Read the presentation by a car designer and put the six extracts in the correct order.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Read the presentation by a car designer and put the six extracts in the correct order.


C 1 2 3 3 4 5 6


we also produce а clay model, which has а ratio of 1:4. If it is approved, а 1:1 model is made and presented to а concept clinic. If there are no knock-out factors, the concept goes to а product clinic so that marketing factors can be finalized.



product planning, marketing, and design come together. Product planning asks 'What could it be?', marketing asks 'Who is it for?', and design asks 'What does it look like?' I should maybe mention at this point that many cars are not really new, but are successors to, or derivatives of, existing models. The design of earlier models naturally needs to be taken into account.



taking you through the stages of the design process. There are five phases, which take about three years in total.



comes series development. The final design is specified. Several prototypes are handmade and tested in various climatic conditions and on different road surfaces.



is the pre-series phase where the production process and components from suppliers are tried out. А final marketing clinic is carried out to confirm price and market positioning. Then, if everything runs smoothly, there is а design and change freeze. The final phase is series production.


we have the concept phase where even more people are involved. We need to know what technology will be developed or adapted, which production plant and production processes are necessary, and, finally, financial details such as volume and production costs.


Are the following sentences about the presentation true of false?


  1. The process of designing а car generally takes three years.
  2. Styling only comes into the process when other important decisions have been made.
  3. It is necessary to know quite early on in the process which production plant will be used.
  4. The number of cars which will be built has по effect on the cost of the final product.
  5. The car goes to а product clinic before it goes to а concept clinic.
  6. The first model is made of wood.


Match the design vocabulary on the left with the correct definition on the right.


  1. successor
  1. the last model
  1. derivative
  1. limited number of handmade cars with the necessary equipment and technology inside
  1. concept car
  1. the next model
  1. predecessor
  1. а limited number of cars built on an assembly line to test tooling and parts
  1. design freeze
  1. а variation of the basic model
  1. prototype
  1. the stage where no more design changes are possible
  1. pre-series car
  1. а car built to show people what the future car will look like (it may have no technology inside)


Unit 5


The future of the automobile industry


Read the text about the car of the future. Which of the technical features described are already present in cars today and which still have to be developed? Make a list.


The car of the future


It is а cold winter morning but your саг is waiting for you, warm and comfortable, at exactly the temperature you like. You open the door by pressing your finger against the 1ock and your car greets you with a friendly ‘Hi, how are you?’ sit down and the computer reminds you of your schedule. You start the car.

You now have a joystick, steering-by-wire, braking-by-wire. The old mechanical parts of the past are gone. As you back out of your driveway, warning sensors warn you about objects and pedestrians in your way. Using voice commands you programme your route, check your emails and dictate answers, ask for local and international news, look up phone numbers, and plау music.

The саr а1sо lоoks after your health. Sensors in your seat and armrest tell you your weight and blood pressure, while sensors in the dashboard notice if you are drowsy and vibrate the joystick to wake you. Many of thе oldworries associated with driving, are gone. Traffic jams don't happen any more because your car automatically avoids crowded roads. Collision avoidance sensors present accidents.

Speeding tickets are also а thing of the past - sensors pick up signals from traffic signs and automatically adjust your speed or stop your car. And breaking down is no longer а problem. Your car diagnoses any potential faults or worn parts and worns you and the service station. When you arrive at the service station, the spare parts are а1ready waiting for you. Your car can even park itself. Just stop at any parking space (your car knows, of course, if parking is permitted here) and operate the automatic parklng system. The car scans the size and shape of the available space and then reverses in.


2. Are the following sentences about the text true or false?


1.You'll still need а key to open the car door.

2.You'll по longer have а steering wheel.

3.Sensors in the dashboard will measure your blood pressure.

4.You won't be able to fall asleep while driving.

5.You won't need to read traffic signs anymore.

6.You’ll still need good parking skills.


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