The Infinitive. Its forms and functions 

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The Infinitive. Its forms and functions

9. State the function of the Infinitive. Translate the sentences

1.You are given the best tools to examine your industry.

2.You will have the information necessary to compile your Industry analysis.

3. Naturally, you will need to do some research to get this information.

4. Do you want to focus on a description of your industry?

5. Your business may belong to more than one sector.

6. It’s useful to note your sector’s patterns.

7. A customer begins to recognize the need for this product.


10. Translate the sentences paying attention to the Infinitive

1. To do so, you want to convey your own sense of optimism about your


2. Investors have an excellent chance to get their money back.

3. Your plan is likely to end up in the hands of someone else.

4. The tone of the synopsis Summary tends to be rather dry.

5. Your goal in the Executive Summary is to motivate and entice the reader.

6. Bullet points can also be used effectively in the Summary.

11. Translate the sentences with SPLIT INFINITIVE

1. How to painlessly deal with numbers and financial forms.

2. To fully appreciate the advantages of this book you must read it up to the end. 3. Your Business Plan must be carefully and thoughtfully developed.

4. In order to fully appreciate the advantages of this book, you must read it up to the end.

5. You need to realistically project the period of time by which new competitors will break these barriers.

6. You must keep emotions from clouding your ability to properly examine your financial reports.

7. It should be large enough to profitably sustain your business.


11. Translate the sentences with the FOR- PHRASES

1. The students were waiting for the professor to explain some aspects of the

economical theory.

2. It is for you to choose which of the four methods to use.

3. It was for her to decide whether to repeat that experiment or not.

4. It is also good for businesses to have one dominant element.

5. Nearly a month is required for the Moon to cycle the Earth.

6. It is very good for the students to repeat the material before the exam.

7. This is a good possibility for us to utilize the electronic equipment for

speeding up the process of calculation.

12.home reading

For further reading on the given topic we recommend Supplementary texts on pages141-142

Time for fun

13. What do you think of the following?

– Write in your heart that every day is the best day of the year.

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

– The secret of a long life is double careers. One to about age 60, then another for the next 30 years. David Ogibvy.

Can you implement them in your life?



_____________________________________________________ Lesson 12

Read the text



1. Evaluate the data you’ve collected. Once you start compiling information, you might feel you have more facts than you know what to do with. Here are a few tips to keep in mind about the information you gather:

- Use the most recent data you can find; printed information is often two years old and a lot can change in two years.

- Translate data into units rather than dollars whenever possible. Due to inflation, dollars may not give you consistent information from year to year.

- Give the most reliable source the most credence. Generally, the larger the group sampled for information, or the more respected the organization that conducted the research, the more trustworthy the numbers you collect.

- Integrate data from one source to another in order to draw conclusions. However, make sure the information is from the same time period and is consistent; small variations can lead to vastly inaccurate results.

- Use the most conservative figures. *Naturally, you’ll be tempted to paint the brightest picture possible1, but such information often leads to bad business decisions.

2. Bring your Business concept into focus. Once you complete your initial research efforts, but before you lay out the specific components of your plan, re-examine your business concept. In light of the information you now have, check to see if your idea, as originally conceived, needs to be modified or refocused.

3. The business planning process is a learning process; it is appropriate for you to adapt your business in response to your increased knowledge.

4. Now it is the time to ask yourself some hard questions, such as:

· Can the business be viable?

· Does a real market exist?

· Is there too much competition already?

· How does the financial picture look?


5. Consistent business focus. To clarify your company’s focus, as part of the business plan process you should define a Statement of Mission (or Mission Statement). This Mission Statement should guide your company’s short-term activities and long-term strategy, position your marketing, and influence your internal policies. Such a Mission Statement, however, cannot be developed until you have conducted your basic industry and market researches. To make the people know more about your business and to better attract potential customers you should place it then on the back of your visiting card.

EValuating your business industry
This worksheet, which should be completed after conducting your initial research, helps you further refine your focus and determine whether your business idea is viable. In answering the questions, be honest, and be tough. Mark the proper answer with a check (√). Your Business Industry How economically healthy is your business industry or sector ___________ _______________________________________________________________ Explain how your industry/sector is sensitive to economic fluctuations____ _______________________________________________________________ Yes No Are the forecasts for your industry or sector positive?   Your Product/Service Yes No Is your product or service viable? Can it be developed in a reasonable period of time? Are the costs of development prohibitive? Are necessary supply and support systems established?   Your Market Yes No Is your market clearly identifiable? Is your market large enough to support your business? Is your market too large, and the costs to reach it prohibitive? Is your market growing, shrinking, or remaining stable? Is your market ready? Is your product/service too new for customers? Do customers have strong loyalty to existing companies? Is it costly for customers to convert to your product or service? Does your product/service integrate easily with existing products or services?   Your Competition How formidable is your competition?_______________________________ Yes No Do one or two competitors dominate the market? Is market share widely distributed, making it easier to get a foothold? Is there a competitor with “deep pockets” who can drive you out?________ What barriers to market entry will your future competitors face? _________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  


Explanations to the text

1. Naturally, you’ll be tempted to paint the brightest picture possible… – Ecтecтвeннo, вы иcпытaeтe иcкyшeниe нapиcoвaть как можно бoлee яpкyю кapтинy…

2. Bringing your business concept into focus. – Bыдвигaя cвoю кoнцeпцию (идeю) бизнеса.

3. Key vocabulary / expressions

be tough [ tÙf] – быть cтoйким, yпopным

compile [kәm´pail] – v собирать

conceive [ kәn´si:v] – v пoнимaть, пocтигaть

credence [´kredәns] – n дoвepиe

drive smb. out – изгнать, выдворить

formidable [´fo:midәbl] – adj. труднопреодолимый

get a foothold – проникнуть, протиснуться

inventory [ in´ventәri] – n товар, инвентарь

make expenditures [iks´pendit∫әz]– нести расходы

overheads – n накладные

retail [ri´teil] – v продавать(ся) в розницу

shrink [∫riηk] – v (shrank[∫ræηk], shrunk [∫rÙηk]) coкpaщaтьcя

tips – n свeдeния; совет; be at one’s fingertips быть в чьем-л. распоряжении

trustworthy [´trÙstֽwз:θi] – adj. достойный дoвepия

vastly [´va:stli] – adv. значительнo, в знaчитeльнoй cтeпeни

vulnerable [´vÙlnәrәbl] – adj. уязвимый

Phonetic drill.

[∫] sociology, special, official, financial, ancient, depreciation

[s] process, concept, perception, specific, recipient, license, medicine

Prepositional phrasal verbs.


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