ТОП 10:

VIII. True or false. Correct wrong statements

1. Kyiv is located on the Dnister river.

2. Kyiv is an important industrial, scientific, educational and cultural centre of Western Europe.

3. There are such places of interest in Kyiv as St. Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gate and Big Ben.

4. Kyiv is the seat of the Verhovna Rada.

5. Kyiv is a political and administrative centre of Ukraine.

6. A lot of motorcycles, industrial machines, electric equipment, furniture and food products are produced by the Main Astronomical Observatory.

7. The city of Kyiv has a well-developed industry and agriculture.

8. According to the wide-spread legend Kyiv was founded by three brothers and their sister.

IX. Match the beginning and the end of the sentence

1. The monument to Prince Volodymyr

2. Many shops, restaurants, hotels, night clubs

3. A large part of Ukraine’s industrial goods

4. The institutions of higher education in Kyiv

5. One-half of the territory of Kyiv

6. The gold cupolas of the Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra


a. can be seen from outside the capital

b. allow young people to choose almost any line of study

c. can be found in Khreshchatyk

d. is occupied by parks and gardens

e. has become a symbol of the ancient

f. is produced by Kyiv’s plants and factor


X. Put 5 general, 5 alternative and 5 disjunctive questions to the text


Topic: The Town of Drohobych

Active Vocabulary:

At the foothills – у підніжжі

Origin – походження

Wide-spread – широко розповсюджений

A settlement – поселення

To be burnt down – бути спаленим

A centre of salt-mining – центр добування солі

A cone – конус

Coat-of-arms – герб

Oil processing – нафтопереробний

Wood working – деревообробний

Light and food industries – легка та харчова промисловості

A works – завод

To remind – нагадувати

A country-man – краянин

Picturesque– мальовничий

A nail – цвях

A masterpiece – шедевр

Wooden architecture – дерев’яна архітектура

To admire – захоплюватися

Cosy – затишний

Splendid – яскравий

Hospitable – гостинний

The Museum of Local Studies – краєзнавчий музей

Drohobych is a beautiful ancient Ukrainian town. It is situated at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. It is over 9 hundred years old.

We don’t know exactly the origin of the name Drohobych. But there are a few legends. The most wide-spread of them tells us that many centuries ago there was a settlement, Bych by name. It was burnt down by the Polovtsi. People built a new town on its site and called it Druhyi (another) Bych. Since the times of Kyiv Rus Drohobych was known as a centre of salt-mining. That’s why there are nine cones of salt on its coat-of-arms.

Today Drohobych is a large industrial centre of Precarpattia. Oil processing, chemical, engineering, wood working, light and food industries are developed in it. The largest plants are: salt works, a crane-truck works, a pit-drill works, two oil-refineries works.

Drohobych is an important cultural and educational centre of Ukraine. The town has a teacher’s training University, Oil-processing technical school, Mechanical – Technological, Medical and Statistics Colleges, a vocational school, two lyceums, two music schools, an art school, a sports school and a lot of general educational schools.

Many places in Drohobych remind us about our well-known country-men. The most outstanding of them are Yuri Kotermak and Ivan Franko. Yuri Kotermak (Yuri Drohobych) was a prominent scientist of the 15th century. He had two scientific degrees: a Doctor of Art and a Doctor of Medicine. In 1481-82 he was a rector of Bologna University.

Now there is a beautiful monument to Yuri Drohobych in his native town. It stands opposite the Catholic Church, surrounded by trees and flowers.

Ivan Franko, the great Ukrainian writer, went to classical school in Drohobych. Many places in the town are connected with his name. There is Ivan Franko Street, the monument to I. Franko, the Drohobych State Pedagogical University is named after this outstanding writer.

In Drohobych you сan also see monuments to T. Shevchenko, V. Stefanyk, A. Mitskevych, S. Bandera, the monument to the fighters for the freedom of Ukraine. Each of them stands either in a picturesque square or in a beautiful park.

In Drohobych you can find the Museum of Local Studies and a picture gallery. Theatre-goers can visit the Yuri Drohobych Music and Drama Theatre.

Drohobych is also famous for its St. Yura’s Church made of wood without a single nail. It is a masterpiece of wooden architecture.

All people who come to Drohobych on a visit admire wonderful buildings, cosy squares, splendid flower-beds, beautiful churches and hospitable people who live in this town.


Vocabulary exercises

I.Give the English equivalents for the following words and word combinations

· стародавнє місто

· гори Карпати

· з часів

· Прикарпаття

· важливий освітній центр

· видатний вчений

· навпроти

· оточений

· бути пов’язаним з

· борці за свободу

· кожен з них

· театрал

· без жодного цвяха

· квіткова клумба

· гостювати

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