Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with the given words. Use the definitions in brackets.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with the given words. Use the definitions in brackets.

Sensation emotion impulse temper attitude urge sentiment mood instinct

1. Love, hatred and grief are __________ (strong feelings that a person can have inside).

2. They consider __________ in business a waste of time (human sympathy).

3. Her ________ changed quickly (state of emotion at particular time).

4. Most animals have an __________ to protect their young (the inborn force in animals and people which causes certain pattern of behaviour).

5. The injured passenger said he had no _______ of his feet (the power of feeling in the body).

6. Everybody dislikes her unfriendly ________ (judgment, opinion; manner of feeling and behaving).

7. She was furious and felt an ________to hit him (a strong desire).

8. Without having planned it, he telephoned her on _______ (a sudden wish to do something).

9. If she can’t control her _______, she can’t work as interpreter.

Література: [6, c. 47-50, c. 336-337].




Тема. Будинки та квартири

Мета: розібрати нові лексичні одиниці щодо теми. Розповідь теми «Моя домівка».

Topical Vocabulary

Facilities and amenities: access (to), alarm system, amenity, central heating, entry phone, facilities, lift caretaker, parking, patio, resident porter, 24hr porterage, roof terraces, security system, tube, view.

Dwelling and parts of them: apartment (AE), cellar, cellarage, cloakroom dining room, drawing room, dressing area, features, fireplace, flat (Br), granny flat, lounge, property, reception room, staircase, studio, water closet (WC), warehouse.

Words to describe property house/flat: conservatory style, convenient, converted, double glazed, excellent value, (fully)fitted, ideally placed, immaculate, in cul-de-sac, in decorative order, listed, period, raised ground floor, refurbished, self contained, superb, unique, versatile.

Garage/parking: off-street, private, secure, underground.

Staircase: cast-iron, spiral.

Fireplace: marble, original.

Payment plans and abbreviations: freehold, leasehold, OIRO=offer in the region, ono=or the nearest offer, ASAP=as soon as possible, OSP=off-street parking, no chain=no agents, neg, FGCH – facilities, gas, cold and hot water.

Household language: move house, next door, set up house with somebody, show the door, shut the door on somebody, the roof fell in, window of opportunity, window shopping, eat somebody out of house and home, go out of the window, go through the roof, keep house.

Categories of customers: empty-nester couple, first-time buyer, looking for affordable living, looking foe extra guestroom, move-up family.

Design: attractive, clean, exceptional, fresh, on a single level, one/two-storey, stylish, well-designed, well-suited for narrow lots.

1. Read the conversation between a sales woman who shows her clients around a newly built flats and decide if the statements given after the text are true or false.

SALESWOMAN: This is a representative of our basic two-bedroom flats. You will have two rooms, one reception room, a kitchen, a bathroom and separate loo. All the flats have got balconies. This is a reception room; it is the biggest in the flat.

FIONA: Look. David, there is a fireplace; here!

SALESWOMAN: Oh, it's electric. You can't have log fireplaces in new houses.

DAVID: It's alright. Even if it's not real, it makes the room warmer and cosier.

FIONA: The room is big enough for us to buy that huge sofa and two armchairs we saw in the shop the other day. They will look beautiful here, won't they ?

DAVID: Sure they will. Though I prefer them in white as the room has an easterly aspect and there won't be much sun here in the afternoon.

FIONA: White sounds great, especially if we buy that super modern hoover that shampoos the furniture and the carpets. And as we have that much space left we can buy two more bookcases and a couple of bookshelves to put all our books. The old bookcases won't be as crammed as they are now.

SALESWOMAN: Can we go over to the bedrooms, please7 As you see, the second bedroom is smaller that the first one. Here you do get small fitted cupboards, but I'm sure you would have to put in your own fitted wardrobes.

DAVID: Yes. fitted cupboards and wardrobes are much more convenient than regular ones, they save so much space and the room seems larger.

