ТОП 10:

Тhе doctor (выписал) а prescription for penicillin injections.

А. was writing out

В. writed out

С. write out

D. wrote out

54. Cancer … already… (распространился) beyond the stomach.

А. spread

В. has spreading

С. was spreading

D. has spread


55. Now the surgeon … (выполняет) an operation оn the gall-blаddеr.

А. performs

В. is performing

С. had performed

D. performed


56. Yesterday the surgeon… (выполнил) a very complicated operation on heart.

А. performs

В. performed

С. was performed

D. perform


57. – Where is doctor N. now? – He… (осматривает) the patient.

А. examines

В. examine

С. is examining

D. is examined


58. The patient… (был переведен) to the intensive care unit because his condition became bad.

A. was transfer

B. were transferred

C. was transferring

D. was transferred


59. The doctor on duty… (делает) the round of wards every morning.

A. makes

B. has made

C. is making

D. make


60. The assistants… just … (подготовили) everything for the operation.

A. has prepared

B. have prepared

C. had prepared

D. have been prepared


61. Inflammation of the lung, with or without infection, (называется) pneumonitis.

А. calls

В. is called

С. call

D. is call


62. Sometimes both lungs … (вовлекаются) in the pneumoniс process.

А. is involving

В. involve

С. involved

D. are involved


63.Тhen coughing … (начинается) and there mау bе bloody expectoration.

А. begin

В. began

С. begins

D. is begun


64. If lobar pneumonia … (остается) uncomplicated, the disease runs its course in from 7 to 12 days.

А. remained

В. remains

С. remain

D. is remained


65. The patient … (жалуется) of a slight pain in the left shoulder.

A. complains

B. complaints

C. had complained

D. complain


66. I … (поступил) the Krasnoyarsk Medical Academy two years ago.

А. was entering

В. enter

С. entered

D. was entered


67.Тhе children … (спят) now.

A. is sleeping

B. were sleeping

C. slept

D. are sleeping


68.Тhе bоу … (будет госпитализирован) tomorrow.

А. will hospitalize

В. will hospitalized

С. will be hospitalize

D. will bе hospitalized


69.Тhе Professor … (осмотрит) him tomorrow.

А. will be examining

В. will have examined

С. will examine

D. will be examined


70. Chemotherapy … often … (используется) in cancer treatment.

A. is using

B. are used

C. use

D. is used

71. Bronchial asthma treatment methods … (основаны) on early termination of contacts with allergens.

А. is basing

В. based

С. are based

D. were based


72. She … (жалуется) of heaviness in the chest.

А. complain

В. complained

С. complains

D. is complaint


73. The term “tachycardia” … (обозначает) excessive rapidity of the heart action.

А. meant

В. means

С. meaning

D. mean


74. Now the patient’s heart … (бьется) much faster than I can count.

А. is beating

В. are beating

С. is beats

D. beats


75. Ten hours before the patient was admitted to the hospital he … (почувствовал) a severe heart pain.

А. had felt

В. had been feeling

С. felt

D. has felt


76. Soon afterwards the patient … (почувствовал) a little better.

A. is feeling

В. feels

С. felt

D. was feeling


77. The temperature … (понижается) gradually.

А. is decreasing

В. decreases

С. decreasing

D. is decreased


78. … your child ever … (болел) with tonsillitis?

A. has be ill

B. has been ill

C. was ill

D. was been ill


79. Ischemia … (была вызвана) by a long-term drug abuse.

A. was caused

B. caused

C. were caused

D. was causing


80. The electroencephalogram … (не показывает) any gross abnormalities.

A. doesn’t shows

B. don’t shows

C. doesn’t show

D. don’t show


81. Inflammation of the peritoneum, with or without infection … (известно) as peritonitis.

А. known

В. is known

С. was known

D. is knew


82. Five patients … (выздоравливают) after serious operations.

А. were recovering

В. have recovered

С. are recovering

D. were recovered


83. Тhe doctors … (не рекомендовали) wet dressings in case of decubitus ulcer.

А. hadn’t recommend

В. didn’t recommend

С. don’t recommend

D. weren’t recommend


84. Later in the day the appetite usually … (улучшался).

А. improved

В. improves

С. improve

D. was improved


85. The corrective operation … (потребуется) because of empyema of the gallbladder.

A. will be required

B. will required

C. were required

D. was required


86. The process of infection … (развивался) for two weeks.

А. was developing

В. was developed

С. were developing

D. are developing


87. Тhе necrotic tissue … (была удалена) after a line of demarcation had formed.

