X 1 points) Ethics. In the following text seven words are missing. Complete the text selecting the best variants for each gap. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D, E, F or G) in the boxes. 

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X 1 points) Ethics. In the following text seven words are missing. Complete the text selecting the best variants for each gap. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D, E, F or G) in the boxes.


Mobile phone etiquette


Respect the people around you when you (1) … or take a call in public. Remember that sometimes (2) … your phone (3) … may be the best solution. Use the messaging feature to (4) … and receive text messages (5) … saying a word. (6) … your conversations quiet and (7) ….


a: make

b: off

c: brief

d: without

e: keep

f: send

g: turning




2.2. (7 x 2 points) Read the article below about a court case against a large company. Are sentences 1-7 ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’? If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’, choose 'Doesn't say'. For each sentence (1-7) mark one letter (А, В or C) in the box.


Vidal Sassoon gets in lather with P&G

Vidal Sassoon, the 1960s hairdressing icon, says he is to sue consumer products company Procter & Gamble. He has taken them to court, in the US district court for the central district of Los Angeles, for failing to promote hair care products carrying his name and for breaking their contract.

"I feel betrayed," Mr Sassoon said in a statement. "They assured me that my name represented a billion-dollar brand, and 1 trusted their marketing- Instead, they systematically ruined sales of my products."

Procter & Gamble, however, said it was "disappointed" that Mr Sassoon had chosen to bring the case against them. "We have consistently supported this business and we don't believe his case is valid," the company said.

Vidal Sassoon claims that P&G neglected his brand in favour of other brands such as Pantene. The reason for this was that P&G have to pay royalties to Vidal Sassoon for the use of his name; this is not the case with Pantene products. Pantene is now the world's biggest hair care brand.

A spokesman for Mr Sassoon said the Sassoon product range, including shampoos, gels, sprays and conditioners, had worldwide sales of nearly $470m at its peak in 1995.

Sassoon's lawyers are asking for the termination of Sassoon's contract, and an unspecified amount of money for damages.


1. Vidal Sassoon comes from Los Angeles.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


2. Sassoon claims that Procter & Gamble have stopped promoting products with his name on them.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


3. Procter S Gamble promised Sassoon a billion dollars.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


4. Procter & Gamble think Sassoon may have a case against them.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


5. It is more expensive for Procter & Gamble to promote Vidal Sassoon products than Pantene products.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


6. Vidal Sassoon claims that his products are better quality than Pantene.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


7. Sassoon's lawyers want to continue the contract with Procter & Gamble.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say




X 2 points) Business documents. Read the personal assistant's notes and the business card below. Complete the request form.Write a word or phrase (in CAPITAL LETTERS) or a number on lines 1- 5 in the box.


5 July 2010

7.15 p.m.

Phone call from Mr Wilson

Tomorrow morning, first thing:

- Send off form to insurance company, ask for information on company health scheme. Put Mr Wilson's name and details on form.


• Mr W has his own personal insurance cover

Renewal month - February.

• Put 'Not applicable' for date of birth

Mr W’s evening tel no 01597 74822



FORWARD CONSULTANTS Unit 14 Kerryway Business Estate Freemans Road Parktown PT3 0HY Phone: 01584 789 914 Fax: 01584 789926 Jeremy Wilson Managing Director  


Deerford Health Trust

For an idea of cost or further details simply complete your details below and return this coupon to us.


Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) MR

First Name (1) ____________________________

Surname WII.SON

Address (2) _____________________




Postcode PT3 0HY

Date of birth NOT APPLICABLE

Telephone number (day) (3) _______________________

Telephone number (evening) (4) ____________________

Do you already have private health cover? Yes / No

If so, which month is the renewal date? (5) ______________

If you own a business, are you interested in a company health scheme?

Yes / No



Points) Business Documents. Choose the document the manager is referring to. Write in your answer into the box.


forms letters figures receipts post-it
copies invoices mail contracts questionnaires
memos report diagrams record trade journals


“One thing I can’t stand is filling in … – they never give you enough space to write your answers!”




