LEG02 - Wood craft in Sibillini Park

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


LEG02 - Wood craft in Sibillini Park

Location:Amandola, province of Fermo, Marche region



Number of volunteers:15


Project summary:The workcamp will contribute to the maintenance of a collective good within the National Park of Monti Sibillini, through the discovery of local wood craft and the ancient myth of Sibilla Appenninica.


Project:The aims of the workcamp are the maintenance of the Centre of Environmental Education and the sensitization of the communities about the value of high quality handicraft, which represented a great richness for the territory that is being lost

Legambiente local group: Legambiente Sibillini was born in 2003; its main mission is the promotion and safeguard of the Monti Sibillini National Park as referring model of sustainable development. The local group is part of the Centre of Environmental Education “Fillide” and works with schools and youngsters, trying to raise ecologist awareness for the protection of their territory.

Work: The main working activity will be the renovation of the window fixtures; the volunteers will be guided by local carpenters.

Study part: there will be a presentation of the National Park with visits.

Accommodation and food: the volunteers will be hosted in the Centre for Environmental Education where they will be working. WiFi is available.

Location and leisure: Amandola is a medieval village, with valuable handicraft traditions, of 3700 inhabitants situated within 3 hills where there are structures of great artistic and historical value: the podestà tower with the historic theatre, S.Francesco church, the Capuchin monastery.

During free time the volunteers will visit the village and will make mountain excursions in the Park.

Language: English will be the official language in the camp.

Terminal: nearest airports are Roma Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci and Ancona Falconara Raffaello Sanzio. Nearest train station is Porto San Giorgio.

The latest bus from Porto San Giorgio is at 18.10.

LEG03 - Love the mountains in Orobie park

Location:Castello dell’Acqua, province of Sondrio, Lombardia region



Number of volunteers:8


Project summary:The Orobie Valtellinesi Mountains Park is a particular area, which needs maintenance and cures in order to keep it the beautiful place that it is today. Volunteers will be involved in different tasks, such as the maintenance of woods and pathways.


Project: Volunteers will be asked mostly to take care of pathways, which are very culturally important in the area because each of them leads to old mills and ethnographic sites (http://www.comune.castellodellacqua.so.it/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=23&Itemid=59).

Legambiente local group: Legambiente Lecco is made of young and dinamic people, mostly under 30. The main activity of this Legambiente group is the management of an hostel; moreover, it has campaigned against food waste and for the correct waste management.

Work: Volunteers will be asked to clean pathways, eliminate weed and take care of the woods. They will be working with the constant help of experienced voluntary people (local administrations volunteers) that will provide all the necessary tools.

Accommodation and food: Volunteers will be hosted in a hostel owned by the local administration.

Location and leisure: Volunteers will be shown all the places and costumes of the local farming culture. Teglio, a well-known locality famous for the making of Pizzoccheri, is near Castello dell’Acqua, as well as Tirano.

Specific Requirements: Predisposition to live, walk and work in the mountains.

Language: English will be the official language in the camp.

Terminal: Nearest airport: Orio al serio or Milano Malpensa. Nearest train station: Sondrio


LEG04 - RTO Park

Location:Carnago, province of Varese, Lombardia region

Date:21/06 – 04/07


Number of volunteers:10


Project summary:Volunteers will study the environment and maintain the paths’ net of the Park that was founded 10 year ago.


Project:For the 10th birthday of the Park Rile Tenore Olona (RTO), Legambiente and the local administration of Carnago decided to host an international workcamp for the promotion of the area and the protection of the environment.

Legambiente local group: Legambiente Varese Onlus, besides giving contributions to main Legambiente national campaigns, cares about the environment of the district of Varese since the eighties. Legambiente Varese coordinates 14 local groups of Legambiente volunteers and is the connection between local, regional and national offices of the association. It carries out several activities such as the management of natural areas, the organization of workcamps, environmental education addressed to youngest generations and promotion of environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Work: The work will mainly consist of maintenance of paths’ net, cleanings from weeds and rubbish, especially on the bike-road along the river.

Volunteers will be involved in the organization of a local festival, and they will take care of the sustainability of the event (as: reducing and collection of waste.)

Study part: Volunteers will participate in workshops and trainings on environment and sustainability. Main subject of the program will be the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of Soil. They will learn by doing a sustainable life style.

Accommodation and food: Volunteers will be hosted in a common room with camp-beds and they'll use a camp-kitchen. There will be an environmental friendly diet with local and seasonal products and little meat.

Location and leisure: The Park is located along the river Olona, immersed in the green of the first Pre-alpine foothills, in the lakes region and at the start of the great plan of the Po river. http://www.parco-rto.it/index.php. The Olona Valley is characterized from a typical vegetation of the Lombard moor; it is also rich in architectural beauties from medieval age to the renaissance. The river suffered for industrial pollution for decades but now there are a lot of enabled projects to restore the river's ecology.

In leisure time volunteers will make bike trips in the area and visit the lakes.

Participation fee:95 Euro

Language: English will be the official language in the camp. Italian speakers are welcome

Terminal: Malpensa Airport. Milano Cadorna Train Station


LEG05 –to be confirmed

Location:Prato, Tuscany region

Date:23/06 – 07/07


Number of volunteers:10



LEG06 - Valorisation of archeological heritage in Madonie Regional Park

Location:Petralia Sottana, province of Palermo, Sicilia region

Date:1 – 15/07


Number of volunteers:12


Project summary:In the heart of Madonie Regional Park in Sicily, the volunteers will clear an archeological area for the promotion of a responsible and sustainable tourism.


Project:the workcamp is part of a wider project which aims at raising the natural and touristic value of the Madonie Regional Park, through the creation of educational and environmental facilities and activities. The seasonal tourism linked to the winter sports will lead to the reduction and fragmentation of the natural areas with serious environmental damages. The purpose of the project is to divert this direction towards the safeguard of the territory and the valorization of the cultural and historic heritage as key to stimulate innovative quality and new economic trends, in respect of the mountain biodiversity.

Legambiente local group: the local group “Francesco Lojacono” sar born in 2007 in Palermo with the aim of safeguarding and promoting areas with natural and cultural value through awareness campaigns such as “Salvalarte” (save the art) and Solidarity and Environment, for the fruition of natural areas by disadvantaged people.

Work: the volunteers will clean an archaeological area, currently abandoned, from the weed; they will set new signals and promoting facilitires. They will also do fire monitoring in the Park and some renovation work in the Refuge and the surrounding area.

Study part: biodiversity of the Madonie Park, sustainable tourism and ancient traditions of Sicily, Mediterranean genesis and geology, climate change.

Accommodation and food: The volunteers will be hosted in Rifugio Il Grifone, a mountain refugee inside the Park, at 1500 meters above sea level.

Location and leisure: the Regional Park of Madonie, extended for 794 kmq in the north-centre of Sicily, includes the highest and most ancient mountains in the region. The workcamp will take place in Piano Battaglia that is the second highest Sicilian peak (1600 mt), after Etna Vulcan. It is situated in a wonderful natural frame: a wide karstic area in the heart of the Madonie mountains surrounded by an ancient beech forest.

In the free time, the volunteers will explore the Park - also through sport activities - and the villages at its feet, with their traditions and community life.

Specific Requirements: good will and attitude to live in mountains environment.

Language: English will be the official language in the camp.

Terminal: nearest airport and train station are in Palermo. Attention: the last bus from Palermo to Petralia Sottana is at 18.30 (at 17 on Sundays).


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