C. Supply suitable infinitive forms for the verbs given in brackets.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


C. Supply suitable infinitive forms for the verbs given in brackets.

Model: Let’s buy Japaneese radios. (buy)


1. He made me _________ the mess. (to clear up)

2. We thought that we had better ______ to allocate all resources in a proper way. (to try)

3. Mary would sooner _____ than _____ him for another penny. (to starve, to ask)

4. “What makes you ______ that someone from the local community ought to go up and give us an opinion of the environment issues?”(to think)

5. Sally is sure there’s nobody in the world she would rather _____ with or ______ greater respect for. (to work, to have)

6. You had better ________ the way of life, Peter. (to change)

7. Do let’s ____ somewhere a little more forward-looking! Or I would rather ______! (to go, to die)

8. Let us _____ the standards of local markets (to meet)

9. What made you _____ that their requirements were reasonable? (to think)

10. I watched the Committee __________ the US budget. (to present)

11. They saw Parliament members _______ Supply Estimates (to approve)

12. Mr. Brown had the secretary ______ him the proposal for the submitting. (to bring)

13. Let us ________ the interest payments on the national debt. (to consider)

D. Rewrite these sentences in the passive voice.


1. He made me repeat the instructions. I __________________________ .

2. He saw the passer-by begin to cross the road. The passer-by_________________ .

3. The Chief Executive Officer reluctantly let me go on a leave. I_______ ___________________________.

4. We must send him an Autumn Statement in October. He _________________ .

5. I advised him to ask for a sketchy report of the government’s intentions. He _____________ .

6. The bank robbers made the cashier show them how to open the safe. The cashier _______________________________________________ .

7. She saw the visitor fill in the application form. The visitor _________ .

8. The police made him sign a paper admitting his offence against the regulations. He ___________________________________________ .

9. They let us read the details of the plans and the aims of government expenditure in an annual White Paper. We _____________________ .


e. Complete the sentences using an object +to-infinitive after the verbs.


Model 1: Take out an all-risks policy. My partner advised me to take out an all-risks policy .

1. She informed us that the form of the political system is very closely tied to the economic system of the country. You told ________________________ .

2. We work hard. Our instructor taught _________________________ .

3. International society theory focuses on the shared norms and values of states and how they regulate international relations. This theory offers ____________________.

4. The head of the department wants to send tentative revenues for a specific period of time. His experts advised ______ .

5. Citizens can’t take more than a specified amount of money with them when they travel abroad. The government forbids ___________ .

6.Doreen’s score is high and she will go to Green Coats, one of the principle schools in London. Her high score entitles _____________.

7. We have allocated the planned public expenditure to Central government, to local authorities, to nationalized industries and other public corporations. They acknowledged ______________________ .


Model 2: People know that he is an expert in risk analysis. People know him to be an expert in risk analysis.

1. The scrutiny discovered (that) the figures were false. ____________________ .

2. Mr. Roberts imagines that the proposals haven’t been discussed yet. ____________________________ .

3. They believe that all their manufacturing goods are demanded. ____________________________ .

4. He found that the news concerning the budget was too discouraging. ________________________ .

5. Everybody knows that Budget Report usually presented in March after the expenditure estimates. _________________________ .

6. He discovered that the Public Expenditure Survey had been sent. _______________________ .

7. She pretended that she knew next to nothing about a White Paper. _______________________ .

8. They hope that their discussion will be successful. ______________________ .

Model 3: He claims that he is an expert in work study surveys. He claims himself to be an expert in work study surveys.

1. I expect that I will hear from a local authority soon. _______________ .

2. He claimed that his department had reduced the expenses. __________ .

3. I arranged that I should do the scrutiny. _______________________ .

4. Their representatives threatened that they would perform a spot check. ________.

5.We consider that we are experienced enough to meet the special requirements. ___________________________________________.

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