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Банки и оплата по банковской системе.



What am I going to do after school or university? Maybe I should consider a job in the world of banking. There's a surprisingly wide range to choose from — for example, I could work for a high-street bank. Let us see what's what and who's who. If to take the roof off a high-street bank, one can reveal that lots of people work behind the scenes in banks. There's the clerical staff (sometimes called bank clerks), and their job includes sorting cheques, making sure that each customer receives a statement of his/ her account each month, keeping detailed up-to-date records of all bank's business.

The Enquiries, Desk. This is where you go if you need advice about the bank's services.

The Manager. This is the person in charge of the bank. She or he: (a) gives customers advice about their finances, (b) makes sure that the bank and its staff are working properly.

The Small-Business Adviser. Banks provide a wide range of services to their customers. This includes advice for people with small businesses. "How do I start a business?" "How much money can I afford to borrow?" "How do I plan ahead to make my business successful?" These are questions like these, which the small-business adviser is there to answer.

The Bank's Computer System. Modem Banks keep all their financial data in computers. This makes it possible to check and provide information at the touch of button.

The Foreign Exchange Desk. This is where you go to buy or sell foreign currency.

The Vault. Money, important documents and valuable objects (e.g. paintings, jewellery) are kept here. Vaults have very thick walls and strong, steel doors with complex locks.

Video Camera. Security is vital in banks. That's why many of them use video cameras these days. They can't stop robberies, but can film the robbers.

The Cash Dispenser Machine. You need money but the bank's closed? No problem — use the cash dispenser machine. All you have to do is: (a) put your cash-card into the machine, (b) tap in your personal identification number and the amount of money you want. A few seconds later the money appears. Thanks to machines like these, many banks are now open 24 hours a day.

The Night-Safe. Shopkeepers and business people often can't get to the bank until it's closed. What do they do with money they've earned that day? They put in the night-safe — a strong metal box in the wall of the bank, which can be unlocked with a special key.

So, money is an important part of everyday life. These days, money is hi-tech (modern, well-designed and sophisticated). We have notes and coins, which are specially made. We use credit cards. Banks and stock-exchanges can move millions at a touch of a button.

So, money is universal — but why? The answer is very simple. Without it trade would be impossible, and people in any society need to exchange goods in order to survive.




1. What people work in a bank?
2. What does the job of the clerical staff involve?
3. What can you do at inquiries?
4. What does the manager do at the bank?
5. What questions does the small-business adviser answer?
6. Where can you buy or sell foreign currency?
7. Why is money universal?


cheque — чек
to be in charge of — отвечать
to borrow — брать взаймы,занимать
vault [vo:lt] — хранилище
security — безопасность
cash dispenser machine — машина по обналичиванию денег
to survive [sa'vaiv] — выживать.


- What can I do for you? - Чем могу быть полезен?
- I'd like to cash this cheque, please. - Я хотел бы обналичить чек.
- Yes, sir. It's for 50 pounds. But you haven't signed it yet, sir. - Хорошо, сэр. Чек на 50 фунтов. Но вы его еще не подписали.
- Oh, I'm terribly sorry. Here you are. - Ох, простите ради бога. Вот пожалуйста.
- Thank you. How would you like the money? - Спасибо. Какими банкнотами?
- Four fives and three tens, please. - Четыре пятерки, три десятки, пожалуйста.
- Hello. - Здравствуйте.
- Hello. I'd like to cash a traveler’s cheque, please. - Здравствуйте. Я хотел бы обналичить дорожные чеки.
- Right. How much is it for? - Хорошо. На какую сумму?
- Onehundredpounds. - Сто фунтов.
- Right, can you sign here, please? Do you have your passport? - Хорошо, подпишите здесь, пожалуйста.
- Yes, just a moment. - Сейчас.
- Hello. I'm from Germany, and I'm staying in England for a year. I want to open an account here. What documents do I need, please? - Здравствуйте. Я из Германии, и живу в Англии уже год. Я хочу открыть у вас счет. Подскажите пожалуйста, какие документы для этого необходимы?
- Right. We need to see your passport and a letter from your employer or your place of study if you're a student. - Нам нужен ваш паспорт, письмо от вашего работодателя или с места учебы если вы студент.
- Right. Isthatall? - Это все?
- That'sall, yes. - Да, все.
- Thankyou. - Спасибо.


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