Translate the sentences in writing. Indicate the types of cases of play on words, how it is created, what effect it adds to the utterance

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Translate the sentences in writing. Indicate the types of cases of play on words, how it is created, what effect it adds to the utterance

1. After a while and a cake he crept nervously to the door of the parlour.

2. There are two things I look for in a man. A sympathetic character and full lips.

3. Dorothy, at my statement, had clapped her hand over mouth to hold down laughter and chewing gum.

4. I believed all men were brothers; she thought all men were husbands. I gave the whole mess up.

5. When I am dead, I hope it may be said: "His sins were scarlet, but his books were read."

6. Most women up London nowadays seem to furnish their rooms with nothing but orchids, foreigners and French novels.

7. "Someone at the door," he said, blinking.

"Some four, I should say by the sound," said Filly.

8. My mother was wearing her best grey dress and gold brooch and a faint pink flush under each cheek bone.

9. "There is only one brand of tobacco allowed here — "Three nuns". None today, none tomorrow, and none the day after."

10."Good morning," said Bilbo, and he meant it. The sun was shining and the grass was very green.

1l.He may be poor and shabby, but beneath those ragged trousers beats a heart of gold.

12. Men, pals, red plush seats, white marble tables, waiters in white aprons. Miss Moss walked through them all.

13. I'm full of poetry now. Rot and poetry. Rotten poetry.


Paper 5

1. What are the components of the lexical meaning of the word?

2. What stylistic devices are based on the interaction between the logical and the nominal meanings of the word?

3. What groups of antonomasia are there?

Give your examples of antonomasia.


Analyze the following cases of antonomasia

1. "You cheat, you no - good cheat - you tricked our son. Took our with a scheming trick, Miss Tomboy, Miss Sarcastic, Miss Sneerface."

2.  A stout middle - aged man, with enormous owl-eyed spectacles, was sitting... on the edge of a great table. I turned to him.

"Don't ask me," said Mr. Owl Eyes washing his hands of the whole matter.

3. To attend major sports event most parents have arrived. A Colonel Sidebotham was standing next to Prendergast, firmly holding the tape with "FINISH". "Capital," said Mr. Prendergast and dropping his end of the tape, he sauntered to the Colonel. "I can see you are a fine judge of the race, sir. So was I once. So's Grimes. A capital fellow. Grimes; a bounder, you know, but a capital fellow. Bounders can be capital fellows; don't you agree Colonel Slidebottom.. I wish you'd stop pulling at my arm. Pennyfeather. Colonel Shybottom and I are just having a most interesting conversation."

4.”Her mother is perfectly unbearable. Never met such a Gorgon."

"I don't really know what a Gorgon is like, but I am quite sure, that Lady Bracknell is one. In any case, she is a monster without being a myth." (O.W.)

5. Our secretary is Esther D'Eath. Her name is pronounced by vulgar relatives as Dearth, some of us pronounce it Deeth. (S.Ch.)

6. When Omar P. Quill died, his solicitors referred to him always as O.P.Q. Each reference to O.P.Q. made Roger think of his grandfather as the middle of the alphabet. (G.M.)

7. "Your fur and his Caddy are a perfect match." "I respect history: don't you know that Detroit was founded by Sir Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, French fur trader." (J.O'H.)

8. Now let me introduce you - that's Mr. What's - his - name, you remember him, don't you? And over there in the corner, that's the Major, and there's ;Mr. What - d'you - call - him, and that's  an American. (E.W.)

9. Cats and canaries had added to the already stale house an entirely new dimension of defeat. As I stepped down, an evil-looking Tom slid by us into the house.

10. Kate kept him because she knew he would do anything in the world if he were paid to do it or was afraid not do it. She had   no illusions about him. In her business Joes were necessary.
11.    In the moon-landing year what choice is there for Mr. and Mrs. Average - the programme against poverty or the ambitious NASA project?


Paper 6

1. What are the basic features of epithet?

2. What is the difference between epithet and logical attribute?

3. What is the semantic classification of epithet?

4. What structural types of epithet are there?

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