The Ford Nucleon sans tail fins

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The Ford Nucleon sans tail fins

Ford never produced a working prototype, nevertheless the Nucleon remains an icon of the Atomic Age. In spite of the Nucleon's flaws, its designers deserve a nod for their slapdash ingenuity. Their reckless optimism demonstrates that one shouldn't consider a task impossible just because nobody has tried it yet– some ideas need to be debunked on their own merit. With today's looming energy crisis and slow migration to alternative fuel sources, we may not have seen the last of the atomic automobile concept. A safe atomic vehicle may not be entirely beyond our reach, as the US Navy has demonstrated with its perfect record of nuclear safety. Perhaps one day fossil fuels will wither under the radioactive glare of the mighty atom, and our highways will hum with the steam turbines of mobile Chernobyls. It could be a real blast.

Written by Alan Bellows on August 27th, 2006 at 10:52 pm





The new Bentley TURBO R. British elegance that confirms the immense, power waiting to be released. The most refined automotive technology. The world’s finest sporting car, sleek and streamlined, safe and quiet, comfortable and ele­gant and yet so powerful. Delivering the most exiting driving experience in lux­urious surroundings.

The new proportions of the classic radiator shell combined with a restyled air dam to streamline the front, while the integrated bumpers and colour coded sills continue the smooth line around to the rear balance.

By adding new and larger 17-inch road wheels with specially designed directional tyres TURBO R gains a noticeable improvement in performance and responsiveness. While Brooklyn's with its new 16-inch road wheels and low profile tyres enjoys improved handling, performance and above all comfort.

Ever since the 1920s when W.O. Bentley first produced a series of rnotor cars which swept the board of Le Mans, the Bentley marque has stood for engineering innovation, always striving to provide their owners with the maximum driving pleasure. The mighty 6.75 litre V8 Bentley engine delivers real exhilaration.

Still assembled by hand to tolerances of tenth thousandth of an inch, these finely balanced engines harness the most advanced electronic management and control systems.

The new adaptive shift control system for turnover arms changes the trans­mission panel to the style of driving and allows a maximum extraction of Bentley power and sporting exhilaration.

To enjoy such performance in luxurious surroundings is the unique Bentley experience and the subtlest cockpit now sports some thoughtful innovations. A tilt adjustable steering wheel swings up to allow easy entry and exit when the door is opened or the key removed from the ignition.

The new centre console and the fascia layout present the driver with absolute control. A new centre armrest now houses the CD multichanger as well as the telephone. New veneer panels reveal the new in-car entertainment controls. The new centre console also provides independent air conditioning to the rear com­partment. A new seat design has improved comfort and support, while provid­ing increased head room.

So many Bentley engineering advances have contributed to safer driving
throughout the history of motoring. Safety derived through immense power and
reserve for safer overtaking. Side impact protection bars pioneered by the com­pany in 1981. Antilock braking systems perfectly suit the Bentley's high performance.

The most sensitive adaptive ride control that monitors the acceleration, braking and cornering style every one hundredth of a second to ensure the car is kept stable and responsive. Full-sized driver and passenger airbags are neatly housed in the immaculate interior. The driver information panel is still one of the most sophisticated such instrument outside the world of aviation.

And the dual level air conditioning system designed to maintain driver alert­ness and concentration through carefully balanced temperature controls, allow­ing cooler air to flow at head level, with warmer stream soothing the feet as they rest on Wilton carpets and lamb wool rugs. The commanding driving position supported by the new ergonomically designed seats gives the Bentley's driver the safest control. This combination of safety and powerful elegance, this fu­sion of thrusting exhilaration with traditional luxury is the very latest develop­ment in the pursuit of Bentley's sporting excellence .To own the new Bentley is to appreciate the ultimate driving experience.


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