Translate idioms, word-combinations, words: to snore, serene, to sniff, to weep, to wrinkle, to take a nap, to watch pennies, stingy, obstinately, to store up, tought.

To snore – хропіти

Serene – безтурботний, ясний, безхмарний; спокій.

To sniff – нюхати, сопіти, чмихати, шморгати

To weep – плакати

To wrinkle – морщитися, м’яти, насуплювати

To take a nap – подрімати

To watch every penny – трястися над кожною копійкою

Stingy – скупий

Obstinately – наполегливо, завзято, уперто.

To store up – накопичувати

Tought – навчав


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Speak and write about: Irving Show “Return to Kansas City”.


“Return to Kansas City” was published in The New York in 1939. The action takes place in Arline and Eddie’s flat. The author skillfully gives an atmosphere of a usual family scandal. There are quite a lot of small details which contributes to readers’ trust and make the story true to life. The story tells of Arline, the wife of Eddie a prizefighter who starts to nag him about going back to Kansas City to see her folks again. She complains because he sleeps so much and that she's lonesome. He tries to argue her out of going but she's insistent.

Shaw depicts a usual family row of husband and wife. There are two protagonists in the text. In their quarrel we can see the positions of the both, Arline and Eddie. The author manages to open their points of view and in this way he open the protagonists’ characters The images are shown indirectly, through their speech and actions. In this aspect author’s remarks are of great importance. One of their aims is to expose the characters.


Translate idioms, word-combinations, words: to be wide awake, to sigh, wearily, to squeeze, to conceal, to sneer, to be supposed to do smth, to snore, serene, to stir.

To be wide awake – бути бадьорим

To sigh – ахати, зітхати.

Wearily - стомлено

To squeeze – здавлювати, вичавлювати, протискуватися.

To conceal – приховувати, таїти

To sneer – глумливо посміхатися, насміхатися.

To be supposed to do smth – мати певні обов'язки

To snore – хропіти.

Serene - безтурботний, ясний, безхмарний; спокій.

To stir – ворушитися, розмішувати.


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· Speak and write about: Theodore Dreiser “Sister Carrie”.


Sister Carrie (1900) is a novel by Theodore Dreiser about a young country girl who moves to the big city where she starts realizing her own American Dream, first as a mistress to men that she perceives as superior, and later becoming a famous actress. It has been called the "greatest of all American urban novels."

Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie is perhaps the perfect example of American Naturalism. In it, a small-town Wisconsin girl, Carrie Meeber, moves to Chicago to live with her sister and brother-in-law. While on the train into the city, she meets a man named Charles Drouet, and this encounter (characterized by Carrie’s adoration of his fancy clothes and well-to-do appearance) will set in motion Carrie’s entire future. Carrie’s life is filled with example after example of good fortune and coincidence, so that, without taking any real agency of her own, she finds herself elevated from the lowest levels of society (once forced to work in the harshest of factory conditions) to the ranks of wealth and stardom, on Broadway. Concurrently, the life of her second lover, Hurstwood, begins to deteriorate as of the day he meets her. At the start, he is a powerful, charming, and accomplished business man. His wife and children are normal and healthy, although rather self-absorbed. Soon, the powers of fate and destiny converge on Hurstwood & Carrie – their lives are linked and their livelihoods inverted. Hurstwood falls tragically and cannot seem to find his way back, while Carrie rises ever higher, without ever putting in much effort of her own. But, though she ultimately achieves her dreams, she is never happy, never satisfied. She is lost in a world of “cosmopolitan morality,” where success is defined by things and where possessions are consumed at an ever-growing rate, in an attempt to fill an un-fillable void.


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