My Most unforgettable childhood experience

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


My Most unforgettable childhood experience


I was spending my holidays in my summer cottage. It was a warm night and we were watching stars in my friend’s backyard. It was about 1 o’clock a.m. and we were getting sleepy.


We decided to go to sleep and as my friend’s house was across the street and my parents were already sleeping, I had to go home by myself. There is a forest near our house and a little gate leads into the forest. Just in front of the gate, is a streetlight with green shimmer.


I took a step and looked at the gate. In greenish light was standing a man. A man in black coat. At the same time my friend shouted something and I turned my head. When I looked back, the man had disappeared. My friend told me to go home and that my eyes had played a trick on me. I walked towards my house, I turned to the gate to be sure that it had been only my imagination. And there stood the man again.


I screamed and ran home. Later in bed, still trembling with fear and shock I tried to convince myself that there had been nobody and finally I managed to calm down. Since that day, in the evenings I am afraid to go home from my friend’s house.


Success for me is all about achieving your dreams. If you want something to happen you need to work hard for it to happen. Just make sure the thing that you want is not a bad thing. So once again if you want to have success in life work hard. :D


What does Success mean to me?

Success is never a word that I used much in the past. I was happy to meander through life and not expect too much. Just thinking I was heading in the right direction. Knowing others were successful and may be it would happen to me.


After many years of devoting all my time and energy into my family and my home, working for a boss that didn’t care, somebody would replace me. I came to realise that I wanted to be successful in something that was just for me.


So how did I define Success?


Success to me is going after your Dreams and Goals.

Following your Passion.

Thinking outside the box.

Showing myself, my kids, grandchildren and my husband that I can succeed, that I am worthy and have value.


I see so many people go through life not striving for much and 10 years down the track they will most probably be in the exact same position as where they are now.

I took a stand and refused to be one of those people who never moved forward.


I needed to show my kids and the grandchildren that anything is possible, that if you have a burning desire to achieve something you can make it happen and not to live your life as a product of your past but live your life knowing that everyday you are taking steps towards your goals.


Success isn’t a destination, we always have to keep striving to Be More. Giving back.

I am making everyday Successful by living my life on purpose, knowing exactly where I want to go and what I want to achieve and as long as I’m being true to myself I am a complete Success every step of the way.


"Try not to become a man of success but rather a man of value"

Success is personal. Value is communal. A successful person may make it into the history books, but a valuable person will help move humanity forward as a whole. It's the difference between being the chief of the cave tribe and the tribe member who first thought of taming fire.


Einstein's quote does not preclude becoming successful (after all, he himself was both), but exhorts value creation as being a higher priority.


It also subtly calls for those who have success but have not yet used it to help other people to pitch in, under the guise of leaving a much longer-lasting legacy.


Everything isn't about winning and being the top of the pack. It is better to be who you are because of your values and what you have done, and how you live your life. Example, the lonely business man who tries to pull strings when ever he can so he can get a promotion, and there is the happy farmer, who enjoys what he does, lives his life and couldn't care less about worldy desires.


success is something that can be judged based upon achievement of goals. However someone who is successful does not necessarily have to give anything valuable to the world.


Value is something that can be measured based upon what an individual has contributed to the world.


Examples of success:

A politician that is elected to a high level of office can be considered successful politician.

A business man that makes a lot of money in the stock market is considered a successful stock broker.

An athlete that wins a gold medal in the Olympics is considered a successful athlete.

Albert Einstein achieved many great accomplishments in physics during his lifetime, and is therefore considered a successful physicist.


Examples of value:

He invented the wheel, and the wheel is used by nearly all human beings living on the planet; therefore he has contributed something of extraordinary value to society, and is hence a valuable person.


Through his theory of general relativity Albert Einstein fundamentally changed our view of gravity, and it's mechanics, clarifying many previously misunderstood concepts, and natural phenomena; hence he has been of great value to humanity, and more specifically to the field of physics.


