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The Square of the Fallen Fighters



The Square of the Fallen Fighters is the central square of Volgograd which is surrounded by numerous sights: The Central Post-office, hotels “Intourist” and “Volgograd”, and the Drama Theatre (the New Experimental Theatre). The monument in memory of the fallen defenders of the city was erected here with the eternal flame by it.

The Monument to Alexander Nevsky

In front of the Drama Theatre you can see the monument to Alexander Nevsky who is considered to be a saint protector of Volgograd. The monument to Alexander Nevsky was erected on the 24th of February, 2007 in front of the theatre. Nevsky is considered to be a saint protector of Volgograd.

THE Hotel “Volgograd”

The hotel “Volgograd” was built in 1890 by a merchant Voronin. It was called “Capital Rooms” and was of three floors. During the Great Patriotic War it was ruined and then newly rebuilt in 1955.


The Drama Theatre

Opposite the hotel “Intourist” the building of the Drama Theatre is situated, with the New Experimental Theatre in it. It was built by a merchant Repnikov in 1915. At first it was Tsaritsyn House of Arts and Science. The library and Tsaritsyn Museum were here. Then the Drama Theatre occupied this building. It was ruined during the war but was rebuilt in 1952. After Stalingrad Battle, the building was fully restored with all former decorations (the author of the restoration was architect N.B. Kurennoy). In the Soviet period there was Gorky Drama Theatre here. In 1989 the New Experimental Theatre found its seat here. The theatre presents a modern stage. The Art director and producer of the theatre is Otar Ivanovich Djanguisherashvilli, the People’s Artist of Russia.

The Brothers’ Grave

Between the hotels “Volgograd” and “Intourist” there is the Brothers’ Grave to the defenders of the city in 1919. A 6 m high obelisk was constructed on this place. In 1942 about 100 fighters, defenders of Stalingrad were buried here. And in 1957 a new black-and-red granite 26 m high obelisk was erected on the grave. The Eternal Fire is here since 1963. Every half an hour a sad melody sounds in memory of the defenders of the city. Since 1966 one can see the change of the guard here. The best schoolboys and schoolgirls stand here on guard duty at the Post No.1 at the Eternal Flame.

The Grave of Three Fighters

Not far from the Eternal Fire there is an international grave of three fighters. They defended Stalingrad from the fascists: Spaniard Ruben Ruis Ibarruri, Russian Vladimir Kamenschikov and Tartar Hafis Fatjahuddinov.

THE Poplar-tree

On the Square of the Fallen Fighters you can see the Poplar-tree. It survived during the Battle of Stalingrad. It is the only tree left after Stalingrad Battle. That`s why it is covered with war scars. In 1975 a granite plate was put here. There are such words on it: “The nature-historical monument. This poplar-tree brought its life through the Great Battle”.

Pavlov House


Pavlov House became the name of a building during the Battle of Stalingrad from 1942 to 1943. It gained its popular name from Sergeant Yacov Pavlov, who commanded the battalion of 24 soldiers that successfully defended the building from enemy’s attacks for 58 days. In 1965, at the wall of the house facing Lenin Square a memorial wall was erected in honour of the heroic deed of Stalingrad defenders. Pavlov House became a symbol of the stubborn struggle of the Soviet Union in the Battle of Stalingrad, and in the Great Patriotic War on the whole.

Volgograd Tram

The first tram line in Tsaritsyn was constructed in 1915. It ran from the centre of the city to the end of the city (now it is the place, where Krasnooktyabrskiy district is). In 60 years (1975) the tram line was reconstructed because of new buildings in the northern part of the city.

Nowadays the tram system consists of 22 stations. Volgograd is a difficult city to drive in because of the heavy traffic. That is why people often use trams. Volgograd tram is famous for its not ordinal underground tram line where only three stations are: Komsomolskaya, Lenin Square and Pionerskaya.



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