Lecture 10. The duties, rights and professional requirements for the modern teacher mentioned in the regulations of Kazakhstan.


Lecture 10. The duties, rights and professional requirements for the modern teacher mentioned in the regulations of Kazakhstan.

This job description is developed on the basis of the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 15.05.2007 № 251-III, the order of MES from 13.07.2009, № 338 "On Approval of the Model qualification characteristics of teaching staff and persons equated to them", the Law of RK " on education "from 27.07.2007, the number 319, the Charter and internal regulations, local normative acts of the school.

1.2. Master of all specialties is appointed and dismissed by the director of the school, taking into account a reasoned opinion of the trade union.


1.3. In the period of leave and temporary disability of the teacher of his duties may be assigned to another teacher of the same specialty. Temporary performance of duties in these cases is carried out by order of the school principal, issued in compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code of RK.

1.4. Master of all specialties must have specialized secondary, higher pedagogical education or higher professional education in the relevant specialty and experience of pedagogical work according to the level of qualification.

1.5. Master of all specialties reports directly to the Deputy Director of OIA and VVR.

1.6. Master of all specialties directly subordinate laboratory (if the teacher performs the duties of the head of the cabinet) and students.

1.7. Must know:

- Constitution of RK, RK laws "On Education", "On languages ​​in the Republic of Kazakhstan", "On the Rights of the Child in the Republic of Kazakhstan", "On Combating Corruption", "On Marriage and Family", "On state social benefits for disability, loss of breadwinner and age in the Republic of Kazakhstan "," on special social services "," on social, medical and educational support for children with disabilities "," on the prevention of juvenile delinquency and prevention of child neglect and homelessness "and other regulations legal acts that determine the direction and prospects of the development of education;

- Methodology of teaching the subject, educational work;

- Requirements for the equipment and the equipment of classrooms and ancillary facilities;

- Means of training and teaching opportunities;

- The main directions and prospects of development of education and pedagogy;

- The basics of law and scientific organization of labor, pedagogy and psychology; state mandatory standards of education;

- Pedagogy, educational psychology;

- Achievement of pedagogical science and practice;

- Fundamentals of the economy, the labor legislation;

- Rules and regulations of labor protection, safety and fire protection;

- Sanitary rules and norms.

1.8. Master of all specialties must possess effective skills to use computers and other ICTs, the global Internet network.

1.9. The teacher must meet the uniform requirements for qualification in the ranks of wage according to the order of MES RK from 27.08.2002, № 629 "Qualifying characteristics of posts of teachers of pre-school education and training system of secondary and further education."

2. Functions

The main directions of activity of the teacher are:

2.1. Teaching students in view of the specificity of the subject taught and the age of the students, with the observance of the rights and freedoms of students.


2.2. Promoting the socialization of students, formation of their common culture, the conscious choice of their subsequent development and vocational training programs.

2.3. Ensuring adherence of norms and rules of occupational health and safety in the learning process.

3. Duties

The teacher performs the following duties:

3.1. Provides training and education of students, taking into account the specifics of the subject taught, holds lessons and other training exercises in the distribution of the teaching load assigned to them grades, provides in the classroom proper order and discipline.

3.2. Implements used in educational programs in accordance with the school curriculum, its own lesson plans and class schedules; use with a variety of techniques, methods and means of training.

3.3. It provides a level of preparation of students meeting the requirements of state educational standards.

3.4. Comply with the rules and norms of health and safety, fire protection, ensure the protection of life and health of students, during the educational process.

3.5. Promptly notify the school administration of each accident and take measures to provide first aid.

3.6. Make proposals for the improvement and enhancement of the conditions of the educational process, as well as communicate to the head office, management of all the shortcomings in the provision of educational process, reducing the body's vital functions and performance of students.

3.7. Instruct students on safety in the classroom with the mandatory registration in the classroom or instruction journal log.

3.8. Organizes study studying regulations on labor protection.

3.9. It oversees compliance with the rules (regulations) on health and safety.

3:10. Conducted in the prescribed manner classroom documentation, monitors the attendance and progress of students accepted by the school system, exposes the evaluation grade book and student diary, timely administration is reporting data of the school.

3.11. Participates in the established order in the final assessment of students.

3.12. Allows the established procedure to the representatives of the school administration training in order to monitor and evaluate teacher performance.

