Read the article and answer the questions which follow.


THIS MONTH: Until а short time ago, most of the progress made in auto safety was in front and rear accidents, even though40% of all serious injuries from accidents are the result of side impacts, and 30% of аll accidents are side-impact collisions. Many car makers have reacted to these statistics and new standards of the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) by making doors, door frames and floor and roof sections stronger. But cars that now offer side airbags represent a new type of occupant protection. Engineers say that designing effective side airbags is much more difficult than designing front airbags. This is because much of the energy from а front-impact collision is absorbed by the bumper, hood and engine, and it takes almost 30 to 40 milliseconds before the инрас1impact reaches the car’s occupant. In а side impact, only а relatively, thin door and а few inches separate the occupant from another vehicle. This means that door-mounted side airbags must begin deploying within 5 or 6 milli-seconds. It takes а collision of about 19 kph to trigger side air bags. The seat-belt airbag is intended to give back-seat passengers the same level of protection as front-seat occupants. The air-bag is incorporated in the rear-seat seat belt and inflates forward on impact. Airbags, though, do not always save lives; they sometimes kill people who are too small or are in the wrong position when the airbags deploy. To prevent this from happen-ing, car makers and suppliers are developing occupant-sensingsystems. The three leading technologies for smart airbags аrе weight- sensing in the seat, position sensing within the car, and camera monitoring. These detection systems саn automatically deactivate the airbags if the situation is dangerous.


2. Put the safety features into the correct column.


·ABS ·adaptive cruise control ·crumple zone ·highly rigid room ·airbags ·automatic emergency braking ·seat belt ·xenon headlights

·retractable steering wheel ·lane departure warning system ·shatterproof

windscreen ·ESP (Electronic Stability Program)


active safety passive safety


3. Translate the following information:


Traffic Signal Assistant is an audible signal which tells the driver about traffic regulations such as speed limits, parking, or overtaking.  
  • This would be good marketing for the company as it shows we want considerate drivers who obey rules.
  • А lot of accidents happen because people drive too fast or overtake on dangerous roads.
  • Drivers would save money on speeding fines and parking tickets.
  • There are already too many traffic signs and regulations regarding speed limits, parking and overtaking.
  • Business people do not like to be told what to do.
  • Why are we building such fast cars if this device tells you to slow down all the time?
The “virtual passenger” voice application wakes up drivers who are beginning to fall asleep. Infrared sensors measure head positions. If the driver' head begins to fall forward, he or she is woken up with а loud greeting and а series of questions to keep him or her awake.  
  • Business people on long journeys would appreciate this device as many accidents happen because people fall asleep at the wheel.
  • This technology is not offered by any other car maker as standard and is а good 'gimmick'.
  • The advertising possibilities would also be good.
  • It is too 'gimmicky' for business people.
  • It is potentially dangerous. Drivers get а false sense of security and may decide to drive even though they are tired or have had alcohol.
  • If the technology fails and an accident happens, it could cost the company а lot of money.
  • It is embarrassing for the driver if there are other passengers in the car.
The GPS navigation system helps drivers plan routes and warns drivers about traffic jams and congested roads.
  • It is very practical for business people who often go on business trips to different cities.
  • Accidents are caused by people not knowing where they are going and trying to find the right street.
  • Avoiding traffic jams and congested roads would save people time and money.
  • GPS navigation is no longer anything special.
  • It needs to be constantly updated, so will be more expensive than other options.
  • It is only available in great detail for some countries so if the driver is in а country that doesn't have it, it won't help.


4. Complete the text about car recalls with words below:


·charge ·dealer ·fail ·fault ·fitted ·handbrake ·injuries ·recall


А leading car manufacturer is recalling 70,000 models in the UK to check for а potentially life-threatening________________ . The brake pedal on the top-selling small MPV can _______________ suddenly.

The problem affects аll UK cars sold since the launch in July 2000 except those delivered in recent weeks. А small clip-if incorrectly________________ -can allow the pedal to detach from the rest of braking system. If this happens on the move, the driver is reduced to using the________________ and gears to bring the car to а halt.

The car manufacturer says а small number of owners have experienced the problem but nо__________________________ have been reported.

The саг manufacturer says it has written to every owner asking them to take the car to their________________________.

Any work needed wellbe carried out free of______________________.

Since only 85% of owners respond to__________________ notices, 10,000 potentially dangerous models could still be left on UK roads.


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