


Learning, earning and spending

Having a part-time job flipping hamburgers at Mc-Donald's for minimum wage is very different from having a career in the rapidly growing fast-food industry. Earned income Is primary source of funds for most young adults so they should think how they will earn their living and how that income will affect their lifestyle and spending choices. Those workers who choose to increase their human capital - their knowledge, skills and experience through education and training - come to the market with a great deal of power. Not only are they likely to earn more, but workers who possess a combination of skills and is relatively scarce will also be likely to have more flexible work schedules, interesting work or choice of type of work.

Wages are an indicator of relative scarcity in the labour market. A worker who brings a relatively scarce combination of skills to the market commands higher income and benefits. Though investing in one's human capital has significant costs and some economic risks, the increase in income, which it typically generates, directly affects an individual's nature standard of living.


- In what way are wages an indicator of relative scarcity in the labour market?

- How would changes in the supply of and demand for workers affect their relative scarcity and wages?

- Besides higher wages or salaries what other benefits might a worker who possesses relatively scarce skills be able to command?

- What does a person who gets more education and training refuse in order to develop his or her human capital?

- Why would someone choose to give up income and alternative uses of time in order to develop human capital?

- What risks are associated with the choice to invest in human capital?


- Think of a budget plan where we should include all the costs and incomes. To make it more visual we will draw a spidergram.

- Now it's time to start your group work. You will be divided groups. The task of each group is to complete a chart according to the wages paid for a particular job. You will be given percent of a monthly salary spent on every category of spends. Now the representative of each group will take a card with a profession and a monthly salary. Then you will get a card with the chart.


Category Percent of monthly salary Hryvny amount
Housing 30%  
Food 16%  
Clothing 6%  
Transportation 4%  
Health 5%  
Education 20%  
Miscellaneous 6%
Saving 3%  
Credit payments 10%  


Graffiti: art or vandalism

Mural is a picture or design on a wall or ceiling. Most murals decorate interiors of buildings, but some are used as exterior ornament. Most murals are public art. The mural is one of the oldest art forms. Prehistoric people decorated caves with murals of animals. Artists have used several techniques to create murals including frescos, oil paintings and mosaics.

Fresco is a painting made on damp plaster using pigments mixed with water. Fresco is the Italian word for "fresh", so it is watercolour painting on a wet wall.

Mosaics are designs composed of pieces of glass, stone or other material.

Scribble is something written in careless way.

Signature is a personal sign in a passport or document.

Graffiti is aerosol art, an important part of youth culture, has existed since the 1970s.


Ukrainian painting.

- What Ukrainian women painters do you know?

- What did they reveal on their canvases?

- Did they lead a successful and eventful life?


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