3.13. It replaces the lessons temporarily absent teachers on the orders of the Deputy Director of OIA.

3.14. Observe the Charter and Rules of the internal labor regulations, other local legal acts.

3.15. Observes the legal rights and freedoms of students.

3.16. Preparing to Teach systematically improve their professional qualification, participates in the teaching unions and other forms of methodological work undertaken at school.

3.17. He participates in the work of the school and the teachers' council meetings held in advance.

3.18. He was on duty at the school between classes in accordance with the schedule of duties as well as control of students at the end of his lesson, standing last in the schedule.

3.19. It maintains constant communication with parents (persons substituting them) on academic performance, attendance, discipline students.

3.20. Undergo periodic medical examination.

3.21. Comply with the code of honor of the teacher, received at the pedagogical council of the school, the ethical standards of behavior at school, home, public places, the corresponding social status of the teacher.

3.22. In the case of the duties head of the Cabinet:

· Directs the work of the technician assigned to the Cabinet;

· Controls the intended use of the office;

· Organizes replenishment equipment cabinet, equipment and other property, takes tangible assets (except furniture) for safekeeping on single documents, ensures the safety reporting to the property involved in the prescribed manner to the inventory write-off of property and office;

· Develop and periodically review (at least 1 time in 5 years) on health and safety in the subject instruction, presents them for approval by the school principal;

· Control equipment fire training room property, medical and personal protective equipment, as well as visual agitation on issues of health and safety;

· Carries out or arrange for another teacher instructing students on health and safety with the mandatory registration in a classy magazine or journal established sample;

· Do not allow carrying out activities involving a risk to life and health of students and school staff with the notice of this Deputy Director of OIA;

· Make proposals to improve working conditions and training for their inclusion in the labor protection agreement.

4. Rights

The teacher has the right to:

4.1. Participate in the management of the school in the manner determined by the institution Statute.

4.2. On the protection of professional honor and dignity.

4.3. Become familiar with the complaints and other documents containing an assessment of its work, to give them an explanation.

4.4. To protect their own interests and (or) through a representative, in Vol. H. The lawyer, in the case of a disciplinary investigation or internal investigation involving a violation of professional ethics teacher.

4.5. On confidentiality of disciplinary (official) investigation, with the exception of cases provided by law.

4.6. Freely select and use methods of training and education, teaching aids and materials, textbooks, methods of assessment of students' knowledge.

4.7. Enhance the skills.

4.8. Licensed on a voluntary basis to the relevant qualification category and get it in the case of successful completion of the certification.


4.9. Giving students during class changes and mandatory orders related to the organization of employment and observance of discipline, to bring them to disciplinary responsibility in cases and order established by the Charter and the Rules of stimulation and punishment of students in the school.

5. Liability

5.1. In order established by the legislation of RK the teacher is responsible for:

· Implementation is not fully educational programs in accordance with the curriculum and the schedule of the educational process;

· Life and health of the students in the educational process;

· A violation of the rights and freedoms of students.

5.2. For non-performance or improper performance without good reason Charter institutions and internal regulations, the legal orders of the school principal and other local regulations, duties established by this instruction, the teacher shall be subject to disciplinary action in the manner specified by the labor legislation.

5.3. For application in Vol. H. The single, methods of education, related to the physical and (or) mental violence over the individual student, as well as the commission of other immoral act teacher may be dismissed from his post in accordance with the labor legislation of Kazakhstan.

Dismissal of the offense is not a measure of disciplinary liability.

5.4. For culpable infliction of establishment or the participants of the educational process damage due to compliance (noncompliance) teacher of their duties shall be liable in the manner and within the limits established by labor and (or) civil law.

6. Relationships and Communications office


6.1. Works in execution mode, the amount of installed his teaching load in accordance with the schedule of training sessions, participation in compulsory school-wide planning activities and samoplanirovaniya mandatory activities, which are not installed output norms (check notebooks, preparing for lessons IT n.).

6.2. During the holidays, does not coincide with the release, the school administration is involved in educational, methodical and organizational work within the time not exceeding teaching load before the start of the holidays. Schedule teacher vacation approved by the order of the principal.

6.3. It replaces the established order temporarily absent teachers on an hourly basis and billing (depending on the replacement of the term).

6.4. Replaced by a period of temporary absence of the teachers of the same specialty or teachers with the backlog of the curriculum in teaching their subject in this class.

6.5. Gets the school administration material regulatory, organizational and methodical nature, met a receipt with the relevant documents.

6.6. Systematically exchanging information on matters within its competence, with the administration and the teaching staff of the school.



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