Read the advertisement and answer the questions as quickly as possible. 

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Read the advertisement and answer the questions as quickly as possible.


MARKETING MANAGER (SOUTH AMERICA) for a Leading International Pharmaceutical Company   Salary:$80-95,000 + car+ full medical insurance Are you hard-working, ambitious, and dynamic? Do you enjoy challenge? We are looking for a qualified doctorwith sales and marketing experience to be responsible for the promotion of our range of antibiotics in South America.   The position is based ib Sao Paolo (Brazil).   Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish Experience: At least three years in medicine + five years in the industry   Apply to: Ms Joy Gilbert Personal Department AVRC P.O. Box 2435 London W1AA 6WW


a) What is the job?

b) What is the salary?

c) Where is the job?

d) What is the name of the company?

e) What kind of company is it?

f) What qualities is the company looking for?


2. What other information do you think Luis needs before he decides whether to apply for a job? With a partner, make a list.



Complete the paragraph using the words below.


short list post/position apply

offer CV (resume) application

interview application candidate



Luis decides to _______ for the job. He has to sent his ________ and a letter of _______ to the address given in the _______. If he is a good _______, he will be put on a _______ and invited for an _______. If he is successful, they will _______ him the _______.



With a partner prepare a job advertisement for one of the jobs below. Your advertisement must include: the salary, the age and type of person you want, and anything else you decide is important.


1. mining engineers to work in gold mines in South Africa

2. young people to work as tour guides in South-East Asia

3. a salesperson for a company manufacturing office equipment.



Write the scheme of a job interview for an interviewer. Begin like this:

1. Greet the applicant and introduce yourself.

2. Try to make the applicant feel at his/her ease.

3. Ask questions about the applicant`s job experience, etc.

Writing Business Letters

Correspondence is an essential part of business. In fact most telephoned and telegraphed communications have to be confirmed in writing.

Every letter no matter what kind it is should be laconic, precise, to the point and positive.

Letters are written on various occasions and on various subject matters. Many business letters are connected with establishing business relations, doing business and various different questions.

“GOLDEN RULES” for writing letters and memos:

1. Give your letter a heading; it will help the reader to see at glance what you are writing about.

2. Decide what you are going to say before you start to write. In other words always try to plan ahead.

3. Use short sentences.

4. Put each separate idea in a separate paragraph.

5. Use short words that everyone can understand.

6. Think about your reader. Your reader …

· must be able to see exactly what you mean:

your letters should be CLEAR

· must be given all the necessary information:

your letters should be COMPLETE

· is likely to be a busy person with no time to waste:

your letters should be CONCISE

· must be addressed in a sincere, polite tone:

your letters should be CORTEOUS

· may get a bad impression if there are mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling:

your letters should be CORRECT.

The usual layout for the official business letter is known as the blocked style. In this style all new lines of typing are ranged to the left including paragraph openings and the concluding salutation. There is no punctuation in the address and the greetings. The same style is followed on the envelope.

This streamline style is considered to be efficient, modern and is designed to save the typist time.

Business letters are usually quite formal. The different parts of them are listed below.

Business letter format.


Brighter Office Supplies Limited 13 Mill Street Harlow Essex CM20 2JR

Telephone Harlow 26721______1

Telex 81259

Ms A. Meiners

Simple Stationers Ltd__________________________________________2

15 Mowbray Road

LondonNW6 5EJ 23 May 1991__________3


Your ref: AM/SN_____________________________________________4

Our ref: SY/JB


Dear Ms Meiners,_____________________________________________5

  Thank you for your letter of 18 May. Our current catalogue is enclosed as you requested, but I am afraid our price list is unavailable at the moment as it is being reprinted. However, I shall send you one as soon as they are available.   Thank you for your interest in the company. We look forward to doing business with your in the future.  

Yours sincerely, _____________________________________________6

Simon Young _____________________________________________7

Simon Young________________________________________________8

Sales assistance ______________________________________________9


Enc 1 ______________________________________________________10



  The company logo (a special design or symbol used by a company to identify itself and its products)and letterhead (that is, the company name and address)
  Reader’s name and address
  The date
  The subject of the letter
  The opening salutation
  The closing salutation
  The signature
  The writer’s name
  The writers job title


Pay attention on the opening salutation and signature block:


          Reader’s name and address Opening Salutation Closing salutation Simple Stationers Ltd 15 Mowbray Road LondonNW6 5EJ   Dear Sirs,     Yours faithfully, Sales Manager Simple Stationers Ltd 15 Mowbray Road LondonNW6 5EJ Dear Sir, Dear Sir or Madam,   Yours faithfully,   Ms A. Meiners Simple Stationers Ltd 15 Mowbray Road LondonNW6 5EJ     Dear Ms Meiners     Yours sincerely,

6. Put the address, names and dates in these two letters:

a) Mrs E Lant 31 Ilford Road London SW1 2XJ e) Sales Department London Goods Ltd 12 Martindale Road London SE5 6BA   i) 16th October 1991
b) Mrs Lant, f) London Goods Ltd 12 Martindale Road London SE5 6BA j) 21st October 1991
c) E Lant (Mrs) g) Sirs, k) faithfully,
d) 31 Ilford Road London SW1 2XJ h) Philip Gallagher Sales Manager l) sincerely,



  2 3   Dear 4   I saw your advertisement in the Daily Sun and I would be grateful if you would send me a copy of your catalogue.   Yours 5         8 9   Dear 10   Thank you for your letter of 16th October. I enclose our catalogue as requested.   Yours 11      

Writing memos:

Memo ( short of memorandum ) a short official note to another person in the same company or organization.

