TASK 7. Read the text. Try to translate the text.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


TASK 7. Read the text. Try to translate the text.

At the age of forty-two, Kurt Hermann, a German businessman, was given a very high position in a large company in Zurich, Switzerland. He took the job as head of the marketing department even though he had not had direct experience in this type of work before. He was very ambitious and really wanted this well-paid job. The company gave him the job even though they knew it was a "problem" position.

After about six month it was clear that Mr. Hofmann was under a lot of stress.

TASK 8. Work with a partner and number these stress factors 1-10, starting with 1 as the most serious.

___ - his job was beyond him, he just couldn't do it;

___ - his colleagues, five men in particular, disliked him and told everyone how bad he was at his job;

___ - his superior didn't help him at all;

___ - his wife left him;

___ - his girlfriend refused to move to Zurich;

___ - he had to move away from the town where he had always lived;

___ - he was living in a foreign country;

___ - he worked at least twelve hours a day trying to do the job;

___ - there was no one at work he could trust;

___ - he was living alone for the first time in his life.

TASK 9. Read this press report from an the evening newspaper.


The head of. the marketing department at REGINA, Kurt Hofmann, shot five employees, killing four and seriously injuring one, this morning. He escaped from the REGINA head office and has not been found yet. He is armed and may be dangerous.

He was arrested a couple of weeks later in a hotel a few hundred mites away. When his trial took place month later, lots of comments were made about him.

TASK 10. Imagine you are a witness for Mr. Hofmann's case. Develop these ideas. Persuade the court that he is guilty (not guilty).

I'm a handwriting analyst. Samples of his handwriting over the years show definite signs of instability.

I work at Regina . He should be put in prison for the rest of his life- every day of it.

I’m a psychiatrist. I've examined Mr. Hofmann and I can definitely say that he is unable to cope with stress. He is not a leader and probably never was.

Mr. Hofmann lived in the flat upstairs. He seemed such a nice man. I can't understand it all. I feel very sorry for him.

The consequences of that fateful day were:

– for Mr. Hofmann -17 years in prison;

– for his immediate superior -early retirement with a good pension;

– for 4 employees -death, leaving three widows and 7 orphans;

– for one employee - disability for the rest of his life.

Unit VI.

Law Breakers

TASK 1. Match each word on the left with the appropriate definition on the right:

1. an arsonist - attacks and robs people, often in the street
2. a shop-lifter - sets fire to property illegally
3. a mugger - is anyone who breaks the law
4. an offender - breaks into houses or other buildings to steal
5. a vandal - steals from shops while acting as an ordinary customer
6. a burglar - kills someone
7. a murderer - deliberately causes damage to property
8. a kidnapper - steals things from people's pockets in crowded places
9. a pickpocket - gets secret information from another country
10. an accomplice - buys and sells drugs illegally
11. a drug dealer - takes away people by force and demands money for their return
12. a spy - helps a criminal in a criminal act
13. a terrorist - uses violence for political reasons
14. an assassin - causes damage or disturbance in public places
15. a hooligan - hides on a ship or plane to get a free journey
16. a stowaway - takes control of a plane by force and make the pilot to change course
17. a thief - murders for political reasons or a reward
18. a hijacker - is someone who steals
19. a forger - makes counterfeit (false) money or signatures
20. a robber - is a member of a criminal group
21. a smuggler - steals money, etc. by force from people or places
22. a traitor - marries illegally, being married already
23. a gangster - is a soldier who runs away from the army
24. a deserter - brings goods into a country illegally without paying tax
25. а bigamist - illegally carries drugs into another country
26. a drug smuggler - betrays his or her country to another state

TASK 2, Continue the following table with the words from Task 1 where possible. The first few are done for you. Consult the dictionary when necessary:

Crime Criminal Criminal Act
treason Traitor to betray
theft Thief to steal
murder Murderer to murder

TASK 3. Look at the picture and read the police bulletin:

Crime: Armed Robbery

Location: South & South Park Streets

Date: November 13, 1999

The public's assistance is requested in identifying the person or persons responsible for an armed robbery on the southwest corner of the South St. and South Park St. intersection.

This crime occurred at 9:30 a.m. on November 13, 1999.

At about 9:30 a.m. the victim, a young visitor to the city, was walking south along South Park St. At the southwest corner of South Park St. and South St., the suspect jumped in front of the victim, pulled a knife from his jacket and said, "Give me your purse or you're stuck!" The victim handed it over and the suspect fled the scene of the crime.

The suspect is described as a white male, 20–25 years old, medium build, 5'2", moustache, blue eyes, short brown hair, pointed nose. He was wearing a red baseball cap with a Montreal Canadians logo, a dark blue jacket, green jeans and white sneakers.

This man is armed and therefore dangerous. If you can identify the man in the photofit picture, or have any information on this or any crime, contact the local Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-555-8477, and you may be eligible for a cash reward.

TASK 4. Find in the text the description of the criminal and compose an opposite one: e.g. "The suspect is described as black, very tall..." Use some of the expressions given below:

FACE – long, round, oval, thin, plump, fleshy, puffy, wrinkled, pasty, pimpled, pock-marked, clean-shaven

FEATURES – clean-cut, delicate, forceful, regular / irregular, large, small, stern

COMPLEXION – fair, pale, dark, sallow

HAIR – curly, wavy, straight, receding (scanty), rumpled, shoulder-length, medium-length, short-cut, crew-cut, bobbed, dyed, bald, fair /dark-haired

FOREHEAD – high, low, narrow, square, broad

EYES – hollowed, bulging, close-set, deep-set, sunken, wide-apart, crossed-eyed

EYEBROWS – thin, thick, bushy, arched, pencilled, shaggy EARS – small, big, jug-eared

NOSE – prominent, straight, pointed, hooked, flat, aquiline, snub-nosed

LIPS – full, thin, painted, cleft lip

TEETH – even / uneven, sparse, artificial

CHEEKS – plump, hollow, ruddy, stubby

CHIN – square, pointed, double, massive, protruding

BEARD – full, bushy, spade beard, grey-bearded, heavy-bearded

MOUSTACHE – thin, thick, tooth brush, walrus

HEIGHT – tall, short, of medium height

BUILT – average, medium built, well-built, plump, skinny

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES – birth marks, freckles, scars, wooden leg, humpback, pot-belly

TASK 5. Translate the following police bulletin into English and make the corresponding photo fit:


Разыскиваются преступники, совершившие убийство 21 сентября в доме номер 99 по улице Мира.

Первый: На вид 30 лет, рост 170-175 сантиметров, худощавого телосложения, волосы чёрные прямые, лицо круглое, нос прямой, глаза слегка навыкате.

Был одет: тёмная короткая кожаная куртка, светлые брюки, коричневые ботинки. Носит тёмные очки в металлической оправе.

Второй: На вид 40 лет, рост 175-180 см, плотного телосложения, волосы светлые, вьющиеся до плеч, лицо овальное, нос курносый, брови густые.

Был одет: тёмная удлиненная кожаная куртка, тёмные брюки.

Любую имеющуюся информацию просьба сообщить по телефону: 222-33-22 или 02.


Identify the Suspect!

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