XYII. Учебно-социальная сфера.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


XYII. Учебно-социальная сфера.

Student: “Have you had time to mark my composition?”

Teacher: “_______”

1) Oh, dear, you look awful, what s the matter with you ?

2) Yes, and I do hope you don’t mind my saying this

but you ve made one or two tiny mistakes.

3) Yes, it was quite good, and I’ve underlined the mistakes you’ve made.

4) Yes, I have.

XYIII. Социально-деловая сфера

Colleague: “Can you lend me some money?”

Peter: “ _______ ”

1) Nobody likes to lend money.

2) Sorry, but I’m short of money at the moment.

3) You see, money is not everything.

4) Yes, do, please.

XIX. Великобритания

Выберите один вариант ответа. Заполните пропуск.

_______ is a very large Gothic church in Central London. It is the traditional place of

coronation and burial site for English monarchs.

1) Southwark Cathedral 2) Westminster Cathedral

3) Westminster Abbey 4) Buckingam Palace


The USA consists of 50 _______.

1) states 2) counties

3) republics 4) districts

XXI. Канада

The Great Lakes are situated between Canada and _______.

1) Cuba 2) the USA

3) Great Britain 4) Mexico

XXII. Выдающиеся личности англо-говорящих стран

The Scottish man who lived most of his life in the USA, _______ , invented the telephone.

1) Benjamin Franklin 2) Christopher O’Donnell

3) James Dean 4) Alexander Bell

XXIII. Оформление делового письма

Расположите части делового письма в правильном порядке

1 – ___, 2 – ___, 3 – ___, 4 – ___, 5 – ___.


1) We thank you for your letter dated the 29th September and are pleased to send you our latest catalogue and the current price list. We shall send you a special offer as soon as we have your exact requirements.

2) George Finchley & Sons, 3) Yours faithfully,

68 Bond Street, London ____________

4 October 2003 Sally Blinton

Sales Manager

4) Dear Sirs,

5) Messrs Dickson & King,

9 Newgate Street, London


XXIV. Оформление конверта

Перед вами конверт. Соотнесите информацию под определенным номером на конверте с тем, что она обозначает.

1 – ___, 2 – ___, 3 – ___, 4 – ___, 5 – ___, 6 – ___.


(l) Midtec Cables Ltd,

Cotton Road,

(2) Exeter (3) EX4 9DT,

England (4) Mrs LRiith

(5) Golden Holidays

12 Cambridge Court

London (6) WC2H 8HF


Варианты ответов: a) the ZIP Code in the return address

b) the ZIP Code in the mailing address

c) the addressee

d) the addressee’s company name

e) the sender

f) the town the letter comes from


XXY. Оформление резюме (CV), письма-заявления (letter of application), письма-уведомления (letter of advice), письма-жалобы (letter of complaint),

письма-запроса (letter of inquiry/request), письма-извинения (letter of apology)

Определите, к какому виду делового документа относится представленный ниже отрывок.

Responsible for training and mentoring system technicians and system designers. Also responsible for ensuring that delegated tasks are done accurately, on-time, billed within budget, and performed within the scope of the contract. Must also oversee that safety sstandards are adhered to. Must maintain a high degree of regard to employee and subcontractor safety.

Варианты ответов:

1) Memo 2) Job advertisement

3) Contract 4) Letter of inquiry

XXYI. Оформление электронного сообщения (e-mail), факса (fax), служебной записки (memo), повестки дня (agenda).

Выберите слова или сочетания слов для заполнения пропусков так, чтобы они отражали особенности оформления служебной записки.

(1) _____ : Purchasing & Sales Supervisor

From : (2)_____

(3) _____ : Drinks and Beverages Co

Date : 1 Feb

Drinks and Beverages Co recently delivered our (4)_____. Unfortunately, we

ordered 75 kilos of tea and 60 kilos of coffee powder and they only sent us the tea. Please write and ask them to deliver the coffee powder as soon as possible.

Варианты ответов:

a) order No.378 b) Manager

c) To d) Subject


Прочитайте текст и выполните задания.



1. In all industrialised countries managers are typically recruited from university or postsecondary technical-school graduates. It is becoming rare for blue-collar workers without a college or technical school degree to rise beyond the level of first-line supervision into the ranks of higher management. As few graduates fresh out of a university or technical school have the experience necessary to assume broad-based or high-level managerial responsibilities, most organizations invest heavily in systematic management training and development efforts.

2. An initial part of the training involves socialization into the practices, values, and culture of the organization. Another source of training and development lies in the career paths and job rotation policies of the firm. A large multinational firm devised a 10-year management development plan for all its junior managers, assuming that within those 10 years the manager would change jobs at least five times. Each job change was expected to expose the junior manager to a different functional area, such as marketing, finance, technology or product development, and manufacturing and increase the number of people the manager supervised or the level of responsibility. This firm, like an increasing number of others, attempted to include international experience in the career path, especially for those young managers targeted early in their careers as having the potential to rise to the level of senior management.


3. Researchers have shown that managerial career patterns can be predicted quite accurately by the results of these early promotional outcomes. Some have used the analogy of a tournament to describe the process, in which “losing” at any step along the way significantly reduces one's chance of “winning” - that is, getting to the top of an organization or profession. Thus, a failure to get a promotion one expects often is a signal for the manager to look for opportunities in another organization.


“The work careers of managers and workers”, Encyclopaedia Britannica Deluxe Edition, 2004 CD-ROM


XXYII. Ознакомительное чтение с целью определения истинности утверждения

Определите, является ли утверждение «Higher education is an obligatory condition for promotion»:

1) истинным 2) ложным 3) в тексте нет информации

XXYIII. Ознакомительное чтение с целью определения ложности утверждения

Определите, является ли утверждение «Most firms set up special courses for professional training of their staff»:

1) истинным 2) ложным 3) в тексте нет информации


XXIX. Поисковое чтение с целью определения наличия в тексте запрашиваемой информации

Определите, является ли утверждение «There are firms which consider it necessary for their young managers to acquire international experience»:

1) истинным 2) ложным 3) в тексте нет информации


XXX. Поисковое чтение с целью определения наличия или отсутствия в тексте запрашиваемой информации

Определите, является ли утверждение «Only international experience in management can help office workers to get a promotion»:

1) истинным 2) ложным 3) в тексте нет информации


XXXI. Изучающее чтение с элементами анализа информации

Укажите, какой части текста (1, 2, 3) соответствует следующая информация

«New functional duties and responsibilities laid upon managers help firms to discover their potentials»:

1) 2 часть, 2) 1 часть, 3) 3 часть


XXXII. Изучающее чтение с элементами аннотирования

Укажите, какой части текста (1, 2, 3) соответствует следующая информация

«Any young manager is supposed to learn all he can about the company he is working for»:

1) 2 часть, 2) 1 часть, 3) 3 часть


XXXIII. Изучающее чтение с элементами сопоставления

Ответьте на вопрос: «What are the main sources of professional training and development for young managers?»

Варианты ответов:

1) Socialization into the practices of the organization and job rotation.

2) Post-graduate course.

3) University education.

4) Working for various international companies.


XXXIY. Изучающее чтение с выделением главных компонентов содержания текста

Определите основную идею текста.

Варианты ответов:

1) Variety of managerial duties and responsibilities.

2) Professional growth of managers and upgrading.

3) University education as a precondition for professional career.

4) Predictions of managerial career patterns.


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