ТОП 10:

Often in case of myocarditis the heart rate is the quickest when the exertion is first begun.

A. быстрая

B. самая быстрая

C. быстрее

D. наименее быстрая


126. Functional indigestion is more common than any form of organic indigestion.

A. менее распространенный

B. самый распространенный

C. более распространенный

D. намного более распространенный


It is usually difficult to diagnose a disease at its earliest stage.

A. наименее ранняя

B. более ранняя

C. самая ранняя

D. самая поздняя


Stained smears will be more useful if the ulcer is of bacterial origin.

A. более полезные

B. очень полезные

C. наименее полезные

D. самые полезные


The doctor remarked that this pain was always worse at night.

A. сильная

B. сильнее

C. намного сильнее

D. самая сильная


The palpation of an enlarged liver usually presents the least difficulty to the examiner.

A. меньше

B. наименьшая

C. маленькая

D. наибольшая


Выберите нужный вариант степени сравнения:


131. Call for an ambulance if hе feels … (хуже).

А. better

В. badly

С. worst

D. worse


132. The doctors must be … (более ответственными) for their work than the people of other professions.

A. responsible

B. more responsible

C. less responsible

D. most responsible


133. … (самое опасное) complication of appendicitis is rupture of the appendix and peritonitis.

A. one of dangerous

B. more dangerous

C. very dangerous

D. the most dangerous

134. You must come to the lecture… (раньше) than usually.

A. earlier

B. more early

C. earliest

D. early


135. The fever became… (выше) with every hour.

A. high

B. highest


D. more high


136. Lobar pneumonia is … (чаще) in the months from December until May.

A. less frequent

B. most frequent

C. more frequent

D. much more frequent


137. It is … (самая большая) hospital in our town.

A. more big

B. bigger

C. the biggest

D. very big


138. The examination in Histology is … (самый трудный) in the second year.

A. more difficult

B. difficult

C. the difficultest

D.the most difficult


139. The doctor remarked that this wheeziness was always … (сильнее) at the beginning of each week.

A. worse

B. the worst

C. better

D. very bad


140. … (сильнейший) attack of asthma had occurred during June.

A. worse

B. the worst

C. the bad

D. very bad


141. The patient felt … (намного лучше) after the course of treatment with vasodilators.

А. much better

В. much worse

С. much the best

D. much more better


142. The stable angina is … (менее опасная) for life than the unstable one.

A. the most dangerous

B. more dangerous

C. the least dangerous

D. less dangerous


143. … (Самые важные) symptoms of the circulatory system diseases are shortness of breath, cyanosis, edema and pain.

A. very important

B. more important

C. less important

D. the most important


144. Stable angina occurs when the heart works … (сильнее) than usual.

A. harder

B. hardly

C. more hard

D. hardest


145. Often in case of myocarditis the heart rate is … (самая быстрая) when the exertion is first begun.

A. much quicker

B. the quickest

C. quicker

D. the most quick


146. Functional indigestion is … (труднее) than any form of organic indigestion.

A. much difficult

B. the most difficult

C. more difficult

D. the difficultest


147. It is usually difficult to diagnose a disease at its … (самая ранняя) stage.

A. more early

B. earlier

C. earliest

D. most early


148. Stained smears will be … (более полезные) if the ulcer is of bacterial origin.

A. more useful

B. the more useful

C. the most useful

D. very useful


149. The doctor remarked that this pain was always … (сильнее) at night.

A. worst

B. worse

C. much worse

D. very bad


150. The palpation of an enlarged liver usually presents … (наименьшая) difficulty to the examiner.

A. the less

B. the least

C. little

D. littlest



Подберите нужный перевод причастия:

The blood clot forming over the plaque may completely block thе blood vessel.

А. формировался

В. формировавшийся

С. формирующийся

D. сформированный


Dyspnea and discomfort in the chest always develop in the presence of an enlarged left ventricle.

А. увеличенный

В. увеличился

С. увеличивающий

D. увеличивавший


The arterial blood coming from the lungs by two pulmonary veins enters the left atrium

A. поступившая

B. поступающая

C. поступила

D. поступает



Medical treatment with digoxin administered by the family doctor did not relieve the patient’s symptoms.

A. назначил

B. назначавший

C. назначенный

D. назначающий


Sometimes the pain may extend in the abdomen giving the picture of acute appendicitis.

