Знайдіть українські еквіваленти наступних слів та словосполучень з тексту.

It is recommended, be fully serviced, weekly, the level of the oil,the coolant level , bulbs are blown, perfectly fine, the brake fluid level, the power steering fluid,heater hoses,change the engine oil,the suspension , leaky shock absorbers, loose parts,the muffler and exhaust system. , ignition timing,brake lining,check cap seal,adjusted correctly.


Exercise 2.

Знайдіть англійські еквіваленти наступних слів та словосполучень з тексту.

Робити рутинну перевірку, це захистить, простій транспорту, повинно бути зроблене, перед тим як завести, тиск у шинах, задні фари, паски безпеки, впевніться, працюють ідеально, система виходу газів, запасне колесо, видалити іржу, лезо двірника; замінити , якщо необхідно.


Exercise 3

Сумуйте інформацію тексту ,заповнивши наступну таблицю.


  What must be checked
weekly the level of t the level of the oil,
every 6 month the engine oil,
annualy the air filter
every 2 years  


Практичне заняття № 61,62

Text A Replacing a battery


Most new batteries last around 5 years. Factors including climate, over and under charging can impact on the life of a battery. In most cases, if a battery is over four or five years old, it should be replaced.

Auto mechanics and service facilities will install batteries, but it can also be done by you quickly and it would be less expensive.

The procedure for replacing a battery is very simple if certain details and safety rules are followed:

Disconnect the negative battery cable, then disconnect the positive cable.

Remove the metal clamp that holds the battery in the battery tray.

If rust is found in the bottom of the tray, wash with plain water and let the tray dry before installing the battery.

After drying, put the new battery into the tray and attach the metal clamps to secure the battery. These metal clamps should also be checked for rust or corrosion.

Before re-attaching the battery cables, make sure that the insides of the cable connectors are free from rust or corrosion. If there is rust or corrosion present, use a thick paste of household baking soda and water to scrub the insides of the cable Spray cable ends once every six months to guard against corrosion.

Make sure cable wires are not frayed to insure a safe connection.

Re-attach positive and then negative cables to the posts and then tighten until it is firm, but not too tight.



Active vocabulary

1. impact дія

2. install встановлювати

4. safety rules правила безпеки

5. metal clamp металевий затиск

6. plain water звичайна вода

7. the battery tray піддон аккумулятора

8. to dry сушити

9. to attach прикріплювати

10. to secure закріплювати

11. household домогосподарство

12. baking soda харчова сода

13. to scrub чистити

14. to guard захищати

15. to fray протиратися


Exercise 1.

Знайдіть англійські еквіваленти наступних слів та словосполучень з тексту.

Включаючи клімат, в більшості випадків, зручності сервісу, менш дорого, заміна батареї, роз'єднати, який тримає, дно піддона, перед тим як установити, слід перевірити на іржу,після того як висохне, зсередини, кожні шість місяців, безпечне з'єднання, затягнути.



Exercise 2

Знайдіть речення з наступними словами у тексті та перекладіть їх.

very simple, remove, to secure the battery,spray cable ends ,tighten .


Exercise 3

Складіть словосполучення з наступними дієсловами( словосполучень може бути декілька):

to include, to install, to replace, to check, to disconnect, to remove, to dry


Exercise 4

З’єднайте колонку А з колонкою B, щоб отримати правильні речення.


1. These metal clamps a) it should be replaced.

2.Remove the metal clamp b)before installing the battery.

3. If a battery is over four or five years old, c) that holds the battery in the

battery tray.

4. let the tray dry d) should also be checked

for rust or corrosion.


Crammar exercise

Exercise 5

Поставьте спеціальні та загальні запитання до наступних речень.

1.The procedure for replacing a battery is very simple.

2.Мetal clamps should also be checked for rust or corrosion.

3.A mechanic removed the metal clamp that holds the battery in the battery tray.

4. A driver washes the tray with plain water and let dry.


Speech exercises


Exercise 6.

Дайте відповіді на запитання ,опираючись на інформацію тексту.

1. What is service life of the battery ?

2. Where can we replace the battery?

3. What can you do if rust is found?

4. What is the last step in installing new battery?



Exercise 7.

Перекладіть з української на англійську мову використовуючи вивчену лексику курсу та дотримуючись правил граматики.



1. Акумулятор , який працює більше 5 років треба замінити.

2. Ви можете замінити акумулятор на станції техобслуговування.

3. Помийте простою водою дно піддона акумулятора та нехай висохне.

4.Щоб захистити від корозії металічні затискачі, обробляйте їх раз в шість місяців .

5.Водій не вірно прикріпив металічні затискачі .

6.Металічний затискач тримає акумулятор у піддоні.



