Writing your personal statement. 

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Writing your personal statement.

 a) Read Alexander’s personal statement  and choose the correct word to fill each gap.

control - responsibility - licence - position - course - activity - opportunity - work – aim – part - familiar – attending- meeting


Name: Alexander  Bobrov


 I have always been interested in the role of wildlife in a modern world and my 1……….. is to find 2 ………. in this area. I have always enjoyed taking part in any kind of 3 ………. which deals with wildlife, and I have used every 4 ………. to realize my ambitions. I have even taken a 5 ………. in animal welfare, and I went on a safari tour with an organized expedition two years ago. I like reading, skiing and travelling to European countries, 6 ……….people of different nationalities. I am in possession of a current driving 7 ………. and am 8 ………. with a range of existing computer software. At the moment I am 9 ………. a training course in English two times a week in the evening. I think that the knowledge of foreign languages today is important in many 10 ………. of our daily life. I will have finished my full-time education  this year and I would be free to take up a11 ………. after that time.

I am emotionally stable and I enjoy working as  a 12……….  of a team but I would welcome taking on 13 ………. for others.


b) Write a personal statement for yourself, change the details in the model so that they apply to you.


Name: ………………………………………….

For a long time I have been dreaming about ………………………………………..

and my ambition is to find work in this field.


c) Writing a letter of application

Try to finish a letter of application for Alexander. Some gaps require more than one word.




VODLOZERSKY  NATIONAL PARK requires an assistant to the Director to aid in its daily running and in the planning of the future projects.

 Interviews to take place in July

Post becomes vacant in September



Please send your CV and personal statement.



Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to apply for the job of 1 ………. advertised in 2 ………..

I realize that the successful 3 ………. will be required to 4 ………. the position in 5 ………., which would fully 6 ………. me.

Please find 7 ………. my 8 ………. and 9 ………., together with my completed 10 ………..

I look 11 ………..

Yours 12 ………,


Alexander Bobrov



d) Look at the advertisement in the Moscow News and the one in the Kaliningradskaya Pravda. Choose the job you would like to have in summer and write your letter of application in 120 – 180 words:



PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH   If you are students and dream to spend summer months in England you have a chance to win a trip to England. Elderly people need your help. You will have good conditions and pay. All expenses paid. We want information about your level of English, experience with the elderly. Letters of application should be sent to: Dr Ingrid Nelson, Morning Star Estate, PO Box 158 Short-listed applicants will be called for interview in May.  
Animals need your care!   We are looking for students for temporary summer work. If you love animals you have an opportunity to realize yourself in this area as an assistant to animal-keeper in our Zoo. You would be responsible for looking after the general welfare of wild animals, for feeding them and helping the workers of the Zoo in other ways. We ensure you will have positive emotions and some sort of adrenalin! You are required to have experience with animals, to be available during the day on some days and on others – in evenings, to have patience and good communication skills. Send your letters of application to Personnel Manager of the Kaliningrad Zoo.  





Task 2

a) Writing a CV.

When you apply for a job, your CV can put you in a strong position.

It should be -word-processed

               -printed on good quality paper

               -no longer than two pages of A4 paper

You should include:

1. Personal details (only essential information) – who you are and how to contact you.

2. Education

3. Work experience. It is advisable to stress your achievements.

4. Positions of responsibility (you might be the leader of a university’s student trade union with a number of responsibilities etc.).

5. Skills (for example, working knowledge of German or current clean driving licence). Try to be positive about your ability and experience.

6. Interests

7. Referees (an academic referee or an employer). First, you should get your referees’ permission informing them what you are applying for and what you would like them to stress in a reference.


b) Below are sections of a CV. Match them with the headings in the box and put them into the correct order.

a Skills b Interests c Work experience


d Referees e Address f Education


g Personal details h Positions of responsibility




2010 - 2013

Laboratory Assistant, KTU,


Responsible for keeping laboratory

equipment in order, preparing chemical

reagents for lab.experimens. This position

required punctuality, relevant skills and

professional knowledge.   



69, Gagarin Street

Kaliningrad, Russia,





Good knowledge of

German. Good computer

skills. Clean driving licence.                         



Andrej Maketsky    


University of St.Petersburg

Neva Aven.6, St.Petersburg




Captain of University basketball team.

Editor of university students’ newspaper



2011- present: Master Degree in

Biological Studies,

University of St.Petersburg 

Specialist subject: biology,  

chemistry, ecology

2007 – 2010

Bachelor Degree,

University of St.Petersburg



Konstantin Zuev

Date of Birth: 11.03.1988   



Sports: basketball, archery.

Music: I sing in a choir.


c) Following the guidelines above, prepare your own CV.    



Task 3

a) Speaking: Convincing a sponsor

Many companies contribute money towards activities to maintain their image or to create a new image. Think of an ecological project which needs sponsorship and choose a company (it might be an international company) to approach for sponsorship. Decide what your project can offer the company and prepare the arguments that you will use to persuade them to sponsor your project as: if it has a logical link with the company; if it is unique or one of many similar things on offer; what kind of media coverage the project offers (for example, local press, TV, company name/logo on T- shirts, programmes etc.); what the chances of it being successful are; etc.

 Examples of a project:

Tree planting event

                     You are members of a local environmental group

which takes care of green parts of big cities and

organizes trees planting in city areas. You are planning

a ‘tree planting’ event in the central square of your

city. You need sponsorship to buy the trees, bushes

and flowers. You intend to put the sponsors’ names

on plaques mounted in front of each tree.

Important local politicians will be at the event and might

participate in the action itself.





You are in charge of organizing an exhibition of photos and invite those who would like to try themselves in photography. The subject matter of the exhibition is wild life. The purpose is to attract attention from our society to rare species in nature and thus, through pieces of art to raise a problem of wild life protection. You are looking for sponsorship to finance programs, catalogues, reproductions etc. You have invited representatives of local administration from Art Sector.



An environmental case

 You are members of a local environmental group which participates in “sea shore cleaning from garbage campaign”. Local journalists have agreed to write articles aimed at raising awareness of the scheme. This could also initiate other projects and attract our society’s attention to the possibility of plastics recycling plant building not far from our sea. In such case it could be cheaper to carry the garbage from the shore and could minimize the amount of plastics along the sea-shore.

b) Writing a letter:


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