______________________________________________ A V R C _____


To:Joy Gilbert (Personal Officer) From:Alan Green(Personal Manager) Date:24 June Re: Marketing Manager (South America)
When you look at the applications for the Marketing Manager job we advertisedthis week, please can you make notes on these questions:   1) Where do they live? (We need someone local) 2) How old are they? (Sorry, but I don’t want anyone over forty). 3) Do they have the right sort of work experience? 4) What does their wife or husband do? (Can they move quickly?) 5) Why do they want to change job? 6) What are they like, in your opinion?   We’ll look at the applicants together tomorrow.



You are Joy Gilbert, Personal Officer of AVRC. Read the Luis’s letter of application and answer the questions in your manager’s memo.



Luis Antonio de Oliveira 53, rua Maria Angelica 22464 Rio de Janeiro Brazil Joy Gilbert A V R С P.O. Box 2435 London W1AA 6WW   Attn: Joy Gilbert 22 June 199x   Ref. Advertisement Sunday Times Dear Ms Gilbert,   I am writing in response to your advertisement for a Marketing Manager in last week’s Sunday Times. I am 39 years old, Brazilian, with a medical degree from the University of Sao Paolo, and an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles. I qualified a medical doctor in 1982 and graduated from U.C.L.A. in 1988. I speak fluent English and Portuguese, and have a good knowledge of Spanish. I have worked for Medilab here in Rio since 1992. I am in charge of clinical trials for new antibiotics. I have experience of the pharmaceutical industry with Schering Plough, where I spent two years, and Merck (eighteen months). Before I started my two-year MBA course (1986-1988), I worked in Peru for medical charity. I am keen to find a position which combines my experience of marketing and medicine, and I would particularly like to work with an international company. I got married in 1991 and we now have two children, but we are happy to move overseas. My wife works as a nurse, so she can move easily. I am hard-working, independent, and enjoy a challenge. I can provide full references if necessary. Please find enclosed my resume.   Yours truly Luis Antonio de Oliveira Luis Antonio de Oliveira  


8.Writing: Write a letter of application. You do not need to be truthful in this letter of application, but may use your imagination.

Writing a CV (or a resume)

A resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a detailed record of personal accomplishments. It presents briefly what the person has achieved in education, job experience, special honors, publications, and includes professional activities (such as conferences attended), personal information, and perhaps even outstanding achievements in the person’s area of special interests or hobbies. A CV may be short – no more than two pages, but preferably one (then it is often called a resume). It may be long – up to 20 pages and even more – and then it is always called a CV. A CV begins with personal details (name, date of birth, marital status, and contact information). Sometimes after that career objectives are written and time of availability is noted (i.e., when the applicant can start the new job). Next, the person may describe his/her education and work (or professional experience.). In this section everything is usually written in reverse chronological order: the last educational institution you attended or the last place you were employed are indicated first, while your first educational institution or your first place of employment are listed last. The information about education should include degrees held, honors received, and qualifications gained. Employment information should describe responsibilities and make clear what professional skills you have, including specific responsibilities. The employment information may be followed by information on other skills, such as computer skills or fluency in a foreign language. The next item is information about your interests and hobbies. It gives your perspective employers some idea of your intellectual scope and physical fitness (if you included sport interests).

At the end, references are usually cited.

An example of CV can be seen lower.



RESUME Personal Details: Name:Kamil Ashugara Date of birth:April 1, 1980 Citizenship (Nationality):Bacardia Marital status:Married, one child (daughter) Address:15 King Geprg St., Lucia 45325 Bacardia Telephone:8030-333-3333 Available:April 1, 2000 Career objective:Full-time position as an accountant with a large commercial firm Professional experience: 2002 to present Lucia Enterprises Ltd. Part-time accountant. Responsible for doing accounting jobs for the company and its small business clients. Summer 2000 and 2001 Two-month training period with Lucia Enterprises Ltd. Trainee accountant. 1999 (January-December) Shop assistant at the Lucia University bookstore.   Education: 2003-2004 Advanced training program in using computers for accounting purposes. Certificate from Lucia Computer Skills Training Centre. 1997-2002 Lucia University. MBA in Finance and Accounting Studies. Additional Skills: IMB PC user: MS Office; Windows 97, 98; Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, proficient Internet user. Fluent in English and German, good working knowledge of Spanish. Driver’s license (car).   Interests: Hiking and running, amateur painting References (besides the enclosed): Theodore Masagi Bill Kurosava Professor of Finance Accountant Lucia University Lucia Enterprises Ltd

9. Speaking.

Look at Luis’s СV. Do you think he has written a good CV? Are there any things you would like to change?


Say what you know about Luis Antonio judging by his CV.


Personal Details: Name:Luis Antonio DE OLIVERA Date of Birth:April 11, 1961 Place of Birth:Santa Rosa, Brazil Nationality:Brazilian Address:53, rua Marea Angelica, 22461 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Telephone:8030-333-3333 Marital status:Married, two children (aged … and …) Married 1991 Employment history: 1992 to present Medilab, Rio de Janeiro. Responsible for Clinical Trials (Antibiotics). 1990-92 Merck, Buenos Aires. Assistant Marketing Manager. 1982-86 Medicins San Frontieres, Peru. Project Manager, Vaccination Pograms. Education: 1986-88 U.C.L.A., …. USA Masters in Business Administration. (Major: Sales and Marketing) 1975-82 Medical school. Graduated 1983 cum laude. 1969-74 Vasko da Gama High School, Sao Paolo. Interests: Astronomy, entomology, football.   Clean Driving license  


Write a CV. You do not need to be truthful in this CV, but may use your imagination. Make sure the information in your CV and application letter match!


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