I. Читання тексту та виконання після текстового завдання

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


I. Читання тексту та виконання після текстового завдання

Read the text and match the paragraphs (A–C) to the questions (1–5).


So, You Want to Be on Television?


So, you want to be on television? Read about three different ways you can make your dream come true!


A Who Knows?


Have you ever wanted to be on a TV game show? If you think you’ve got good general knowledge and you’re confident enough to appear on TV in front of millions of people, just fill in our application form. You could be a winner on Channel 7’s new game show Who Knows? There will be twelve weekly shows and the winner of each show will go on to play a final competition to win two million pounds!


B Watching You!


The producers of the reality show Watching You! are looking for ten new people to live in the famous house for ten weeks. Are you funny and talkative? Are you interested in other people? Would you like to become a big star? Send in your application be-fore 7 November, and you could be invited to the auditions in London and Manchester!


C Children’s Hour


As viewers know, Dani Byers has left Channel 7’s Children’s Hour to make a film in Hollywood. So, we need someone to take her place as a presenter on the show. We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic, intelligent and who loves children. Is that you? Apply now and come for a voice test!


Which show:        
will be shorter than three months?   (1).....  
can make people very famous?     (2).....  
only needs one person?     (3).....  
offers a lot of money?       (4).....  
wants someone who likes talking?   (5).....  



II. Використання мови


Choose the correct item.

1. ..... best friend, Sunny, wants to be a doctor when ..... grows up.
  A I; himself B My; him C My; he
2. The cat is sleeping in ..... basket which was bought by ..... .  
  A she; us B his; our C its; me  
3. Is this ..... handkerchief? It certainly is not ..... .  
  A your; mine B his; ours C your; your  
4. Olena Petrivna is ..... class teacher. ..... is 29 years old.  
  A our; He B our; She C we; Her  
6. ..... cat gave birth to some kittens. ..... are so adorable.  
  A Her; We B My; She C My; They  


III. Писемне мовлення

An intelligent and technologically advanced race of aliens has come to Earth, and you are the first representative of mankind they meet and they want to know about your planet. What would you say about the Earth, countries, people? Why?

- Would you like to show them Ukraine? Why?

- What would you tell them about your Motherland (geographical position, -moun­tains, rivers, lakes, national symbols, and people)?

- Would you ask them to help your country? Why? Why not?





Білет № 2

I. Читання тексту та виконання після текстового завдання

Read an article and choose the correct item (A–D) to complete the sentences (1–6).


Dear Sir,

I am writing to tell you about an experience I had while shopping in Bristol last Saturday.

I wanted to do my Christmas shopping so I drove into the City Centre. My first problem was finding somewhere to park. The Galleries car park was full so I went to the Old Market multi storey car park. The sign said there were 23 spaces free so I drove in. I drove around for twenty minutes but couldn’t find a space. As I left the attendant told me that I had to pay the minimum parking charge of ‡1. I told him that I hadn’t actually parked but he threatened to call the police so I paid.


I finally found a space in the Galleries and left to do my shopping. I had just finished when it started raining. By the time I got back to the car both my shopping and I were completely soaked. I got into my car and drove out. At the exit, I put my electronic ticket in the machine and it told me that the ticket was damaged and I had to pay the maximum charge of ‡15. (The ticket was in my back pocket and got slightly damp in the rain.)


Overall, I spent one and a half hours and ‡16 trying to park last Saturday. In January, for the sales, I’m going to go to the new out of town shopping centre where parking is free and the car parks are never full. I wanted to support city centre shopping but not at the cost of two or three extra Christmas presents for my grandchildren.


Geoffrey Williams Kingsdown


Which word best describes how the writer feels?

A happy   B sad   C tired   D angry


Where did the writer park?

AThe Galleries

BFirst the Galleries, then Old Market

CFirst the Old­Market, then Galleries

DOld Market

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