Write a letter to the company asking them to consider your sponsorship. Use the guidelines below to help you. 

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Write a letter to the company asking them to consider your sponsorship. Use the guidelines below to help you.

Dear …

(Opening paragraph) I am a member of a team … (give details) currently working on (present the project in general terms). I am contacting you because … (introduce the idea of their possible interest in the project)

(In the second paragraph, outline the project giving dates, times and activities. Give specific reasons why the project should interest the company, including possible media coverage, customer appeal, etc.)

(In the closing paragraph, say how you hope the project will be of interest to the company.)

(Closing formalities and signature)


c)   Writing E-mail

E-mail, or electronic mail, is how messages are sent over the Internet, and is increasingly common. Unlike telephone calls, e-mail is useful for differences in time zones and messages can be read when the receiver is ready.

This is an e-mail confirming that two colleagues will meet at the conference.


Write E-mail to a membea  

Task 4


a) Holding a conference

The theme is – Distribution and relative number of living beings on Earth. Students split into two or three groups and choose a chairperson in each, who is responsible for keeping an eye on time, for opening and closing an event.  He can also ask questions to clear up some points and interrupt the speaker politely if he doesn’t speak to the point.

The other participants choose the topic to speak about and try to cover all important factors determining the abundance of organisms on Earth.


Preparing the speech you should think carefully how to structure your presentation.

In the introduction you should tell the audience what you are going to say. Use the

sequencing words to explain the sequence. Keep in mind six key points on Preparation of your presentation: Objectives, Organization, Audience, Content, Visual information, Practice.

Don’t write the presentation, but make notes to help you remember what you

want to say. Your presentation can be considered successful if the message was clear and easy to follow; if you were fluent in your speech and didn’t make many mistakes.

Useful  language:



1. Introducing the topic

This morning | I’m going to … (talk about)

Today       | I’d like to … (describe…)

The aim of my presentation this morning

is to … (explain)

I’ve divided my presentation into …

My talk will be in …   | (three parts).

First, | I’d like to (give you an overview of …)

Second,  | I’ll | move on to …;

Then,    |     | focus on …;

After that, |     | deal with …

Finally,     | we’ll | consider …


2. Referring to questions

Feel free to | interrupt me if there’s anything             |you don’t understand

If you don’t mind, we’ll leave questions till the end.


3. Introducing each section

So, let’s start with … (objectives)

Now let’s move on to … (the next part)

Let’s turn our attention to … (the question of)

This leads me to … (my third point)

Finally … (let’s consider)


5. Referring backwards and forwards

I mentioned earlier (the importance of …)

I’ll say more about this later.

We’ll come back to this point lather.



4. Summarizing a section

That completes my … (description of)

So,to summarize…(There are five key points…)


7. Visual information

This screen shows… (a diagram)

If you look at this graph you can see

What is interesting in this slide is …

I’d like to draw your attention to … (this chart)


6. Checking understanding

Is that clear?

Are there any questions?


8. Common knowledge

As you know …

As I’m sure you’re aware …


9. Concludin g

That concludes my talk.

That brings me to the end of my presentation.

If you have any questions I’d be pleased/I’ll do best to answer them.

Thank you for your attention.


10. Questions

That’s a good point.

I’m glad you asked that question.

Can I get back to you on that later? I’m afraid I don’t have … (the information at present)

I’m afraid I’m not the right person to answer that.


b) Produce a report summarizing the main findings during the conference.

Reports should be well-structured and easy to read. They include an introduction, the main body and a conclusion.

The introduction should explain what the report is about. The main body examines the issues or problem in detail. The conclusion summarizes the main points of the report.

Task 6


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