X 1 points) Ethics. In the following text five words are missing. Complete the text selecting the best variants for each gap. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D or E) in the boxes. 

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X 1 points) Ethics. In the following text five words are missing. Complete the text selecting the best variants for each gap. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D or E) in the boxes.


Easy tips in mobile phone etiquette


Respect the people around you when you (1) … or take a call in public. Use your mobile phone (2) … others. More than 100,000 calls a day are made to emergency (3) … by mobile phone users who report crimes and emergencies.

Follow the rules about mobile phone use. Some places, such as (4) … or aeroplanes, restrict or (5) … the use of mobile telephones.


a: make

b: prohibit

c: help

d: numbers

e: hospitals




2.2. (7 x 2 points) Read the article below about the history of the steel and metal industries in Sheffield, JK. Are sentences 1-7 on the opposite page Right' or "Wrong'? If there is not enough information to answer Right' or Wrong', choose 'Doesn't say'. For each sentence (1-7) mark one letter (А. В or C) in the box.




Franchising: ask the right questions and you should be on the road to success in your venture, advises Michael Весket.

Franchise operators seem to have a simple approach when it comes to recruiting - "Don't worry about what sort of work we're doing, just roll up your sleeves and gel down to it." Potential franchisees glancing through magazine advertisements could struggle to find out what line of business they are chasing because the wording is so vague.

It all seems to be a seller's market. Certainly the sector's profile - there are almost 680 franchise systems, operating in the UK - suggests business is booming. Figures released in the run-up to this week's Franchise Exhibition at the Wembley exhibition and conference centre show the industry is producing a turnover of £9 ½ billion a year and providing more than 326.000 jobs.

The initial start-up cost is now averaging £59,200 and the typical franchise is generating a turnover of almost £300,000 a year while 91% of franchises say they are making money.

It is impressive, but most of the large and reputable franchise operations complain they arc suffering from a shortage of "suitable applicants". More than 40% of franchisors say the biggest barrier to growth is a lack of franchisees they feel will make the grade.


1. It is simple to buy a franchise operation.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


2. Advertisements for franchises don't always make it clear what kind of business is involved.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


3. Franchising appears to be very successful in the UK.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


4. Each franchise operation makes about £9 ½ billion a year.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


5. The exhibition at Wembley provided around 326.000 jobs.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


6. You would need just under £60,000 to start a franchise operation.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


7. Franchises could grow faster if more money was invested in operations.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say




Points) Business documents. Choose the document the manager is referring to. Write in your answer into the box.


forms letters figures receipts post-it
copies invoices mail contracts questionnaires
memos report diagrams record trade journals


“Whenever I have important … to write, I usually draft them several times before finally sending them.”




X 3 points) Business documents. Read the memo and note below. Complete the claim form. Write a word or phrase (in CAPITAL LETTERS) or a number on lines 1 - 5 in the box.


TO: Barbara Sinclair

FROM: Peter Rogers

DATE: 25 May 2002

SUBJECT: Insurance Claim

Could you deal with this? It's our insurance claim, for the damage at the weekend. The insurance policy is in my name, and we bought the carpet for £300, although it will cost at least £500 to replace. Luckily our office carpets seem fine.



with compliments

Thank you for your recent phone call regarding flood damage in your photocopy room.

Could you please complete the attached form and return it to me as soon as possible.


Insurance Claim

NAME OF POLICY HOLDER: (1) __________


ITEM(S) TO BE REPLACED: (2) ___________

LOCATION OF ITEM(S): (3) ______________


CAUSE OF DAMAGE: (5) ______________

Date of damage: Sunday 19 May




X 2 points) Business documents. Read the text about the recruitment process and complete it with the words and expressions from the list. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D or E) in the boxes.


A (1) … of contract by one party of their (2) … entitles the other party to (3) … for (4) …or, in some cases, to seek specific performance. In such circumstances, the contract may be (5) … (in other words, it becomes invalid).


a: sue

b: contractual liability

c: damages

d: voided

e: breach




X 3 points) Meetings. Look at the agenda for a decision-making meeting and decide what statements were made at stage 3. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D, or E) in the boxes.


AGENDA   13. Objective 14. Priorities 15. Data analysis 16. Alternatives 17. Pros & cons 18. Final decision


a: So, that’s it – we’re going ahead with the project.

b: Have a look at these figures.

c: On the other hand, market research takes time.

d: We are here to decide whether to go ahead with this project.

e: As you can see, client feedback is very positive.


a b c d e


X 2 points) Meetings. In the following sentences words are missing. Complete the sentences selecting the best variants. Write your answers (letters A, B, or C) in the boxes.


1) The language of meetings: Perhaps I didn’t make myself ….


a: clear

b: saying

c: point


2) The language of meetings: If I could just finish what I was ….


a: saying

b: disagree

c: understand


3) The language of meetings: OK, let’s move ….


a: on

b: break

c: point




Раздел 3.

Иностранный язык для профессиональных и академических целей. English for professional and academic purposes.


X 2 points) Read the article below about a highly successful company. For each question (1-6) on the opposite page, choose the correct answer. Mark one letter (А. В or C) in the box.




In America and Britain the latest boom industry is nostalgia. Everywhere we look we seem to see businesses popping up that help us relive our past. The fashion and music industries are at the forefront with platform shoes and disco music making amazing comebacks. Remembering days gone by bring back memories of old school friends and we naturally wonder where they arc and what they are doing. It was thoughts such as these that Julie Pankhurst had when she was expecting her first child. Amber. Julie started wondering what her old school mates were up to and if any of them had started a family. She came up with an idea to create a website to help people contact old friends. Julie had a background in computer programming and felt creating the website would also keep her busy during her pregnancy. "What resulted was an unexpected multimillion pound online success story called Friends Reunited.

Julie's husband Steve, who was a computer consultant at the time, helped her develop the site. It was based on a simple database system which listed every school in the country. All you had to do was register first and then you could read the message boards and look up people from your old school. Friends Reunited went online in July 2000 and in the beginning had about 20 registrations a day. In January, Friends Reunited was featured on Steve Wright's radio show as Site of the Day. Within six months, half a million people had registered. Up until then the site had been free, but Steve and Julie began charging £5 to offset administration costs. Membership registration reached one million two months later, and today, Friends Reunited is one of the top 10 visited sites in Great Britain.


  1. Friends Reunited is:


a) a computer programme

b) a high street store

c) an Internet website


  1. Who had the original idea for Friends Reunited?


a) Steve b) Julie c) Amber


  1. What is the purpose of Friends Reunited?


a) To help old friends get in touch.

b) То make money out of e-businesses.

c) То help investors make more money.


  1. How many people used Friends Reunited per day when it started?


a) 2000 b) 200 c) 20


  1. What helped Friends Reunited become so popular?


a) The fact that membership was free.

b) It was mentioned on a radio show.

c) Members could leave messages for friends.


  1. How long did it take before Friends Reunited had one million members?


a) 2 months b) 6 months c) 14 months.



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