Discuss the following cases of simile

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Discuss the following cases of simile

1. The menu was rather less than a panorama, indeed, it was as repetitious as a snore.

2. The topic of the Younger Generation spread through the company like a yawn.

3. She was obstinate as a mule, always had been, from a child. (G.)

4. Children! Breakfast is just as good as any other meal and I won't have you
gobbling like wolves. (Th. W.)

 5. Six o'clock still found him in indecision. He had had no appetite for lunch and the muscles of his stomach fluttered as though a flock of sparrows was beating their wings against his insides. (Wr.)

6. And the cat, released, leaped and perched on her shoulder: his tail swinging like a baton, conducting rhapsodic music (T.C.)

7. You could have knocked me down with a feather when he said all those things to me. I felt just like Balaam when his ass broke into light conversation.

8. Dorset Hotel was built in the early eighteen hundreds and my room, like many an elderly lady, looks its best in subdued light.

9. He ached from head to foot, all zones of pain seemingly interdependent. He was rather like a Christmas tree whose lights wired in series, must all g out if even one bulb is defective.

10. Indian summer is like a woman. Ripe, hotly passionate, but fickle, she comes and goes as she pleases so that one is never sure whether she will come at all nor for how long she will stay.


Paper 9


1. What is periphrasis?

2. What are the types of periphrasis?


3. Define the periphrases in the sentences and state their type:

1. Gargantuan soldier named Dahoud picked Ploy by the head and scrutinized this convulsion of dungarees and despair whose feet thrashed a yard above the deck.

2. His face was red, the back of his neck overflowed his collar and there had recently been published a second edition of his chin. (P. G. W.)

3. His huge leather chairs were kind to the femurs. (R W.)

4. "But Pickwick, gentlemen, Pickwick, this ruthless destroyer of this domestic oasis in the desert of Goswell street!" (D.)

5. He would make some money and then he would come back and marry his dream from Hack wood. (Er.)

6. The habit of saluting the dawn with a bend of the elbow was a hangover from college fraternity days. (W. G.)

7. I took my obedient feet away from him (W. G.) .

8. I got away on my hot adolescent feet as quickly as I could. (W. G.)

9. I am thinking an unmentionable thing about your mother. (I. Sh.)

10. Jean nodded without turning and slid between two vermilion-coloured buses so that two drivers simultaneously used the same qualitative word. (G.)

11. During the previous winter I had become rather seriously ill with one of those carefully named difficulties which are the whispers of approaching age.  

12. A child had appeared among the palms, about a hundred yards along the beach. He was a boy of perhaps six years, sturdy and fair, his clothes torn, his face covered with a sticky mess of fruit. His trousers had been lowered for an obvious purpose and had only been pulled back half-way. (W. G.)

13. When I saw him again, there were silver dollars weighting down his eyes.

14. She was still fat after childbirth; the destroyer of her figure sat at the head of the table. (A B.)

15."Did you see anything in Mr. Pickwick's manner and conduct towards the opposite sex to induce you to believe all this?" (D.)

16. Bill went with him and they returned with a tray of glasses, siphons and other necessaries of life.(Ch.)

17. It was the American, whom later we were to learn to know and love as the Gin Bottle King, because of a great feast of arms performed at an early hour in the morning with a container of Mr. Gordon's celebrated product, as his sole weapon. (H)

18. Naturally, I jumped out of the tub, and before I had thought twice, ran out into the living room in my birthday suit. (B. M)

19. For a single instant, Birch was helpless, his blood curdling in his veins at the imminence of the danger, and his legs refusing their natural and necessary office. (T.C)

Paper 10

1. What do syntactical stylistic devices deal with?

2. What are the groups of syntactical stylistic devices?

3. What is the difference between grammatical and stylistic inversion?

4. What are the most frequently used patterns of inversion?

5. What is detachment?

6. What are the functions of inversion and detachment?

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