A. дающий картину

B. давая картину

C. дает картину

D. дававший картину


The disease is characterized by sudden onset of fever accompanied by prostration and pains in the back.

A. сопровождающийся

B. сопровождавший

C. сопровождая

D. сопровождавшийся


157. When admitted to the hospital, he complained of a severe pain in his abdomen.

A. при госпитализации

B. после госпитализации

C. госпитализируя

D. когда госпитализирует


Not all tumors found in the body are cancerous.

A. находящие

B. находясь

C. нашли

D. найденные


Подберите нужную форму причастия:



159. Тhе pain … (продолжавшаяся) for five to ten minutes usuallу began in the morning.

А. lasted

В. lasting

С. having lasted

D. being lasted


160. Тhе data … (полученные) bу the scientist were very interesting.

А. obtained

В. had obtained

С. obtaining

D. being obtained


161. Liquid diet and antibiotics … (назначенные) by the family doctor did not relieve his symptoms.

A. administering


B. having administered

C. administer

D. administered


162. The arterial blood … (поступающая) from the lungs by two pulmonary veins enters the left atrium.

A. coming

B. came

C. come

D. having come


163. Sometimes the pain may extend in the abdomen … (симулируя) acute appendicitis.

A. simulated

B. simulating

C. being simulated

D. simulation


164. Cold weather, draughts, loss of sleep are the chief … (предрасполагающие) factors.

A. predisposed

B. being predisposed

C. predisposing

D. predisposition


165. When … (при осмотре) by the doctor, he complained of a severe pain in his chest.

A. examined

B. having been examined

C. examining

D. examination


166. The first sign of acute bronchitis is a short, painful, dry cough … (сопровождающийся) with rapid respiration.

A. accompanying

B. accompanied

C. accompany

D. having accompanied


167. The blood clot … (формирующийся) over the plaque may completely block theе blood flow.

А. formed

В. having been formed

С. forming

D. formation


168. Dyspnea and discomfort in the chest always develop in the presence of a … (увеличенный) left ventricle.

А. enlarged

В. being large

С. enlarging

D. having enlarged


169. Myocarditis is characterized by round cell infiltration of the interstitial connective tissue … (сопровождающееся) by changes of the muscle fibers.

A. following

B. followed

C. having followed

D. follows


170. Medical treatment with digoxin … (назначенное) by the family doctor did not relieve his symptoms.

A. having prescribed

B. prescribing

C. prescribed

D. would be prescribed


171. The prime causes … (способствующие) the continuation of the disease must be removed as soon as possible.

A. favored

B. favoring

C. favors

D. being favored


172. The disease is characterized by sudden onset of fever … (сопровождающийся)

By prostration and pains in the back.

A. accompanied

B. accompanying

C. accompany

D. was accompanied


173. When … (доставлен) to the hospital, he complained of a severe pain in his abdomen.

A. brought

B. bringing

C. brings

D. was brought


174. Not all tumors … (найденные) in the body are cancerous.

A. founding

B. finding

C. findings

D. found



Ключи к блоку тестов № 3:

1 B 36 C 71 C 106 D 141 A
2 B 37 A 72 C 107 A 142 D
3 C 38 B 73 B 108 A 143 D
4 A 39 A 74 A 109 C 144 A
5 D 40 C 75 A 110 B 145 B
6 B 41 B 76 C 111 B 146 C
7 B 42 A 77 A 112 A 147 C
8 D 43 C 78 B 113 C 148 A
9 A 44 B 79 A 114 D 149 B
10 B 45 D 80 C 115 B 150 B
11 D 46 C 81 B 116 D 151 C
12 A 47 B 82 C 117 A 152 A
13 B 48 B 83 B 118 A 153 B
14 C 49 C 84 A 119 C 154 C
15 B 50 D 85 A 120 B 155 B
16 C 51 C 86 A 121 D 156 A
17 D 52 A 87 D 122 D 157 A
18 B 53 D 88 B 123 D 158 D
19 C 54 D 89 C 124 A 159 B
20 D 55 B 90 D 125 B 160 A
21 A 56 B 91 B 126 C 161 D
22 C 57 C 92 A 127 C 162 A
23 B 58 D 93 C 128 A 163 B
24 A 59 A 94 D 129 B 164 C
25 D 60 B 95 B 130 B 165 A
26 B 61 B 96 D 131 D 166 B
27 C 62 D 97 A 132 B 167 C
28 A 63 C 98 A 133 D 168 A
29 D 64 B 99 C 134 A 169 B
30 B 65 A 100 B 135 C 170 C
31 C 66 C 101 B 136 C 171 B
32 A 67 D 102 A 137 C 172 A
33 B 68 D 103 A 138 D 173 A
34 D 69 C 104 C 139 A 174 D
35 A 70 D 105 B 140 B  