Text B Why Won't My Car Start?

Do I need a jump start? Dead battery? Bad starter? Stuck key?



If you turn your car key and get nothing, or get anything less than an engine roaring to life, you might be in for a bad day. Starting problems can be very frustrating because there are so many things under the hood that can keep a car from starting. In order to troubleshoot a no-start problem, you need to start at the beginning of the line, the battery, and work your way back. Some tests for a no-start problem are simple, others are a pain in the neck and a technical nightmare. Nonetheless, you need to figure out why the car won't start, so we'll try to help. If your key won't turn in the ignition, try this fix.

Electrical No-Start Problems

Check Your Fuses: Few cars have a fuse associated with the starting system, but before you go monkeying around with everything, check your fuses to be sure it's not that simple.

Battery Corrosion: Over time your battery connections can become dirty, or corroded. This corrosion breaks the connection your battery has with the rest of the car, and it won't start. Try cleaning your battery posts and try to start the car again.

Dead Battery: The most common reason your car won't start is a dead battery. If you have a battery tester that can measure cranking amps, test your battery to see if it's weak. If you can't test it yourself, you can test the battery indirectly by jump-starting the car. If it starts right away, your problem is most likely a dead battery. Replace the battery, and clean the battery connections to ensure good contact

Bad Igntion Switch: If your battery checks out, but the starter is still silent, it may be a faulty ignition switch. Turn the key to the on position (not all the way to start). If the red warning lights on your dash don't light up (and your battery connections are clean), the ignition switch is bad. If they do light up, turn the key to the start position. The dash warning lights should turn off at this key position (most cars). If you're not sure, turn on the headlights. When you try to start the car, the lights should either dim (a lot) or turn off completely. If they do, your ignition switch should be ok. If not, the switch will need replacement.

Bad Starter Connection: Corrosion can not only keep your battery from connecting, it can affect any electrical component, especially the ones exposed to the elements like the starter. If you have a helper, you can test the connection by holding a circuit tester lead on the wire that engages the starter. This is the smaller of the two wires connected to the starter. Be sure no part of your body is near the moving parts of the engine - it could still start at any time! Have a friend turn the key and check the current. If you're getting current to the starter but it ain't spinning, it needs replacement.


Практичне заняття № 63,64

Text AAn alternative fuel vehicle

An alternative fuel vehicle is a vehicle that runs on a fuel other than "traditional" petroleum fuels (petrol or diesel); and also refers to any technology of powering an engine that does not involve solely petroleum (e.g. electric car, hybrid electric vehicles, solar powered). Because of a combination of factors, such as environmental concerns, high oil prices and the potential for peak oil, development of cleaner alternative fuels and advanced power systems for vehicles has become a high priority for many governments and vehicle manufacturers around the world.

Other research and development efforts in alternative forms of power focus on developing all-electric and fuel cell vehicles, and even the stored energy of compressed air.

The air engine is an emission-free piston engine that uses compressed air as a source of energy. The first compressed air car was invented by a French engineer named Guy Nègre. The expansion of compressed air may be used to drive the pistons in a modified piston engine. Air must be compressed in advance and be cooled to -100 C .The amount of such air is enough for 4 hours to move with speed 50-60 km/h

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs), also known as all-electric vehicles (AEVs), are electric vehicles whose main energy storage is in the chemical energy of batteries. BEVs are the most common form of what is defined by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as zero emission vehicle (ZEV) because they produce no tailpipe emissions at the point of operation.

A hydrogen car is an automobile which uses hydrogen as its primary source of power for locomotion. These cars generally use the hydrogen in one of two methods: combustion or fuel-cell conversion. In combustion, the hydrogen is "burned" in engines in fundamentally the same method as traditional gasoline cars. In fuel-cell conversion, the hydrogen is turned into electricity through fuel cells which then powers electric motors.

A solar car is an electric vehicle powered by solar energy obtained from solar panels on the car. Solar panels cannot currently be used to directly supply a car with a suitable amount of power at this time, but they can be used to extend the range of electric vehicles.



Active vocabulary

1. to run on працювати на

2. to refer відноситься

3. solely petroleum тільки нафта

4. solar power сонячна енергія

5. environmental concerns екологічні турботи

6. advanced передовий

7. a high priority високий приорітет

8. fuel cell vehicle засіб пересування з камерою для палива

9. store зберігати

10. emission-free piston engine поршневий двигун без вибросів

11. expansion розширення

12. a modified piston модифікований поршень

13. main energy storage зберігання головної енергії

14. tailpipe emissions виділення вихлопної труби

15. locomotion пересування

16. fuel-cell conversion

17. obtained одержаний

18. a suitable amount of power потрібна кількість енергії




Vocabulary exercises

Exercise 1.

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