Yes, I agree with the statement. Throughout history, the people who change the way we think, and live, and the people who influence our lives most have been men of value rather than men of success. Though it should be noted that most people of value can also be considered successful, due to the value of their contributions to the world. However the converse is not necessarily true. For example, Adolf Hitler was a very successful politician, but not many people would agree that he contributed anything of value to the world. In fact most would argue that Hitler was more of a detriment to mankind, rather than a value to it.



Start with the top job search sites, then use the niche career sites and the sites that focus on the local geographic area where you want to work so you are covering all the bases.

Hopefully, your email In box will start getting messages and the phone will start ringing once your resume has reached employers. If not, you'll want to start researching companies, networking and tapping the hidden job market, as well as continuing with a traditional job search.

Once the phone does ring it's important to be well prepared for the interview. It is also important to dress appropriately. Dressing successfully (or unsuccessfully) can make or break an interview.

Ten Tips for Effective Job Searching


First Impressions

Looking, speaking and acting professionally help to make a terrific first impression. Tory Johnson, Women for Hire


Don't be afraid to follow-up. I hired a Customer Manager over a year after he first sent me his resume. I didn't even need to advertise when the position became available. In addition to sending me his resume, John had called me every month or so to touch base, and even stopped in my office (through the back door not through the receptionist!) just to say hello. Needless to say I remembered him when a position opened up. And he was extremely qualified for the position, which is why I remembered him.



Be on time for the interview. On time means five to ten minutes early. If need be, take some time to drive to the office ahead of time so you know exactly where you are going and how long it will take to get there.

Job Fairs

Periodically attend these events even when you are not necessarily looking for a job to see what opportunities are out there, and to gain a perspective on where you fit in the job marketplace. Tracey Miner, The Mulitcultural Advantage


Meaningful Work

Explore your passion, identify a new direction, and take action to create a career that leaves you energized and excited. Curt Rosengren,Passion Catalyst


Your Resume

Write it until it's right. Think, write, think some more, rewrite, proofread, get feedback and rewrite. Joyce Lain Kennedy, Career Author


Don't Give Up

Last, but not least, don't give up. Job searching is never easy and it's even harder when the job market is difficult. Keep plugging away at your job search and eventually, though it may take more time that you expected, the right position will come along.



A well-written resume is an invaluable tool that job seekers can use to attract the attention of potential employers.

Оf course I will help my friend write a good resume,,,as a specialty my friend is a teacher, agency offers a significant number of jobs in different schools


is it possible to combine a happy family with a successful career? Nowadays, in the world ruled by money, many people contend with the significance of career in their life. They envy persons who are successful as a worker and have happy family simultaneously. The truth is that it is difficult to combine these two aspects. It happens very often that we are forced to resign from one of this and dedicate only to the other.

Achieving goals at all costs does not bring happiness and satisfaction, which these persons were dreaming about. Having nobody with whom they could share joy, sadness, knowledge or money results in not only breaking down, but also reaching for alcohol, drugs. The situation is especially difficult for women who dream about giving birth to children.

*******I would like to have a career. It is naturally, since most of teenagers dream about this. I wish I had my own place to stay. I dream of the car I would buy if I had money. But, on the other hand I think money is not everything in life. There are things that cannot be bought. They are priceless. For example, one cannot buy happiness. And I think happiness means having a family, being close to your friends, sharing joy and sorrow with the one you love. Do you think you could have all these if you spent all day long in your office? What do you think it is more important in life: a career and a family?

********* The biggest challenge many of us face is how to balance the demands of family, friends, and career. While we want happy and fulfilling lives outside of work, we have to make personal sacrifices in order to achieve our career aspirations. How do you balance those sacrifices so they don’t greatly interfere with your personal goals? How do you fit roles such as wife, mother, and friend into an already hectic schedule? Since time is precious, keeping a balance between the two worlds can be a challenge.


The first step to achieving balance is to get your family to agree on what the priorities should be. Realize that business success often requires long hours and travel. In these instances, support from your family has to be there.


Flexible working practices

This includes part-time working, flexi-time, job sharing and home working. Self-rostering allows employees to choose which shifts to work.




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