Блок тестов на знание базовой грамматики и разговорной лексики

Заполните пропуск

1. Her current interest was______ and development, but she has changed fields.

A)resistance B) research

C) residence D) reputation


2. Please pay _____________ to what I’m saying.

A) attention B) meaning

C) knowledge D) model


3. A(n) _________________ is usually more expensive than dictionary because it is in several volumes.

A) publication B) encyclopedia

C) journal D) report


4. A student __________________ a four-year college in the US today normally receives Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.

A) ending B) completing

C) graduating from D) finishing


5. I got some good ________________ in my continuous assessment this term.

A) exams B) grants

C) marks D) notes

6. Did you make your______ by phone or by fax?

A)reservation B) transition

C) institution D) impression


7. Being able to use a computer is an important ______ nowadays.

A) license B) degree

C) skill D) qualification


8. I’ve been given ____________ to go to Bonn.

A) a decision B) an opportunity

C) a choice D) a need


9. The person who gives information to the press for a company is a _______________.

A) economist B) supervisor

C) public relations officer D) receptionist


10. Applicants should have at least two years’ post high school education or work _______________.

A) experience B) position

C) abilities D) performance

11. А___ consists of long cells that contract when stimulated and produce motion.

A) hand B) body

C) rib D) muscle


12. The contraction and expansion of the____________ are controlled by the vasomotor nerves.

A) blood vessels B) bladder

C) cell D) pupil


13. Surgeons transplanted kidneys, livers, and hearts in animals before attempting these procedures on______________.

A) monkeys B) clones

C) rats D) patients


14. New discoveries in biochemistry and ____________ opened the way for more precise diagnostic tests and more effective therapies.

A) gynaecology B) psychology

C) physiology D) anatomy


15. ____________ liberated the patient from the pain of surgery and enabled the surgeon to perform more extensive operations.

A) Immunity B) Antibiotics

C) Anaesthesia D) Anabolics

16. _________ means tending to produce death or deterioration.

A) Shivering B) Malignant

C) Healthy D) Aching


17. _______________ is the fluid that circulates in the heart, arteries, capillaries and veins of a vertebrate animal.

A) Saliva B) Water

C) Urine D) Blood


18. A _________ is a substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, treatment or prevention of disease.

A) drug B) component

C) matter D) tissue


19. ______________ is a disordered, weakened or emotional condition.

A) Hydrophobia B) Hysteria

C) Sickness D) Tetanus


20. A _________________ is a short glass tube with a rubber bulb and used to measure liquids.

A) retort B) measuring glass

C) syringe D) dropper


21. _________________ is localized physical suffering associated with bodily disorder.

A) Nervousness B) Sleepiness

C) Delirium D) Pain

22. A shorter, more____ meeting leaves time for work.

A) productivity B) productive

C) productiveness D) production


23. ____________ is designed to inform, influence or persuade people.

A) Preadvertise B) Advertise

C) Advertising D) Advertiser


24. Cable TV and work desk with ____________ telephone lines are available in each room.

A) modernization B) modernism

C) modernist D) modernized


25. The last year has shown a slight _____________ in the economy.

A) improvement B) improvable

C) improved D) improve


26. Traditional homes have been ______________ by big blocks

A) placement B) replaced

C) displaceable D) place


27. My alarm clock didn’t go off, and so I ________________ this morning.

A) underslept B) overslept

C) outslept D) reslept

28. It was a good idea of_____ to go swimming this afternoon.

A) your B) you

C) yourself D) yours


29. _____________city is bigger, London or Paris?

A) Where B) Who

C) When D) Which


30. “How did you get my sister’s book?”

“She gave it to me ___________!”