X 2 points) Business Documents. Read the text about the recruitment process and complete it with the words and expressions from the list. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H) in the boxes.


The essential elements of a contract are: (a) that an (1) …made by one party should be (2) … by the other; (b) (3) … (the price in money, goods or some other (4) …, paid by one party in exchange for another party agreeing to do something); (c) the (5) …to create legal relations. The (6) …of a contract may be (7) … (clearly stated) or (8) … (not clearly stated in the contract, but generally understood).


a: terms

b: offer

c: accepted

d: intention

e: express

f: implied

g: reward

h: consideration




X 3 points) Meetings. Look at the agenda for a decision-making meeting and decide what statements were made at stage 2. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D, or E) in the boxes.


AGENDA   7. Objective 8. Priorities 9. Data analysis 10. Alternatives 11. Pros & cons 12. Final decision  


a: Have a look at these figures.

b: What we’ve agreed, then, is to start marketing this service now.

c: Another alternative is to offer the service on a trial basis.

d: The most important thing is: can we make this profitable?

e: Above all, we must be sure there’s a market for our service.


a b c d e


X 1 points) Meetings. In the following sentences words are missing. Complete the sentences selecting the best variants. Write your answers (letters A, B, or C) in the boxes.


1) The language of meetings: What do you …?


a: point

b: saying

c: think


2) The language of meetings: With respect, you don’t quite seem to ….


a: clear

b: understand

c: mean


3) The language of meetings: I agree with you up to a ….


a: business

b: point

c: today




Раздел 3.

Иностранный язык для профессиональных и академических целей. English for professional and academic purposes.


X 2 points) Read the advertisement below for UK online tor business. For each question (1-6) choose the correct answer. Mark one letter (А, В or C) in the box.

UK-online for business

There has already been a steady increase in technology pick-up with 91 percent of UK businesses now having access to the Internet, 80 percent having a web site and over half of businesses ordering online. Over the coming years it is likely businesses will want to focus on integrating ICTs into every part of a business — one that builds on a framework of people, process and technology.

However, there are still many businesses that do not have the expertise, time or resources to tap into these opportunities and need guidance on taking the next steps, and help is at hand.

UK online for business, a DTI (Department of Trade and Industry)-led partnership between Government and industry, was set up to offer this support and advice and promote the benefits and role of ICTs and e-commerce.

Through a network of nearly 400 advisers, based within the Business Links, UK online for business annually offers practical, impartial and cost effective advice to around 100,000 organisations.

Businesses of all sizes and with different levels of ICT usage have been helped, ranging from firms taking the first steps to get online, through to those wanting to fully integrate technologies into their business.

As well as providing advice through one-to-one surgeries, the programme also has a large range of resources providing guidance and support on technology-based issues and topics. These include informative CD-ROMs, a series of publications and business planning tools, many of which are available, or can be ordered, from www.ukonlictforbusiness.gov.uk.

The web site also has dedicated sections on technologies such as broadband and issues such as e-security and there arc case studies that demonstrate how other companies have successfully integrated technology into their business.

Regional events, tailored to local business needs, arc also held to raise awareness and provide an understanding of the benefits of e-business.

To find your local adviser and fox further information on the programme and resources, call UK online for business Infoline on 0845 715 2000 or visit the web site.


1. How many UK businesses now order products via the Internet?


a) Approximately 80%. b) Around 90%. c) More than 50%.


2. Many companies do not:


a) want to use the new technology in their business.

b) have the people and time to start using ICT.

c) have the opportunities to talk about using ICT.


3. UK online for business exists to advise:


a) the government on how many businesses use ICT.

b) business people on how they can use ICT.

c) ompanies on how to change over to e-commerce.


4. UK online tor business can help:


a) only businesses starting to use ICT now.

b) businesses selling technological products.

c) any company wanting to use ICT more.


5. Advice is available:


a) in several different ways.

b) through the Internet only.

c) through training programmes.


6. UK online for business can also:


a) provide training in your local area.

b) put you in contact with other companies.

c) provide you with e-security software.





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