FIONA: Our old bed will look out of place in this lovely room. We'll have to buy a new one with bedside tables. And, of course, we'll have to think about the carpets and the curtains!

DAVID: Fiona, all in good time. Let's first buy this flat.

SALESWOMAN: Would you like to see the kitchen? It is combined with the dining room which makes it bigger and more convenient. It has got fitted cupboards, a space for a cooker, which can be either electric or gas. There are plenty of plugs for a fridge, a dishwasher and deep freeze.

FIONA: David, as I spend more time in the kitchen than you, I want to decorate it myself.

DAVID: It's fine with me. Just don’t ask me for more money that I can earn!


1. Fiona and David are going to buy a flat in an old house.

2. It is a three-roomed flat.

3. The toilet is combined with the bathroom

4. Each room of the flat has a balcony.

5. The fireplace in the reception room is artificial.

6. The reception room faces the south.

7. Fiona and David want light colours for their reception room.

8. Fiona dreams about a new modern vacuum cleaner.

9. The potential buyers love to read.

2. Make up your own dialogues between sales woman and clients.

Література: [5, c. 124; 6, c. 346 -3 47].




Тема. Cтолова та гостьова кімнати

Мета: розібрати нові лексичні одиниці щодо теми. Опис кімнат.

Topical Vocabulary


Furniture and accessories: buffet, chair tail, chandelier, drapes, extra dishes, fabric covered chairs, fireplace, fitted carpet, hunt table, hutch, linens, molding, post, print, rug, serving table, tablecloth, wallpaper, wood molding.

Room parts: ceiling beam, post and beam construction, will seat family and then some, you’ll want to linger over your meal.

Adjectival Expressions: airy, banquet-sized, calm, clean and invigorating, colorful accent, contemporary, country elegance, crisp design, dark woods of the table, glass tabletop, gorgeous, leading into, matching, minimal decoration, perfect touch, refreshing, soothing, strategically placed.

Verbal constructions: add the extra bit of warmth, add to the feeling, balance, complete the collection, contrast pleasantly, create a relaxing sensation, double beautifully, eliminate the need, give the feeling of coziness, give the feeling of rich luxury, identify the room’s country roots, keep temperatures warm, make it an intimate space, maximize use of space, personalize the room, provide a restful backdrop, refine the room, take center stage, unify the room.

Colors and patterns: botanical, colorful, earth-toned, gilded, mahogany, textured.


Furniture and accessories: armoire AE, artwork, bed frame, bedding, bedspread, chair seat, chest, couch, easy chair, furnishings, hidden stereo, pillow, plaid, roll top desk, sectional sofa, sheet, stereo entertainment center, table for glasses and teacups, tray table, upholstery pieces, wheeled coffee table, wicker table.

Room parts: elevator, fireplace surround, hallway, picture window, seating area, trusses.

Shape: spare lines, vaulted.

Colors and patterns: basically neutral color palette, be a welcome contrast, blue striped, bold red, bright color, calm grey, colors are enlivened by…, contrast nicely, contrasting green, creative use of color, floral accents, floral pattern, golden cream, jewel tones, light, light blue, light colored, mossy tones, muted colors, pale colored, plaid, rich tones, simplistic décor, soft blue, strong color, warm honey oak, whitewashed.

Verbal Expressions: add the perfect accent, add to one’s charm, all combine to create a relaxing tone, anchor the room, bathe the room in natural light, be great for, be key in this design, be reminiscent of, bring out, contrast nicely, create the feeling of a huge space, defy the stereotype, energize the room, extend, exude charm/ a feeling of, finish a room, give the appearance of space, give the room a… feeling, have a country feel to it, make feel snug, make the room feel larger, make the room livable, mark this room as, open up the room, play off, promote peace and serenity, provide places for, satisfy one’s appreciation of, set the tone, warm the room.

1. Read, translate and retell the text:

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