ТОП 10:

MS Access. Type Memo can store any type of object such as video clip, a picture or a word document

104. MS Access. Object of MS Access to enter and view data

105. MS Excel. Chart provides visual representations of the workbook data?

106. MS Excel is a spreadsheet?

107. MS Access. A flexible way of viewing and printing summary information

108. Power Point. To start the slide show from the first slide. What is the shortcut key?

109. Access. Data type is used to create a text field in which size of the values can vary widely

110. What is the folder?

111. With what device is possible to connect to the Internet?

112. Windows. What is the archiving?

113. Which software application is used for accessing sites or information on a network(Internet)?

114. MS Excel. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?

115. How to call the main menu?

116. MS Access. The attribute is...

117. Windows. Specify programs archives

118. MS Excel. How do you know a range is active?

119. Which of the following is Excel functions?

120. For what the RAM is intended?

121. With key Home it is possible to return the cursor to the beginning of a line

122. Where the current information at the switched-on computer is stored

123. The file name consists from

124. MS Excel. Which function would you use to find the largest number of a selected range?

125. MS Word. Portrait and Landscape are

126. Which ports connect special types of music instruments to sound cards ?

127. Types of printers:

128. Deleting a shortcut icon on your desktop will

129. F1, F2, F3, … F12 belong to..................

130. Internet Explorer is

131. Antivirus programs are:

132. The archiver is intended for

133. When does Windows put files in the Recycle Bin?

134. Command of archiving the file

135. Command of extraction the file from archive

136. Windows. Specify programs archives

137. MS Excel. Which of the following is a relative cell reference?

138. What device doesn't enter to the system unit?

139. What device is necessary to be connected to the Internet and to use services of e-mail?

140. How to cause the main menu?

141. MS Excel. To add two cells (A1 and A2) together you use the following

142. MS Access. A field uniquely identifies every record in a table is

143. MS Access. Type Currency can store any type of object such as video clip, a picture or a word document

144. MS Access. Filtering means

145. MS Excel. Chart provides visual representations of the workbook data?

146. Recycle bin is intended for

147. What is the permanent memory built into your computer called ?

148. Integrated circuits are the element base of

149. Excel. Formulas in a cell start with

150. A volatile memory is

151. The scanner is output device of computer

152. The scanner is output device of computer

153. Transistors are the element base of first generation of computers

154. RAM and ROM are the primary memory

155. Computer can work without operating system

156. Basis of a binary numeral system

157. Basis of an octal numeral system

158. Basis of a hexacademical numeral system

159. What of devices belongs to peripherals of the personal computer?

160. What of devices is intended for input of information:

161. Columns in MS Access table are called cells

162. What device is located in the COMPUTER system unit?

163. We use two digits in binary system,1 and 0.

164. In computers ,what is the smallest and basic unit of information storage?

165. Windows. The command "copy" is executed through…

166. External memory of the computer

167. The scanner is…

168. The modem is…

169. The concepts "laser", "matrix", "inkjet" belong

170. Show a storage device:

171. Windows OS. The operation "Sellect All" is carried out by a key combination…

172. MS Excel. An example of a range address

173. Maximal symbols in file name_____

174. The element base of 1 generation of computers

175. The element base of 2 generation of computers

176. The element base of 3 generation of computers

177. The element base of 4 generation of computers

178. Information technology includes

179. Computer consists of ______________ and ___________

180. Computer consists of ______________ and ___________

181. Objectivity of information - ...

182. Accessibility (availability) of information -

183. Accessibility (availability) of information -

184. The value of information - ...

185. A local area network (LAN) would be used mostly for

186. The functions of an information system are performed by

187. The function =AVERAGE(A6:A8) is the equivalent of the formula:

188. The traditional method of organizing information systems is

189. Phrase - rapid application development abbreviated written as

190. Formatting for a floppy disk refers to –

191. The collecting, transmitting and processing information about the object:

192. In computer terminology, information means –

193. World Wide Web - the Internet is a service designed to:

194. The first core of the Linux operating system was created:

195. Unix operating system was developed:

196. Do hardware automated database does not include:

197. Information has a number of stages:

198. What is Data Base?

199. Information technology includes

200. Information technology includes

201. Uniform Data System, organized according to certain rules which provide for the general principles of description, storage and processing of data

202. 8-bit binary number

203. The software provides a graphical interface for interactive data discovery, viewing and data networking

204. Currently, the most widely distributed database management system

205. Internal corporate network built on Internet-technologies is called:

206. What are the two broad categories of software?

Information system - is

208. For information resources include:

209. Show social net

210. Microsoft PowerPoint two kind of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are

211. Windows Word is an example of

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