ТОП 10:

Choose the correct answer to each question.

1. What is a family?

(a) a group of people linked by blood

(b) a group of people linked by blood, marriage or adoption

(c) a group of people linked by marriage


2. Which one of the following would describe the modified extended family in the

21st century?

(a) parents and dependent children living together

(b) aunts, uncles and grandparents living in a household with adults and dependеnt children

(c) adults and dependent children maintaining close links with other relatives who may not be living under the same roof


3. What is cohabitation?

(a) traditional families

(b) couples living together in a sexual relationship without being married

(c) couples living together before getting married


4. Which four of the following characteristics would describe a traditional family?

(a) with children

(b) equal pay for both partners

(c) a geterosexual couple

(d) a male breadwinner

(e) married

5. What does patriarchal mean?

(a) male dominated

(b) capitalist

(c) feminist


6. What is the modified extended family?

(a) a group of extended kin who live under the same roof

(b) a group of relatives who don’t live together but keep in regular contact

(c) parents and dependent children living in one household


Cloze practice

Match the words to their Russian equivalents


be acquainted WITH знакомиться с
admire (someone) FOR (something) восхищаться к-л
agree WITH (someone) ABOUT/ON (something) соглашаться с
argue WITH (someone) ABOUT (something) спорить с
be bored WITH/BY испытывать скуку
depend ON зависеть от
break UP расходиться
be friendly TO/WITH быть дружелюбным
get ON WITH ладить
grow UP становиться взрослым
independent FROM не зависящий от
be interested IN интересоваться
be involved IN быть вовлеченным
look AFTER заботиться о
look FORWAD TO предвкушать
get married TO выйти замуж/жениться
be polite TO быть вежливым
be proud OF гордиться
be related TO иметь отношение
rely ON полагаться
be responsible FOR отвечать за
be satisfied WITH удовлетворять
take care OF присматривать за
talk TO/WITH(someone) ABOUT(something) разговаривать


Supply the missing prepositions and adverbs where necessary.

1. The majority of divorced people marry again, and they take responsibility ____ a second family.

2. He is more interested ____ himself than in his family.

3. They get on well, and agree ____ most things.

4. In general, each generation is keen to become independent ____ parents and establish its own family unit.

5. The father is more involved ____ bringing up children, often because the mother goes out to work.

6. 20 % of fathers will stay at home and look ____ their children in future.

7. Marriage depends ____ high levels of patience and understanding.

8. My cousin went to work in Scotland and there he got acquainted ____ his future wife.

9. All members of the family can rely ____ each other.

10. I admired my Granny ____ her support and because I could talk ____ her ____ everything.

11. In adulthood, Americans want and expect to be satisfied ____ their lives.

12. Children are expected to be polite and friendly ____ other people.

13. Teenagers are usually bored ____ daily routine.

14. The family is a relatively permanent group of people related ____ ancestry, marriage, or adoption, who live together, form an economic unit, and take care ____ the young.

15. They are always arguing ____ money.

16. She grew ____ suddenly when she went to school.

17. Angela is looking ____ to having a big family with a lot of children in future.

18. I don't really know my father; he isn't easy to get ____ ____.

19. He was totally opposed to me getting married to my boyfriend hoping we would break ____.

20. They have been very proud ____ their children’s achievements.



  THE PRESENT SIMPLE     (a) Ann takes a shower every day. (b) I usually eat lunch at the cafeteria.   (c) Babies cry. (d) The earth revolves around the sun. (e) A square has four equal sides. (f) The sky is blue. The simple present expresses daily habits or usual activities, as in (a) and (b). The simple present expresses general statements of fact, as in © and (d). In sum, the simple present is used for events or situations that exist always, usually, or habitually in the past, present or future.
  THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS (g) Ann can’t come to the phone right now because she is taking a shower. (h) It’s noon. I am eating lunch at the cafeteria right now. (i) Jimmy and Susie are babies. They are crying. I can hear them right now. Maybe they are hungry. The present continuous expresses an activity that is in progress (is occurring, is happening) right now. The event is in progress at the time the speaker is saying the sentence. The event began in the past, is in progress now, and will probably continue into the future. FORM: am, is, are + -ing
STATEMENT:   I – You – We – They work. I am working. You-We-They are working. He-She-It is working.
NEGATIVE:   I – You – We – They do not work. I am not working. You-We-They are not working. He-She-It is not working.
QUESTION: Do I – you – we – they work? Does he – she – it work? Am I working? Are you-we-they working? Is he-she-it working?


A Read the three texts and put an appropriate verb in Present Simple or Present Continuous

enjoy like attend have live do go fly not have start keep

Mexico The Castillo Balderas family

The Castillo Balderas family _____in a small brick house in Buenos Aires. The family are often on the roof of their house with most of their possessions. Ambrosio built their house, like most other families in the area. He is a man who is always on the move. His day often ________at 4 a.m.; he _________more work on the family home, _______a job with a wholesale produce distributor, and is a freelance metal-worker.

Hid wife Carmen __________a job outside the home but has plenty to keep her busy. She __________the household spotlessly clean and highly organized, despite having four young children. Cruz, Nialit, and Brenda ________Mexican Heroes Elementary School, and the youngest son, Antonio, ________ to the local kindergarten.

In the evenings, after a long day, the family ________relaxing. And now the parents _________TV, but the children ______________music together.


live go be balance attend come not have spend have


Iceland The Thoroddsen family

The Thoroddsen _________in a quite a large detached house in Hafnarfjordur, a small town eight kilometers from Reykjavik.

Summers in Iceland are quite mild but winters are cold. Surprisingly, most houses in Iceland __________central heating. Instead of fireplaces heat _________from volcanic activity.

Bjorn is a pilot and _________most of his time in the air or on the ground in other countries. And when he ___________for his job he is usually up in his private plane. As a result, most of the housework and childcare is done by Margaret, who ____________her family life with her hat-making business. She also ________time to go riding with her children on their Icelandic horses and to practice the cello by herself or with her young son.

The three youngest children ___________Olduhinsskoli Elementary School. At weekends, the family often _________to the thermal pool in Hafnarfjordur.


sell spend×3 share do take×2 come enjoy collect

China The Wu family

The Wu family live in a small town called Shiping, about 150 km from Kunming, in southern China. The nine members of the Wu family ____________an attractive house surrounded by trees, next to a lake. Every three days, different members of the family ___________the boat out on the lake and ___________the plant called water hyacinth which is used to feed pigs. Every Sunday, Yu Xian and Ba Jiu _________their produce to the village market to sell and most of the family income __________from this. They are well respected in the village and known for their honesty. Ba Jiu is retired local official.

Eight-year- old Wu Dong ____________his whole morning at school. His school is one of the best in the area.

At the moment Yu Xian ___________a wide variety of dishes in the kitchen. Jian Chun and Rong, the daughters-in-law, ______________the family washing.

After working hard all day, the family usually ___________ their evenings relaxing on the sofa in front of the television. They __________this opportunity to spend time together.

B Read the three texts again and fill in the table

China Mexico Iceland

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