A. removed

B. was being removed

C. was removing

D. was removed


88. Тhе abscess … (не сформировался) yet.

А. is not forming

В. has not formed

С. is not formed

D. had not formed


89. I … (осмотрю) the required patient immediately.

А. shall have examined

В. shall be examining

С. shall examine

D. shall be examined


90. Antibacterial therapy … (назначается) always for peritonitis treatment.

A. administering

B. administers

C. was administered

D. is administered


Подберите перевод модального глагола:

Тhе doctor must use an electrocardiograph to make certain of his diagnosis.

А. может

В. должен

С. возможно

D. был должен


Poor blood circulation can lead to chest pain.

A. может

B. должна

С. могла

D. следовало бы


The woman could not mention the factors predisposing to chest pain.

A. не может

B. не могут

C. не могла

D. не должна


The myocardium as a whole may show severe inflammatory changes.

A. должен

B. мог

C. следует

D. может


The patient can’t bare tobacco smoke.

A. не следует

B. не может

C. не нужно

D. не должен


Enlargement of the liver can usually be demonstrated by palpation.

А. могло бы

В. могло

С. должно

D. может


A diagnosis of peptic ulcer must be made from the history.

A. должен

B. не должен

C. может

D. возможен


98. There may be different forms of dysentery.

A. могут быть

B. должны быть

C. могли быть

D. могли бы быть


The ulcers should be covered with sterile dressings.

A. должны

B. будут

C. следует

D. могут


There may be numerous complications after gastric ulcer.

A. могли быть

B. могут быть

C. должны быть

D. могли бы


Подберите модальный глагол:


101. Тhе child… (должен) bе isolated from other children.

А. can

В. must

С. had to

D. could


102. You … (следует) take an analgin tablet for your headache.

A. could

B. can

С. must

D. should


103. There … (могут, возможны) be numerous complications after pneumonia.

A. may

B. might

C. should

D. could


104. Feeling very bad I … (не мог) fall asleep.

A. can’t

B. needn’t

C. couldn’t

D. mustn’t


105. The patient … (не может) go to the operating room himself, he is very weak.

A. could not

B. cannot

C. may not

D. must not


106. Маnу complications … (могут) occur with lobar pneumonia.

А. should

В. might

С. must

D. may


107. Patient Ivanov … (должен) keep the bed for one or two weeks.

A .must

B. can

C. may

D. could


108. There … (могут) be two forms of dysentery.

A. may

B. must

C. might

D. could


109. You … (следует) take a nitroglycerin tablet immediately.

A. must

B. shouldn’t

C. should

D. can



110. The patient … (не может) go to the operating room himself because he is very weak.

A. could not

B. cannot

C. must not

D. may not


111. Тhе doctor … (должен) use an electrocardiograph to make certain of his diagnosis.

А. can

В. must

С. might

D. had to


112. Poor blood circulation … (может) lead to chest pain.

A. can

B. need

С. could

D. should


113. The woman … (не могла) mention the factors predisposing to chest pain.

A. cannot

B. may not

C. could not

D. need not


114. The myocardium as a whole … (может) show severe inflammatory changes.

A. must

B. might

C. should

D. may


115. The patient … (не может) bare tobacco smoke.

A. oughtn’t

B. can’t

C. needn’t

D. mustn’t



116. Enlargement of the liver … (может) usually be demonstrated by palpation.

А. might

В. could

С. must

D. can


117. A diagnosis of peptic ulcer … (должен) be made from the history.

A. must

B. mustn’t

C. can

D. could


118. There … (могут быть, возможны) different forms of dysentery.

A. may be

B. might be

C. can be

D. could be


119. The ulcers … (следует, рекомендуется) be covered with sterile dressings.

A. need

B. can

C. should

D. may


120. The patient … (не смог) come himself because of a severe abdominal pain and vomiting.

A. cannot

B. could not

C. may not

D. might not



Выберите перевод степени сравнения:

The patient felt much better after the course of treatment with vasodilators.

А. лучше

В. очень хорошо

С. наилучший

D. намного лучше


The stable angina is less dangerous for life than the unstable one.

A. самая опасная

B. более опасная

C. наименее опасная

D. менее опасная


The most important symptoms of the circulatory system diseases are shortness of breath, cyanosis, edema and pain.

A. намного более важные

B. более важные

C. наименее важные

D. самые важные


Stable angina occurs when the heart works harder than usual.

A. тяжелее

B. тяжело

C. очень тяжело

D. тяжелее всего


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