Presentation of a Company (Organization)

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Presentation of a Company (Organization)

Company in Facts and Figures

1) Try to describe the company. The scheme can help you (Постарайтесь описать компанию. Схема поможет вам):

1. I work in … .

2. It is an independent company. / It is a subsidiary of … .

3. The company was founded in … .

4. We employ … specialists.

5. Its main activity (-ies) is (are) … ./ It specializes in … .

6. Our customers are … .

7. The head office is situated in … .

8. It has … subsidiary (subsidiaries, branches) in … .

9. The company has … warehouses.

10. Our turnover is … .

11. The annual growth is … .

12. Our motto is … .


2) Listening. Look at the table. Here are some facts about “Crown”, where Michael Green works as a sales manager. Listen to the information about this firm and find the right facts:


Activity a. producing soft drinks b. producing and selling soft drinks
Degree of Independence a. an independent company b. a dependent company
Location of the Head Office a. in Toronto, Canada b. in the USA
Branches a. 13 b. 2
Warehouses a. 200 b. 2,000
Employees a. 15,000 b. 50, 000
Director General a. Mr. Green b. Mr. Turner
Annual Sales a. $ 900 million b. $9 million
Annual Profit a. $ 481 million b. $418 million
Annual Growth a. 13% b. 30%
Motto a. “A healthy and refreshing drink of best quality” b. “Never stop at what has been achieved”


3) Match the synonymous words:


1. branch a. customers
2. production b. annual turnover
3. clients c. subsidiary
4. annual sales d. manufacture


Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the words from the table:

1. Its activity is soft drinks … .

2. McDonald’s is one of their … .

3. The … of the company is 900 million dollars.

4. The company has a … in Russia.


4) Translate the short description of the firms:

Welcome, New Member

1. corporate

Alsim Alarko Sanayi Tesisleri ve Ticaret A.S. Engin Colpan, Area Manager

Tel: 203-6097 Fax: 956-1522

Alarko Group is one of the largest industrial, contracting and trading firms in Turkey, employing 6,450. Alsim Alarko is an engineering and contracting company within the Alarko Group and has been active in the Soviet/Russian market for 10 years. Among its projects are Pushkin Plaza Shopping and Business Center and a copper rod factory in Moscow, Ashgabat International airport, and, currently, a children's oncological hospital and business center at Marksistskaya 16 in Moscow and three airports in Uzbekistan.


2. artlog inc.

Shan McAdoo, Director of Business

Tel: 978-921-0348 Fax: 978-356-9371

ArtLog is a software development company working with Russian software developers in Russia to develop software for the worldwide market.


3. center of international business

assistance ELTA

Elena Mashkova, General Director

Tel: 928-9036, 921-4250 Fax: 923-8669

Since 1993 Center Elta has designed a comprehensive package of professional services for businesses in Russia, including company formation, assistance with procurement, consulting in law and taxation, tax planning, Russian accounting and audit, translation and notarization of documents.


4. clearwater

Eric Withers, Director

Tel: 234-3232 Fax: 956-9878

ClearWater, the first company in Russia to bottle purified drinking water for home and office delivery in 19-liter bottles, is now in its sixth year of operations in the Russian market. The first company in Russia to become a member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), ClearWater uses the latest technology at its purification and bottling plant to ensure consistent purity and meet Russian regulatory and IBWA standards. Deliveries are free of charge, by regular schedule, to homes and offices in Moscow and the surrounding area.


5. computer support services

Frank Gardner, Project Manager

Tel: 258-6707 Fax: 258-6709

Computer Support Services specializes in turnkey networks, system integration and onsite support and maintenance. Founded in 1984 in the Republic of Ireland, CSS has over 10 years experience in Russia and was registered as a Russian company in 1994. CSS offers a comprehensive range of one-stop IT services, including onsite support with a four- hour replacement of critical network components. CSS provides highest-quality cabling systems on time and to specification. The company focuses on products from HP, Compaq, AST, Novell, Microsoft, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Cisco Systems, Bay Networks and 3Com, and is a Lucent Technologies Systimax Partner.


6. duralan entertainment

Glen Moorhead, Director

Tel: 931-9000, ext. 2923 Fax: 931-9076

Duralan Entertainment, which owns the Dome Cinema at the Renaissance Hotel, specializes in cinema exhibition and video retail.



J. Kirk Rector, President

Tel: 203-2216, 395-5425 Fax: 203-2216

The Holodynamics Association is a non-profit Russian organization affiliated with the Holodynamics Association of the United States, headed by V. Vernon Woolf, Ph.D. at Kealekekua Bay, Hawaii, which coordinates seminar and training worldwide in Jungian and transpersonal psychology. Holodynamics courses are offered in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other CIS cities to develop participants' personal potential, group productivity and corporate synergy. The association also offers training in sales, marketing, negotiations, conflict resolution, time management, goal setting, leadership, corporate strategy and crisis management.


8. IEPCcorp.

Ron Flores, President

Tel: 714-840-4443 Fax: 714-840-4443

IEPC recruits engineers and programmers and brings engineering and programming work to Russia.


9. inspace corporation

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