From which continent did Howard Schultz trу to apply an idea in the United States?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


From which continent did Howard Schultz trу to apply an idea in the United States?

AAfrica B Asia C South America D Europe


2. Before Starbucks became a chain of coffee bars, it ...

Asold coffee that was not yet ground.

Bsold coffee with special flavours.

Csold canned coffee in supermarkets.

Dexported coffee to other countries.

Why did Schultz say he “cried a lot”?

AHe was very happy with his new business.

BHe wanted to sell his business.

CHe lost money the first three years in business.

DHe didn’t know what to name his company.

4. A year after opening his own coffee bar, Schultz bought his old bosses’ business. This meant he ...

Awas making an investment to build his business.

Bwas not losing any money.

Cwanted revenge on his bosses.

Dspent too much money on his bosses’ business.

5. Howard Schultz was motivated by the idea that successful businessmen ...

Abelieve in their strength.

Bhide their weaknesses from others.

Cwork in spite of their weaknesses.

Dcannot admit their weaknesses.




II. Використання мови

Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions: in, at, on, to, after, of, from.

1. George Washington was born ____Virginia ___ 1732.

2. Washington played an important role ___ the founding ___ the United States.

3. He became the first President ___ the United States.

4. He was the President______ ___1789 ____ 1797.

5. George Washington died ___ the age__ 67, ____ the 14th ___ December,


6. The capital ___ the United States and one federal state are named ___ George Washington.


III. Писемне мовлення

You are visiting London now. Your English pen-friend is telling you about the beau­ty of this great capital city. Include the information about:

• history of London;

• four parts of London;

• places of interest.






Білет № 14

I. Читання тексту та виконання після текстового завдання

Read the text and decide if the statements are T (True) or F (False).


Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. This story is about something that happened to them when they were sent away from London during the war because of the air - raids1. They were sent to the house of an old Professor who lived in the heart of the country, ten miles from the nearest railway station and two miles from the nearest post office. He had no wife and he lived in a very large house with a housekeeper called Mrs. Macready and three servants. (Their names were Ivy, Margaret and Betty, but they do not come into the story much.) He himself was a very old man with shaggy2 white hair which grew over most of his face as well as on his head, and they liked him almost at once; but on the first evening when he came out to meet them at the front door he was so odd - looking that Lucy (who was the youngest) was a little afraid of him, and Edmund (who was the next youngest) wanted to laugh and had to keep on pretending he was blowing his nose to hide it.


Taken from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis


1 Air - raid – бомбардування

2 shaggy – тут кошлате (про волосся)

1.The four children went to live in the house of an old Professor.

2.Lucy laughed at the old man.

3.The Professor was very old with brown hair.

4.The children left London to live with the Professor because of the air-­raids.

5.The Professor’s house was in the centre of Cambridge.

6.Lucy was the youngest child.

7.The Professor lived two miles away from the post office.

8.The names of the four children are Peter, Ivy, Susan, Edmund, and Betty.

9.The Professor lived with a housekeeper named Mrs. Macready.

10. This story is about four children’s trip to Paris.



II. Використання мови

Choose the correct item.

1.“You look upset. What’s wrong?” “I have … missed the bus!”

A since В yet C just

2. Angela … lots of clothes so far.

A bought B buys C has bought

3. Annie … the rubbish away yet.

A threw B hasn’t thrown C thrown

4. I am not a big fan of fish. I think it’s … . !

A delicious B disgusting C great

5. We’re going to a mountain … .

A resort B caravan C facility

6. We’ve already tried the … dishes.

A village B town C local


III. Писемне мовлення

People in the modern society have to use foreign languages in different spheres of life. Write about the importance of learning foreign languages. Include the following:

• How does learning a foreign language change you?

• What are the most effective ways of learning foreign languages?



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