A) myself B) themselves

C) ourselves D) herself


31. He drove so slowly that it took _________________ three hours to get there.

A) we B) us

C) our D) ourselves


32. That isn’t my key. __________ is here.

A) Me B) Mine

C) My D) Myself



33. The grass there was much______ than on the upper field.

A) longer B) long

C) the longest D) more long


34. Sinking of the Titanic was the ____________ disaster of that time.

A) more large B) largest

C) large D) larger


35. If you use pictures your report will be much _____________________.

A) the most interesting B) most interesting

C) interesting D) more interesting


36. This house is _____________ of all the buildings in the street.

A) as old as B) old

C) older than D) the oldest


37. Karen is the _________ girl in the class.

A) more pretty B) prettier

C) prettiest D) much pretty


38. Some car engines are _____________ than others.

A) more efficient B) the most efficient

C) more efficiently D) most efficiently

39. The oldest living tree in the world grows in_______ California.

A)- B)the

C)an D)a


40. Jeff comes from a small town in ______________ Texas.

A) an B) –

C) the D) a


41. _________________ bananas are a good source of energy.

A) A B) An

C) The D) –


42. __________ Coca-cola is enjoyed all over the world.

A) the B) a

C) an D) –


43. ____________ book you gave me is very interesting.

A) - B) The

C) An D) A


44. I live in _____________ Nelson Road, in Cambridge.

A) the B) –

C) a D) an

45. The Pyramids were built_____ people who lived a long time ago.

A)by B)of

C) with D) after


46. Which band is playing at the Hippodrome ____________ Sunday?

A) by B) at

C) on D) in


47. The Great Wall of China is a long way _____________ any major city.

A) from B) by

C) - D) under


48. Many people today are worried ______________ global warming.

A) to B) from

C) with D) about


49. Dad, can I stay _______________ Sue’s house tonight, please?

A) in B) at

C) from D) on


50. Begin with a minute_____ two of small talk.

A)or B)but

C) and D)if


51. I love tennis ____________ I love swimming too.

A) for B) as

C) if D) but


52. This car is fast _____________ very noisy.

A) as B) since

C) but D) despite


53. This rule is _________ difficult ___________ the one you’ve already learnt.

A) neither/nor B) either/or

C) not so/as D) both/and


54. Ann is a very good singer, _______________ she is going to take part in the school concert.

A) that’s why B) because

C) that D) although


55. Ask him ____________ he can do it tomorrow.

A) though B) while

C) for D) whether

56. Do you want a sandwich? - No, thanks. I_______ just_______ lunch.

A)was_______ having B) had______ had

C) have_______ had D) am______ having


57. My course ___________ on Monday at 9.30.

A) starts B) are starting

C) shall start D) have started


58. Mother will cook dinner when she ____________ home from work.

A) comes B) come

C) has come D) will come


59. Don’t you know that Alex ___________ next month?

A) got married B) have got married

C) is getting married D) gets married


60. -Are you going shopping tonight?

- No, I ____________ yesterday.

A) had went B) went

C) had been going D) had gone


61. __ ______________of her arrival, I went to see her.

A) Being told B) Told

C) Telling D) To tell


62. I want you ____________ me some information.

A) gives B) give

C) to give D) giving


63. That car is not worth _________________.

A) repairing B) to be repaired

C) having repaired D) to repair


64. Would you mind ______________ just now?

A) to be examined B) having examined

C) to have examined D) being examined

65. Paul__________________visiting his parents.

A) insisted of B) insisted to

C) insisted - D) insisted on


66. Chris is trying to ___________ smoking.

A) give from B) give out

C) give down D) give up


67. It took the firemen three hours to ___________________ the fire.

A) put on B) put out

C) put down D) put off


68. Sam spent half an hour ______________ his keys.

A) looking for B) looking after

C) looking through D) looking into


69. Mary always ______________ my children when I’m away.

A) looks after B) looks for

C) looks at D) looks up

70. Your face seems familiar to me. We_______ have met somewhere.

A) need B) must

C) should D) ought



71. You ___________ go on a diet.

A) has to B) am able to

C) should D) is to


72. I _______________ come to your party tomorrow. I’m going to prepare for my exam.

A) shouldn’t B) needn’t

C) can’t D) mustn’t


73. -Did you deliver that parcel for me?

- No. I ___________ find the house, so I’ve come back to get a map.

A) had not to B) could

C) couldn’t D) can


74. I ______________ swim when I was a boy of 6.

A) might B) may

C) can D) could


75. ________________ I speak to Jane, please?

A) Must B) Need

C) Can D) Ought

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