Choose the correct answer according to the text.

1. How many districts are there in Volgograd?

a) 9 b) 8 c) 7


2. What is the name of Volgograd’s sputnik-town?

a) Volzhskiy b) Kamyshin c) Mikhailovka


3. What is Volgograd rich in?

a) iron b) oil c) sights


4. Why do tourists like to visit Volgograd?

a) due to the plenty of b) due to the plenty of c) due to the plenty

theatres and museums night clubs of fruit and vegetables

and the Volga beach

5. Where do most of volgograders live?

a) in their own houses b) in blocks of flats c) in hotels

6. What is Volgograd tram famous for?

a) for not ordinary b) for the beauty of c) the tram line

underground tram line the tram line is very old

7. How many stations does the underground tram line in Volgograd have?

a) 4 b) 5 c) 3

8. What is the name of the main football team in Volgograd?

a) Tractor b) Rotor c) Spartak

Read the text “Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad-Volgograd” again and fill in the gaps.

1. The city ______________: Tractorozavodskiy, Krasnooctyabrskiy, Centralnyi, Voroshilovskiy, Sovetskiy, Dzerzhinskiy, Kirovskiy and Krasnoarmeyskiy.


2. It is _________ Volgograd Region.


3. It is rich in sights such as the Fallen _________ Square, the Planetarium, the _______ Experimental _________, the Central ___________ Store, the Central Embankment, the Museum-Panorama __________________ and others.


4. Volgograd attracts ______________, especially in spring and summer ______ the plenty of fruit and vegetables and _________ the Volga beach.


5. Most of volgograders live _______________.


6. Volgograd is a difficult city __________ because of the heavy traffic.


7. That is why people often use ___________: buses, trolleybuses and minibuses.


8. Volgograd tram is famous for its ___________________________where only three stations are: Komsomolskaya, Lenin Square and Pionerskaya.


9. There are also lots of restaurants and cafes where you can try __________.


10. There are a lot of sport grounds and stadiums where you can not only play football but ________________.


11. Football matches are held in the ________________.


Give Russian equivalents to the sentences.

1. More than four hundred years Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad-Volgograd has been standing on the bank of the Volga.

2. Before the German invasion Stalingrad was a major centre of industry in the country.

3. The city has stretched over 90 km along the right bank of the Volga.

4. Volgograders enjoy going to the cinemas and theatres.

5. Volgograd has its own football team called Rotor.

6. Volgograd has the fame of a student city.


Give English equivalents to the sentences.

1. Это город с высотными зданиями, школами, институтами, университетами, театрами и музеями.

2. Некоторые из них живут в своих собственных домах.

3. В Волгограде есть много государственных и частных высших учебных заведений.

4. В последние несколько лет город стал красивее, благодаря золотым куполам восстановленных и заново построенных церквей.

5. Тысячи болельщиков Ротора не пропускают матчи своей любимой команды.

6. Отдавая дань прошлому, Волгоград смотрит в будущее.




Read the text “Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad-Volgograd” again. Make your plan of the retelling. Using your plan retell the text shortly.



UNIT IV. Revision



Give information about Volgograd. Work in pairs.

1. Do many tourists visit Volgograd? When do they usually come?

2. Are there any important tourist attractions in the city?

3. Name interesting places of the city of Volgograd.

An interesting museum ____________

A famous street ____________

A beautiful square ____________

A famous bridge ____________

A good art gallery ____________

An old church ____________

A large department store ____________

A popular hotel ____________

4. Name three main tourist attractions of Volgograd.


Work in pairs. You are a volgograder and you meet your friend from another city who wants to know Volgograd better. Make a dialogue.



Read the letter and complete it with the words from the box.

atmosphere beach city festival museums population river streets tourist weather


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